Saturday May 3th 2014
8:30 am
Caroline County 4-H Park
Denton, Maryland
Show Officials
William H Venditta
John Bolinski
Show Manager
Anna Klumpp
The Delmarva Driving Club welcomes you to our 11th annual
Spring Pleasure Driving Show at the Caroline County 4-H
Park in Denton, Maryland. Our goal is to provide driving
enthusiasts of all experience levels a safe and relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy a day of friendly competition. We appreciate your participation, and welcome suggestions for how
we may improve in years to come.
If you have any questions, please call or e-mail the show manager at 410-708-3588 [email protected]
Organizing Members
Pao Lin Hatch, Martie and John Bolinski, Donna Hurst
Sherry Harris, Jane Ramsey
Class List and Numbers
Ring 1 starts at 8:30 am
**Ring 2 starts at 9:45 am
In-Hand, Pony
14. Gambler’s Choice – Draft Type
In-Hand, Horse
15. Gambler’s Choice – Single Horse
In-Hand, Draft Type
16. Gambler’s Choice-Multiples
In-Hand, VSE
17. Gambler’s Choice-Pony
*In Hand Champion
18. Gambler’s Choice - Novice
Gentleman to Drive—Turnout
19. Gambler’s Choice - VSE
Lady to Drive– Turnout
20. Scurry Cones—Draft Type
Reinsmanship, Single Horse
21. Scurry Cones—Single Horse
Reinsmanship, Novice
22. Scurry Cones – Multiples
10. Reinsmanship, Draft Type
23. Scurry Cones – Pony
11. Reinsmanship, Multiples
24 Scurry Cones - Novice
12. Reinsmanship, VSE
25. Scurry Cones - VSE
13. Reinsmanship, Pony
Lunch Break, approximately one hour
(Lunch will be available on the grounds)
Ring 1
26. Youth Class
***Ring 2
34. Putting to—Pony
27. Ride and Drive
35. Putting to—Horse
28. Working, Novice
36. Town and Country - Multiples
29. Working, Single Horse
37. Town and Country -Novice H/P
30. Working, Multiples
38. Town and Country - Draft Type
31. Working, Draft Type
39. Town and Country - VSE
32. Working, VSE
40. Town and Country—Pony
33. Working, Pony
41. Town and Country—Single Horse
* The first place winners of classes 1-4 will come back for Class 5.
** Classes 14-25 run concurrently, you will enter the ring for the first
class, then stay in the ring and complete the second class.
***Classes 36– 41 run concurrently; first come, first served
General Information / Rules & Regulations
ADS rules are used as guidelines for the show
$10.00 per class for Delmarva Driving Club members received by
4/30/2014. $13.00 to non members if received by the closing date. $16.00
per class for late entries received after 5/1/2014 and on the day of the
A separate entry form is required for each driver.
All drivers, grooms, navigators, passengers, and attendants must sign the
Disclaimer on the reverse of the entry form.
Negative Coggins (current within 12 months of the show) required for all
horses entering the show grounds. Include copy with entry form.
Please make entry fee checks payable to “Delmarva Driving Club”.
Refund Policy
Full refund less $10.00 Office Fee for refund requests received by 4/30/14.
NO refund of fees for requests received after 4/30/14, including entries
made on the day of the show.
General Participation
Each turnout may compete only once in the same cones class.
Numbers are assigned on a Turnout basis (i.e. animal, vehicle and driver).
When any of these components change, it is considered a different turnout
requiring a different number. Always display the correct number for your
turnout. Competitors wearing the incorrect number may be eliminated.
Failure to cross the starting line of the cones classes within one minute of
signal from the judge may incur elimination.
A two-minute gate rule will be in effect for all arena classes.
The Judge may excuse from the ring any unsafe vehicle, harness or animal.
Exhibitors may be asked to leave the grounds for un-sportsman-like conduct, failure to control an animal, or for abusing an animal.
Any driver under the age of 18 must wear a helmet. Drivers under 14
years of age must be accompanied by a capable adult acting as groom any
time while driving on the show grounds.
Participants in the “in-hand” classes are permitted to have assistance.
Show Secretary opens at 7:30 am. There will be a one hour lunch break. Food and
drink will be available on the grounds throughout the day. The Show Managers
reserve the right to adjust the timing and length of the lunch break.
A 15 minute break will take place after class 5 to allow the entries time for the
next class. Management will make every effort to ensure all entries make their
class. If the VSE class is split between multiples and singles the schedule will be
adjusted to allow a VSE driver to drive both a multiple and single.
Points and Awards
Six ribbons will be awarded in each class. Champion and Reserve ribbons will be awarded in each Division. Points towards Division Championships will be awarded as follows:
1st = 7 pts; 2nd = 5 pts; 3rd = 4 pts; 4th = 3 pts; 5th = 2 pts; 6th = 1 pt.
