Newsletter February 2014 - Bryandale Primary School

Volume 6, Issue 2 30 February 2014
t was pleasing to see how many parents attended the Information Evenings last month. We hope that this gave
you a glimpse of what to expect in the year ahead. As mentioned at the Information Evenings please follow
the correct line of communication. (Class teacher – Grade Head – HOD etc). Please allow 72 hours for a reply
when contacting a member of staff. Parents are reminded not to enter a teacher’s classroom without an appointment.
Thank you to all the parents who have paid their fees on time thus far. As you are aware we have an excellent fee
paying culture which enables us to purchase resources, maintain the facilities and pay for additional staff. The
final phase of the Media Centre renovations are at an advanced stage and you will be advised when building is
due to begin.
Parents are urged to drop off and collect their children in a safe manner. Stopping on the opposite side of the road
or parking over the pedestrian crossing is not safe and puts our learners’ safety in jeopardy. Please assist us in
following the rules of the road and keeping your children safe.
Stirling Road: As can be seen from the banner at the top of this newsletter, one of our values is respect. It is
unfortunate that we have had to apologise, on behalf of the parents, to our neighbours in Stirling road, for the
lack of respect shown to our neighbours. Bryandale prides itself in being a community school. Sadly a number
parents fail to follow the rules of the road, park on the neighbours driveways, damage plants and then refuse to
move when requested by the owners of the homes. Some parents have had severe verbal altercations with some
neighbours. We appeal once again to parents to park in the correct parking bays and follow the rules of the road.
Children will learn by what we do rather than by what we say.
Would the driver of a white Mercedes registration YVP 660 GP please refrain from parking on the pedestrian crossing and then being rude to the staff member on duty when asked to move.
Many children are being left at Stirling Gate long after school has closed. It is of huge concern how poorly many
of these children behave. The children think it is acceptable to be nasty and swear at one another. We appeal to
parents to collect their children timeously so that your child is protected from this unacceptable behaviour. I have
just received communication from a very distressed parent that needs to be shared with the parent body. One
afternoon last week a number of learners were playing with the chess set near Stirling gate. Some of these learners decided it would be far easier to kick the pieces around rather than pick them up and move them. As a result
a number of these pieces were damaged. What is even more disconcerting is that the parents who witnessed the
incident commented how the behaviour of the Bryandale children has deteriorated. Is it fair that the entire school
is labelled by the inappropriate behaviour of a minority of the learners? It may not be fair, but this is the percepAs per the Agreement of Tuition signed by parents: “The responsibility of Bryandale Primary
caring for learners ceases half an hour after school closes”
tion a minority are creating for our school. For these parents, their perception is their reality. It is very sad that
many of our parents and the staff work hard at assisting their children in making the correct choices, but the poor
choices of a few are what is seen by visitors and parents at the school. Parents whose children are left at Stirling
Gate are requested to talk to their children about appropriate behaviour as not only is Stirling a waiting area, it is
also the “Face of the School” where visiting schools enter our property. This very serious issue of children being
left at Stirling Gate, as well the inappropriate behaviour is being addressed at Governing Body level.
Inter-house gala: The annual Inter-House gala was held on Friday 24th January. It was lovely morning and a
good time was had by the children. Esprit de Corps: 1st Highland, 2nd Cumberland, 3rd Grosvenor, 4th Stirling
Gala results: 1st Stirling, 2nd Highland 3rd Cumberland and 4th Grosvenor. Victrix Ludorum: Tyla Panzera and
Victor Ludorum: Luke Hanlon.
Thank you to all who came to support the annual Buddy Gala on Saturday 15th February. We were blessed with
the most glorious weather and an enormous amount of fun was had by all. The results were as follows:
Esprit de Corps: The trophy was shared between Cumberland and Stirling, 3rd Highland, 4th Grosvenor
Gala results: 1st Stirling, 2nd Highland, 3rd Grosvenor and 4th Cumberland. Congratulations to all the swimmers, and especially the Grade Seven learners for the beautiful manner in which they looked after their buddies.
Thank you to the BPA for providing delicious food and snacks on the morning and to the parents for their support.
All funds raised will go towards resources for our learners.
