The Tribal Transportation Unity Caucus
Needs Tribal Support for the Tribal Transportation Unity Act
The current highway legislation will end in May 2015. Congress is working on a new highway bill so we need Tribal
leaders to come to Washington, D.C. to explain their Tribe’s transportation needs to their Congressional delegation.
The Tribal Transportation Unity Caucus (TTUC) is pressing for sensible reforms, funding increases, and program
improvements to address Indian Country’s backlog of crumbling or nonexistent transportation infrastructure, promote Tribal
economic development, and reduce the tragic and unacceptably high rate of motor vehicle fatalities and pedestrian deaths
among Native Americans. The TTUC, in coordination with the Intertribal Transportation Association (ITA) and the National
Congress of American Indians (NCAI) is currently organizing a February Impact Week to make Tribal Leaders’ voices
heard on Capitol Hill and advocate for consensus positions to improve transportation infrastructure throughout Tribal
Please mark your calendars for February 23 – 26 in Washington D.C., coinciding with NCAI’s 2015 Executive Council
Winter Session.
Monday, February 23: Half-day NCAI Executive Session Pre-Meeting at the Capital Hilton Hotel,
and time TBD.
Tuesday, February 24, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm: Tribal leaders’ briefing and coordination for advocacy efforts, the
South American Room, Capital Hilton Hotel.
Wednesday, February 25 and Thursday, February 26: Congressional staff briefings and opportunities to meet
directly with members of Congress and their staffs.
Please register to participate in the Impact Week at:
The TTUC’s consensus proposals will improve transportation in Indian communities by:
Maintaining and improving the integrity of the Tribal transportation system
 Increases funding for the Tribal Transportation Program (TTP) to $800 million per fiscal year, with yearly step
increases of $50 million, and allowing for minimum TTP “Tribal Shares” funding of $75,000 for every Tribe;
 Increases funding for the Tribal Transportation Program with discretionary grants funded as $10 million, formula
grants funded at $35 million, and provides a stable operating cost funding base for existing transit Tribes;
 Restores the Highway Trust Fund allocation for the Tribal High Priority Project Program (HPP) and opens the
HPP Program to all Tribes;
 Separately funding the TTP Bridge program at $75 million and authorizes the use of TTP Bridge Program funds
for construction of new bridges;
Streamlining the delivery of programs, services, and funds to Tribal governments
 Eases the transfer of federal aid funds to Tribes;
 Ensures that Tribes, like States, can be direct recipients of all USDOT grants;
 Improves the BIA right-of-way and corridor management;
 Gives Tribes the option to assume NEPA approval authority; and
 Creates a Tribal Self-Governance program under the USDOT
The Tribal Transportation Unity Caucus
Needs Tribal Support for the Tribal Transportation Unity Act
Saving lives by improving highway safety in Indian Country
 Establishes a 2% set-aside for Tribes from the Highway Safety Improvement Program to address highway safety
needs in Indian Country in addition to the TTP’s competitive highway safety grants program;
 Increases NHTSA’s Tribal Safety Program set-aside to 3.5%;
 Creates a 3% set-aside for Tribes in the Transportation Alternatives Program; and
 Ensures funding for Federal- and Tribally-owned bridges.
For more information, please contact:
 Burny Tibbetts (218-204-0311, [email protected]), Tribal Transportation Unity Caucus; or
 John Smith (202-208-5116, [email protected]) or Will Ware (907-463-7764, [email protected]),
Intertribal Transportation Association.