Kathy Larson - Coaching Wellness Matters

Mary Gwin, Former President
presenting Dale Carnegie Training,
Southeastern Wisconsin
“I strongly recommend Kathy and her
training expertise to any individual looking
to become healthier, happier, and finding
their purpose in life. Kathy brought another
level of expertise to my training.”
Margaret Moore, Founder & CEO
Wellcoaches Corporation, Co-Director
Institute of Coaching, Harvard University
“Kathy continues to be a treasured
member of the large Wellcoaches
community. She is widely respected in the
health and wellness industry, Kathy has
wonderful talents as a coach, educator,
and manager. I am impressed by Kathy’s
capacities and contributions. Her persona
is infectious and inspiring. Kathy delivers a
high level of service and commitment.”
Kathy Larson
Wellness, Health,
Fitness, Career,
Productivity, Quit
Smoking, Stress,
Corporate Wellness
Coaching & Consulting
262-468-4469 – Coaching Line
262-443-4271 – Voice Mail
[email protected]
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 53066
Gerald Theis, Founder & CEO
of MCR Global, Inc.
“Kathy is an extremely talented Health
Care Executive and Wellness Coach, who
combines her business skills with the
ability to engage her clients in reaching
their full potential. She is simply a quality
person, and hard worker, who displays a
deep passion and commitment to
Wellness Coaching.”
Kathy Larson
Welcome to
Wellness Matters
The Human brain is equipped
with limitless power and
invincible energy.
Wellness Coaching teaches
you how to maintain harmony in
the areas of:
Fitness & Weight
Career & Productivity
Health & Stress
Quit Tobacco
So that you are physically,
mentally, emotionally, and
spiritually at your optimum level
of health, in both your personal
and professional lives.
“Imagination is
seeing, not how
things are, but as
they could be…”
Wellness Coaching:
Health, Fitness, Nutrition & Spirituality
Rediscover your passion for living and
discover your true Life purpose, Partner
with us, as we help you begin your
adventure towards a healthy and
balanced lifestyle.
Personal, Professional & Career options
Your personal portfolio will grow and
pay dividends as you focus on happier,
healthier, life choices aligned with purpose.
Quitting the use of Tobacco & Nicotine
A step by step process to quit using for
good! During each session you will be
provided with skills, techniques, and
support to help you quit and stay quit!
Stress Reduction:
Learn better Daily Stress Management
Manage your mental and emotional
state, so that physical stress symptoms
are avoided, thus eliminating the potential
of ill health.
Corporate Wellness:
Wellness Programs & Coaching
Build solid relationships with co-workers,
supervisors and customers. Enjoy
increased healthy personal relationships
inside and outside the workplace.
Wellness is the quality or
state of being in good health,
as an actively sought goal.
Wellness is the condition
where good physical, mental,
emotional, and spiritual health,
is present, especially when it
is supported with proper diet,
exercise, and life habits.
Wellness is the mastery of
one’s wellbeing – through
regular practice of health
“Without mindfulness
we have no chance of
creating and
sustaining changes...”