Assessments, like taxes, are a necessary unpleasantness! We do communicate when assessments are to
take place and ask that you take them into account
when you make a personal plan that affects school attendance. It is unreasonable to ask us to permit an early
or later writing, or even a separate test; that affects the
credibility of an assessment.
The BPA are launching a raffle with a number of
“Electronic Prizes”. The cost of a raffle ticket is R10
per ticket with each child receiving a raffle sheet containing 20 tickets. Please assist your child in selling
their tickets to your family and friends.
Counselling: We are fortunate enough to have the
service of three counsellors – two from Anglicare and
one from JPCCC – to assist with the welfare of our
learners. If the staff feel that your child could benefit
from attending a counselling session, they will contact
As per the Agreement of Tuition signed by parents: “The responsibility of Bryandale Primary
caring for learners ceases half an hour after school closes”
you before counselling takes place. Your consent will be necessary if you feel that your child has been exposed
to a traumatic event and could benefit from some counselling. Please feel free to contact Mrs. M. Taylor through
the office.
As Bryandalians our learners wear their uniforms with pride. Active Education and the formal school uniform is
not worn together. Fashion hairstyles such as steps, artificial hair and braids longer than 20cm are not part of the
Bryandale uniform. Boys’ hair is to be kept off the ears, out of the eyes as well as off the collar. Braids or tails are
to be tied up. Girls’ hair is kept out of their eyes and should an alice band or scrunchie be required, it needs to be
the school blue. Thank you for your assistance in getting your children to wear the correct uniform all the time.
Despite the term only being 5 weeks old there are many learners who continually arrive late for school. The staff
are expected to be at school on time, teaching. The same applies to the learners. Traffic cannot be used as an excuse. If the vast majority of the learners are able to get to school on time, it is expected the balance of the learners
do likewise. Late coming is monitored by the District Office and repeat offenders are reported. Often it is not the
learners fault, but rather a sibling or parents. Please set the alarm 15 minutes earlier if you struggle to get everyone in your family moving in the morning. Many of the late comers are extremely stressed when they go to their
classroom, which in turn affects their ability to learn effectively.
Montrose Night Series: A reminder that you are invited to support our cricket and netball teams at this series.
(please see previous newsletter for the dates we are participating)
Grade 5 Community Project: In celebration of World Book Day and National Library week the Grade 5 learners will be collecting new and good quality second hand books to donate to a Community in need. On the 6th of
March (World Book Day) the Grade 5 team along with Ms Francey will start building a pyramid out of the books.
Each day the pyramid will be added to. Check the website for regular visual updates. The books will be delivered
during National Library Week (17 – 21 March). On the 12th and 13th of March the “Book People” sale will be
held in the school hall. Reasonably priced books can be purchased during this time. This is a voluntary project for
the learners. Books can be brought to school from the 3rd of March.
Grade 7 Community Project: The Grade 7 learners are collecting copper coins from Grade one two and three
learners. Please support this initiative by sending your copper coins to school over the next two weeks.
Soccer and Netball trials:
Monday 17th March: Open soccer trials (born 2001 or before)
u13 netball trials (born 2001)
Tuesday 18th March: u12 soccer and netball trials (born 2002)
Wednesday 19th March: u11 soccer and netball trials (born 2003)
Thursday 20th March: u10 soccer and netball trials (born 2004)
Tuesday 25th March: u9 soccer and netball trials (born 2005)
Dates to diarise:
Civvies day
Grade 4 Cake ‘n Candy
Parent’s Evening
28th February
Dress as someone from history (please do not spend money on the theme)
28th February
Wednesday 9th April
As per the Agreement of Tuition signed by parents: “The responsibility of Bryandale Primary
caring for learners ceases half an hour after school closes”
Order Birthday treats directly from the Tuckshop.
What could be easier than ordering your child's birthday
cupcakes or popcorn from the Tuckshop?
Simply order from Ms Kwinda 48 hours before the big
day and the treats will be delivered straight to the classroom
on your child's birthday.
[email protected]
KIDS TRANSPORT, morning and afternoon for Bryanston ext3,
Order form available under resources
Cupcakes R4.00 each
Popcorn (small packet) R2.50 each
Ferndale, Randburg and surrounding areas, at reasonable price
(Also collect at Bryanston High).
Call Regina on 0822104015 or 0114622577"
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