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by Senior Warden, Steve Rogge
Father George and the new Vestry gathered at Camp Hardtner over the weekend of January 23-25 to
plan out our approach for the year.
Continuing on the Vestry are Johnny Childress, Steve Branch, Debbie Fontenot, Clara Kirk, Londa Price,
Martha Herren and Sandi McCoy. Newly elected to join them are Jason Ezell and myself, Steve Rogge.
I’d like to thank the 2014 Vestry and especially outgoing members Chuck Menton, Scott McCoy and Gail
Wilking for their hard work.
Your Vestry officers for 2015 are: Senior Warden Steve Rogge, Junior Warden Johnny Childress, Vestry
Clerk Sandi McCoy and Vestry Chaplain Londa Price.
During 2014 a great deal of time was spent during most Vestry meetings trying to shift limited funds
around to keep the budget afloat. We resolved to get ahead of the problem in 2015 with more
We planned for two pork barbecues, March 27 and November 13, and a chicken BBQ on August 28.
Jason Ezell volunteered to do a lot of the cooking for these out at Camp Hardtner, which will cut down
considerably on the effort required in food preparation.
Jason will also serve as Fundraising “Czar”, coordinating the overall effort. He hopes to utilize the
extensive experience and expertise of Suzanne Corley.
The Vestry’s plan is to increase the number of tickets sold to people and groups outside the church
through increased publicity and through approaching more schools, agencies and businesses, and with
reduced emphasis on packets of tickets to every church family beyond what they want for themselves.
Other, smaller fundraisers will be planned or solicited from groups within the church.
We viewed a series of videos that provoked thought about the nature of relationships within our
congregation and in our community.
We briefly discussed plans to revitalize the Episcopal Young Adults (EYA) and Christian education.
I will be chairing the Public Relations Committee to actively promote our fundraisers, and to coordinate
efforts to improve St. Michael’s website, update the pictorial directory, and possibly stream (broadcast)
our eucharist as a live feed that people can view at home.
Junior Warden Johnny Childress shared with us a list of property maintenance and repair projects.
The Retreat concluded with our installation as the 2015 Vestry at the service in the Camp Hardtner
chapel. We came away optimistic about St. Michael’s and the year to come.
Respectfully submitted, Steve Rogge, Senior Warden