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Spring 2015 Edition #7
Madison Highland Prep
The Heat Chronicles
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P.1 VEX Robotics
Breaking News
P.2 Message from the
School Calendar
P.3 Academic
Madison Highland Prep welcomed 36 teams to the first annual MHP VEX Robotics State
Qualifying Competition 2015 on Saturday, January 10th. The school hosted the high school
VRC competition and the middle school VEX IQ competition, with winners earning a berth
to the Arizona VEX Robotics State Championships on February 28th at Arizona State
The MHP Heat Robotics team advanced to the semi-finals of the competition. The Heat
Robotics team finished 9th in the qualification rounds to advance to the eliminations. In
the elimination rounds, MHP won their quarterfinal match against Arete Prep and Desert
Vista Thunder by a score of 2-1. In the semi-finals, the Heat Robotics forced a third game
against Desert Vista Lightning and Cave Creek before falling to the event champions by a
score of 2-1.
MHP Heat Robotics team members are Jarod Flores, Asif Razack, Trevor Oakes, Jose
Chavez, Storm McCord, and Sean Grantham. The Heat Robotics team is coached by Mr.
Nick Bonds.
P.4 STEM Digest
P.5 MHP Classroom
P.6 HEAT Athletics
P.7 Happenings @
The Prep
Incoming Freshman Placement Testing on January 31st – page 3
VEX Robotics Competition Photo Gallery, page 4
Madison Highland Prep
1431 East Campbell Ave
Phoenix AZ 85014
Winter Sports Looks for State Playoff Berths – page 6
Booster Club Meeting on February 3rd – page 7
Fostering Tomorrow’s STEM Innovators and Leaders
The Heat Chronicles
Message from the Principal
Dear MHP Families:
As we embark on a new year, we are reminded of our academic achievement goals
and the steps necessary for each of our students to accomplish these goals. Throughout the course of this semester MHP’s school community will focus on each student’s
academic performance and growth in an effort to maximize achievement and prepare
for upcoming challenges, including readiness for advanced course work.
At school, MHP’s education team will provide students with additional support to ensure skill acquisition
and content mastery. In the previous semester, MHP’s education team assessed each of MHP’s students and
analyzed their individual data. Now, each student’s performance data will be used to drive personalized
interventions that target weak skill-sets for remediation. MHP students will strengthen their weak skill-sets
through prescribed one-on-one teacher tutoring, online tutorial programs, and workshop participation.
Data collected has also been used to identify enrichment opportunities, including increased participation
in honors coursework.
MHP’s education team is counting on its families to continue to support their students by ensuring that they
arrive to school well rested, with proper nutrition, and homework completed. At home, students should be
provided with a set time and place to study and complete homework assignments.
In partnership with our families, MHP’s learning community will continue to thrive and evolve as each student
maximizes his and her potential.
Yours truly,
Dr. Kerry Clark
School Calendar
January 2015
March 2015
First Day of 3rd Quarter
No School-MLK Day
Progress Report-3rd Quarter
Open House/STEM Showcase
No School-President’s Day
April 2015
Last Day of 3rd Quarter
Spring Break
First Day of 4th Quarter
February 2015
No School-Spring Holiday
Progress Report-3rd Quarter
Consult the MHP online calendar for Early Release Wednesday’s.
Page 2
AzMERIT Update
Madison Highland Prep will begin introducing and preparing students for the new state assessment tests, Arizona’s Measurement of Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching (AzMERIT), to be administered on April
13th through April 24th.
In the coming months, students will prepare for the ELA
tests with in-classroom assignments focusing on reading comprehension, language and grammar, and informative and argumentative writing. Students will prepare for the Mathematics tests with after-school workshops in Algebra and Geometry. For Algebra, the workshops will focus on equations, functions, and statistics.
For Geometry, the focus of the workshops will be on
congruence, triangles, circles, measurements, properties, and modeling.
Sophomores Course Proficiency Gains
MHP sophomores made significant course proficiency
gains in English, Geometry, and Biology. The following
indicates the percentage that passed subject matter
course tests.