Class Size
Three entries constitute a class. In the event there are two or fewer entries per class, the Show Managers reserve the right to combine or cancel any class. Classes may be split when entries exceed 10.
Horse Eligibility
1) Classes are offered in six Divisions: Novice Driver, Single Pony,
Single Horse, Draft Type, VSEs and Multiples. Classes in the Novice
Driver and Multiples Divisions are open to horses and ponies. The
Draft Type Division is open to both singles and multiples.
2) The Show Committee has divided divisions/classes to accommodate
different sized animals as follows:
a) Animals 14.2 hands and under will show in the Pony Division,
with the exception of registered breeds which may show in the
Horse Division at the owner’s discretion, but may not cross enter.
b) Animals 39” and smaller will show in the VSE Division. If entries warrant the VSE Division will be split between single and
c) Animals over 14.2 hands will show in the Horse Division.
d) Draft Type may show, as appropriate, in the Novice Driver, Single Horse, Draft Type, and Multiples Divisions. Trace chains
are allowed however they must be muffled. Draft Type horses
will be judged per ADS general rules.
3) Stallions are not permitted in the Youth classes.
4) The minimum age for an animal to compete in harness is three.
5) No driver/horse combination may compete on obstacle course more
than once.
6) Cross Division entries are permitted.
7) Novice Driver—A driver is eligible to compete in this division only
if they have not won three 1st place ribbons at pleasure driving shows.
Turnout, Attire and Appointments
1) Entries in all classes must be shown to a suitable pleasure driving
vehicle. Wire-wheeled & pneumatic tire vehicles are permitted only in
the Youth and VSE classes. Fore-carts, stirrup-type carts, chariots, and
racing sulkies are not permitted. Any turnout deemed unsafe by the
Judge will not be allowed to compete.
2) Entries must be shown in pleasure driving harness. Breeching is
strongly recommended. A bridle with a rein attached and passed
through the saddle terrets must be in place whenever put to a vehicle.
Failure to comply will result in elimination. The horse must never be
left unattended while put to a vehicle.
3) Dress for the driver and passenger (s) should conform to the type of
turnout (i.e. Park, Country, Sporting, etc.). Period costumes are prohibited. Hard hats or helmets are acceptable (and encouraged) in all classes. Driving aprons or lap robes, hats, gloves and driving whips are
required while driving in all classes.
Grooms and Passengers
Grooms must be with the turnout and available to assist at all times,
even outside the ring, warming up, etc. Two grooms are required for
four-in-hands; one groom is required for pairs and tandems; a groom is
optional for a single turnout. All passengers/grooms must have a signed
waiver on file with the Show Secretary. Waiver forms will be available
at the show.
Limited on-site stabling is available for the night preceding the show at
the rate of $25. per stall. In addition, a deposit of $25.00 is required for
each stall, to be refunded if the stall is cleaned prior to departure. Stall
bedding is not provided—bring your own. An attendant will be on site
Class Descriptions
To be shown on the line. Open to all age horses and ponies and breeds.
Judged on confirmation (30%), blemishes are not counted, quality (rhythm
and regularity at the walk and straightness and 2-beat even at the trot (30%)
substance and suitability for carriage driving (30%), general impression
(10%). Unruly or unsound horses will be eliminated. Equines two and over
must be shown in a bridle.
Turnout Lady or Gentleman to Drive
A pleasure driving class in which entries are judged primarily on the performance and quality of turnout. To be shown both ways of the arena at a
walk, slow trot, working trot and strong trot. To stand quietly and to rein
back willingly. To be judged: 70% on condition, fit and appropriateness of
harness and vehicle, neatness and appropriateness of attire, and overall impression; 30% on performance, manners, and way of going.
A pleasure driving class in which entries are judged primarily on the suitability of the horse to provide a pleasant drive. To be shown both ways of
the arena at a walk, slow trot, working trot, and strong trot. To stand quietly, both on the rail and lined up, and to rein back willingly. To be judged:
70% on performance, manners and way of going; 20% on condition and fit
of harness and vehicle; 10% on neatness of attire.
A Pleasure Driving Class for young drivers aged 18 years or younger. To
be shown both ways of the arena at the walk and trot, and to stand quietly
and to rein back willingly. To be judged 50% on the handling of reins and
whip, control, posture and overall appearance of the driver; 50% on performance, manners and way of going.
Concours D’Elegance—No entry fee all entries will be considered.
To be judged by overall impression throughout the competition. The essence of
the competition is the word “Elegance”. The winner will be the turnout, which
in the opinion of the judge’s, presents the most elegant effect. This will include
vehicle, harness, appointments, horse (s), driver, passengers, grooms, etc but
above all, general impression is most important.
