For example

For example
Among the negative aspect you may found some marriage men and women
using handset telephone badly, always connected with internet, charting every time
day and night which cause to destroy their marriage. Because looking their partner
always charting, cause suspicions between them.
By the marriage woman or man (couple) starting checking with her/his
wife’s phone.
e.g there was a marriage man who used to chat on facebook, istagram &
twitter. He met wit woman, he sent her greeting she reply the greeting then they
started telling stories to each other, at the end they fall in love with each other, he
asked her to send her picture to him but he said to her before snapping picture you
should remove all your cloth then snapped yourself & send the picture to me. She
done as he commanded her, and send picture to him after sending the picture man
realized that is his wife, but all of them are using different type of Sim Card to
deceive each other. Then he can call her with his another Sim card and asked her
about the issue but woman denied he them came back home & show her the picture
at last accepted her mistake that she had made then the husband said I divorce you
3 times.
So, from above story one may considered the most negative impact of GSM
phone in the collapse of Marriage.
However, the cases like this was done several times among the couples,
among the couple because, the was man who always using two phones, he used to
keep one in office & another one at home when he go to office he used it to call
another women, one day his messenger, in office told his wife which cause their
marriage collapse.