Course Proficiency
Principal’s List (4.00 or higher GPA)
2nd Quarter 2014-2015
Collin Chattom
McKenzie Fee
Taylor Flower
Evan Hallquist
Ethan Houser
Alexander Kobs
Lam, Nam
Kennedy Lopez
Thomas Najor
Emma Ramirez
Vivianna Reyes
Rosa Romero
Taylor Spillman
Nyla Williams
Keten Crawford
Marc Flom
CeCe German
Raul Hernandez
Miles Kaufman
Alexander Kristofer
Kevin Liden
Michael McCann
Trevor Oakes
Asif Razack
Ana Rodriguez
James Silva
Margarita Villegas
Honor Roll (3.50-3.99 GPA)
2nd Quarter 2014-2015
Robert Burgess
Fabian Daw
Sydney Hayward
Altagracia Jerome
Dustin LaFountain
Julian Loffsner
Javier Mendoza
Damiann Pacheco
Steven Vazquez
Jose Chavez
Malichi Eaton
Gerardo Hernandez
Kai Kroodsma
Michael Li
Michaela Martin
Vanessa Olmos
Aiyanna Torrez
2015-2016 Freshman Enrollment Deadlines
Students must complete and submit (1) the Intent to Enroll Form and (2) the Enrollment Packet to obtain an
enrollment seat for next school year. The Intent to Enroll Form and Enrollment Packet can be obtained on the
school website at or in the school office at 1431 East Campbell Avenue, Phoenix.
Placement Testing Date: Saturday, January 31, 2015
Incoming Freshman must complete the 9th Grade Placement Tests in Reading and Mathematics.
Course Registration Date: Saturday, February 28, 2015
Incoming Freshman must register for Fall 2015 honors-level and elective courses.
Page 3
21st Century Preparation through Critical Thinking and Inquiry
The Heat Chronicles
STEM Digest
VEX Robotics Competition Photo Gallery
Arena Matches Skills Challenge
Inspections Interviews
VEX IQ  Pit Row VEX VRC
Zero Robotics Wrap Up
The Zero Robotics Team final rankings for the
2014-2015 international competition:
2D Simulation
3D Simulation
Virtual Simulation
Global Ranking: 29th
Global Ranking: 98th
Global Ranking: 11th
Kevin Liden, Matthew Soto, Tommy Najor, Marc Flom, Taylor Spillman, James Silva
Page 4
Enriching Minds | Fostering Creativity
MHP Classroom Connections
Middlebury Interactive Languages
Madison Highland Prep in partnership with Middlebury College
has begun digital delivery of real-world reading, writing, listening,
and speaking language programs in French and Mandarin this
semester. The courses are built on four core research-based
teaching and learning strategies: content-based instruction;
learning and meta-cognitive strategies; task-based activities;
and cross-cultural perspectives. The Middlebury Interactive
Languages program is overseen by Ms. Nallely Morales.
If It’s Monday, This Must Be Murder!
The Drama Club of MHP performed the first official school production at Madison
Highland Prep on Friday, December 12th. “If It’s Monday, This Must Be Murder!” is
a 1940s murder mystery that follows private eye Harry Monday as he attempts to
solve the case after club members start dropping like divots at the Shady Meadows
Country Club. The Drama Club performed the production On Book, a dramatic
technique in which the actors read out of their scripts while maintaining expressive
acting. On Book performances are used to help actors maintain confidence and
composure throughout the play.
Cast members for the production were Melissa Brown, Marc Flom, Thomas Najor,
Damiann Pacheco, Aiden Poelns, Emma Ramirez, Rosa Romero, James Silva, and
Jacob Wood. The Drama Club of MHP is directed by Mr. Adam Winters.
Visual Arts Showcase
Visual Arts students presented their works at the Visual Arts Showcase for the 2nd
quarter on Monday, December 15th. The art show featured Landscape, Cartoon
Character, and Open Entry categories. Jury awards in the Landscape Category
were 1st place, Macy Ramirez; 2nd place, Julian Loffsner; and 3rd place, Evan
Hallquist. In the Cartoon Character category, jury
awards were 1st place, Hilarie Campbell; 2nd place,
Carlos Aguilar; and 3rd place, Macy Ramirez. Jury
awards in the Open Entry Category were 1st place,
Hilarie Campbell; 2nd place, Sydney Hayward; and
3rd place, Gianni Velasco. The Best of Show was
awarded to Hilarie Campbell.