Gambler’s Choice—Obstacle Driving
To be driven over a course of unnumbered obstacles each carrying a
specific point value. Each driver has the same amount of time to negotiate as many obstacles as possible. Each obstacle is assigned a point
value according to the degree of difficulty and each driver tries to
amass as high a score as possible within the time limit. In this class the
circling rule does not apply.
Scurry—Obstacle Driving
To be driven over a course of unnumbered obstacles consisting of cones
and balls, not to exceed 10 obstacles. After passing the start from any
direction the driver shall proceed at the trot through each obstacle in
any direction, in any order. Each obstacle must be driven once. Upon
the completion of course, the driver must pass through the finish in any
This class is designed to test the skills and efficiency of the coaching
team (driver and grooms). The conditions of the class simulate the custom of changing horses in a yard but use only one horse. The class will
be conducted in an enclosed area. There will be a start and finish line,
an unhitching/hitching box and a marker set some distance from the
unhitching/hitching box. The score is time elapsed plus penalties.
Ride and Drive
Single horse/pony to be shown in two concurrent sections: Competitors
will start in harness, to be shown to a suitable pleasure driving vehicle,
both ways of the arena at a walk, slow trot, working trot, and strong
trot. To stand quietly and to rein back. Under saddle, to be shown both
ways of the arena at a walk and trot.. To stand quietly and to rein back.
To be judged 50% on harness performance and 50% on under saddle
performance. The rider and driver do not have to be the same person,
however, the rider will ride in the carriage during that part of the competition.
Town and Country—Obstacles
At least 30% of the obstacles must not be a pair of cones, but instead an
obstacle that could be encountered while out driving through town or
country; i.e. mailbox and cones, trash barrel and cone, flagpole and a
cone, fence section and cone, bridge, poles set like guardrails, wood
piles, artificial animal. After passing the starting line, the driver shall
proceed through each obstacle in order to the designated finish line.
Course faults are assessed as penalty seconds and are added to the driver’s elapsed time. Placing's are determined on a low total time basis.
Each class will award 6 ribbons with the exception of the Concours
A Champion and Reserve Champion ribbon will be awarded for each
division. A keeper trophy will also be awarded to the champion.
Champion and Reserve is awarded to the entry that accumulates the
most points in reinsmanship, working, gambler’s choice, scurry obstacles and town and country obstacles.
Driver Safety Meeting
At 8 am on Saturday morning in the horse trailer parking lot of
the show grounds, the manager will conduct a short driver safety
meeting for all participants. This meeting is not mandatory however all drivers are expected to attend.
Directions to Caroline County 4-H Park
From the North or South: Route 13 to Rt. 404 west near Bridgeville,
DE. Follow Rt. 404 west approximately 14 miles to Route 16 west.
Turn left on Route 16 west (towards Harmony and Preston) and follow
approximately 1.4 miles to Detour Road. Turn left on Detour Road and
follow 1/8 mile to 4-H park entrance on right. All trailer and vehicle
parking is in grass field on right.
From the West: Route 50 east across the Bay Bridge to Route 404
east. Follow Route 404 east past Denton to Route 16 west. Turn right
on Route 16 west (towards Harmony and Preston) and follow for approximately 1.4 miles to Detour Road. Turn left on Detour Road and
follow 1/8 mile to 4-H park entrance on right. All trailer and vehicle
parking is in grass field on right.
Additional Awards
Delmarva Driving Club Perpetual Trophy
Highest Scoring Club Member
Donated by: Twin Oaks Graphics & Martie Bolinski
Deborah Camplone
Amanda Compton
Amanda Compton
Amanda Compton
Delmarva Driving Club Perpetual Trophy
Concours D’Elegance
Donated by: Jane Ramsey
Frances Baker
Amanda Compton
Paula Rodin
Harry Hassan
Delmarva Driving Club Perpetual Trophy
Grand Champion
Donated by: Wayne and Frances Baker
2010 Deborah Camplone
2011 Amanda Compton
2012 Amanda Compton
2013 Lisa Tossey
Delmarva Driving Club Perpetual Trophy
High Score Junior Whip
Donated by: Michael Lawrence
2012 Rachel Carson
2013 Alexandrea Ash
The Pat Markl Memorial Perpetual Trophy
In-Hand Champion
Donated by: Friends of Pat Markl
2013 Lisa Tossey
Serving Breakfast at 7:30 am
Scrapple Sandwiches, Breakfast Sandwiches
Chicken Cesar Salad Wraps
Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Shrimp, Fish and Chips
Coffee, Tea, Water, Sodas
Best Western Hotel
521 Fleetwood Road
Denton, MD
Mention the show when making your
reservation for a discount.