Page 5
Enriching Minds | Fostering Creativity
Spotlight on Physical Education
As part of the Physical Education
class, MHP students take a physical
fitness test at the start and end of
the course. The fitness test includes
a flexibility test, a muscular strength
and endurance test, and a cardiovascular test. All students strive to
improve their fitness levels during
the course of the semester. One
such student who demonstrated
significant improvement was Taylen
De La Cruz. He completed 34 sit-ups
during the first test and maxed out
at 75 sit-ups during the second test.
Taylen was unable to do any pushups during the first test, but during
the second test he improved to 14
push-ups. He also reduced his time
on the 1-mile run from 10:47 to
9:21. Great work, Taylen.
The Heat Chronicles
HEAT Athletics Update
Boys’ Basketball Closing in on State Playoffs
Boys Basketball
@ Phoenix College Prep
vs. Desert Heights Prep
@ Desert Heights Prep
vs. WSST
vs. Foothills Academy
@ Metro Tech
@ Children’s 1st Academy
vs. WSST
vs. Foothills Academy
Girls Basketball
The Boys’ Basketball team is currently tied for 2nd place in the
West Conference of Division I/II basketball with five conference
games remaining on the schedule. The Heat were ranked 2nd
in the state prior to the winter break. However, losses to the
top three teams in the state following the break have dropped
the Heat to 7th. The top eight teams in the state will earn a
state playoffs berth. The Heat are led on offense by Kevin
Anderson and Robert Burgess and on defense by Freddy Alberto and Evan Hallquist.
Varsity Girls Soccer
vs. Trivium Prep
Girls’ Basketball Look to Finish Strong
The Girls’ Basketball team is currently in 4th place
in the West Conference of All Division basketball
with four conference games remaining to play.
The Lady Heat are currently ranked 7th in the state
and are looking to move up in the rankings. The
top four teams in the state will earn playoff berths.
The Lady Heat are led on offense by Flor Heredia
and Michaela
Martin and on
defense by Hilarie
Page 6
Girls’ Soccer Team Seek Final State Playoff Berth
The Girls’ Soccer team will host Trivium Prep on Tuesday,
January 27th, with the winner securing the final spot in the
state playoffs. The Soccer Heat are currently in 4th place in the
All Division Conference with two matches to play. The season
sweep of South Pointe on January 13th by a score of 6-5 moved
the girls’ team into the fourth and final playoff position. The
Soccer Heat are led by Nyla Williams on offense and Deliana
Perez in goal.
Happenings @ The Prep
Valentines Dance
Friday, February 13th
7:00-10:00 pm
Tickets $5 Advance - $7 At the door
Refreshments will be served.
FBLA Candy Grams
FBLA will be selling candy grams with a note card
for $2.
On Sale Now through February 12th!
STEM Showcase/Parent Open House
MHP students will be engaged in interactive work
and projects in the fields of Science, Digital Media,
Engineering, Mathematics, and Health. All MHP
families and community are invited to attend.
Thursday, February 12th at 5:00 pm
Winter Sports Banquet
Student Council will host a Dodgeball Tournament on
Friday, March 6th at 2:45 pm. Listen to the morning
announcements for more details.
MHP Athletes will be recognized for achievements
in Boys’ Basketball, Girls’ Basketball, Girls’ Soccer,
and Winter Cheer.
Wednesday, February 18th at 6:00 pm
Jada, Carlos and Nam conduct a Social
Studies experiment.
Emma takes a break from flute
practice for a smile.
Booster Club Meeting
Tuesday, February 3rd at 5:00 pm
We will be planning the Spring Carnival!
MHP Hoodies Now on Sale
Kennedy and Taylor at work with
the Algebra Honors study group.
Parent Volunteers Wanted
Winter Sports Concessions
Begins November 25th - February 6th
Mr. Paul Flores ([email protected])
Pre-order deadline is Friday, January 30th
Spring Carnival
Order forms available in the front office.
Saturday, April 11th from 10:00 am—4:00 pm
Dustin George ([email protected])
Page 7
Madison Highland Prep
1431 East Campbell Ave
Phoenix AZ 85014
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