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Wed. Jul 2nd 2014
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Warren Chandler - Baxter IP
9/440 Collins St Melbourne 3000
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Newsletter by Peter Barrett
Patent Tutorial
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arren Chandler told us it
is not necessary to develop a prototype, but
you can file an application claiming the invention. It should
be remembered though that we cannot just claim the concept but must
know generally how the invention will
be put into practice. That does not
mean you need to be a plastics manufacture, or electronic engineer, or
chemist but that generally you know
how to apply the invention.
The great benefit of a patent application is that you are defining your invention and being given an official patent
application number and an official filing date. You have, through your patent application, defined a new asset,
which you can try to exploit. Although
you do not yet have a granted patent
with patent rights – you are “first in
line” and no-one can jump in front of
Application or disclosure under confidentiality agreements?
It is usually possible to disclose your
idea to a prospective manufacturer or
marketer under the protection of a
confidentiality agreement. There are
1. Sponsors, Patent Attorney
2. Main Meeting, Inventor of the
month—Peter Cooper Stiff Strap
3. Video Presentation
4. Problem Corner, General Discussion,
New Grants/Vouchers available,
Coming up.. How to licence your
Patent attorney Warren Chandler at
home with inventors
some limitations to this approach because some companies you might wish
to approach are so large or have extensive research facilities that they do not
want to sign confidentiality agreements. They could consider that a similar idea might come from other sources
than from you and so believe you should
rely on your patent application and the
“first in line” date that this document
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Another concern is that to rely on confidentiality agreements it is necessary to define what subject matter is being
maintained confidential. This can sometimes require an
extensive disclosure of the invention. Therefore it is beneficial instead to fully describe the invention in a patent application. As patent applications are not published for 18
months you can still approach with confidentiality agreements and referring to the invention as described in your
patent application.
Patent application or “grace period”?
In the new law of “grace periods” sometimes inventors
wish to rely on such provisions, but Warren believes they
should be considered as emergency provisions.
“Grace periods” are where your own earlier disclosure of
the invention over the previous 12 months, will not invalidate your patent application. There are some limitations
to this saving provision, first you must proceed to a complete application and not the usual provisional patent application. Second it is only your disclosure and not third
party disclosure of your idea or similar ideas.
The safest approach usually is to claim your invention at a
particular date by filing a patent application first. However
we can always review exceptions and available emergency
actions when required.
Bendigo Inventor Awards has a short video on applying
division winner, plus there is mentoring for all finalists.
Having looked at the judging criteria there is a 30%
weighting to inventions that will benefit the city of
Bendigo. Something to keep in mind when submitting
your application.
The next big competition for inventors is SHEEPVENTION
held from the 4th to 5th August at the Hamilton exhibition
and conference centre.
Invention competitions include home and garden, young
designer fashion awards, animal health and safety awards.
Rod Sheppard member of IAA (Vic) was last year's winner
of the major award.
For information: visit
Main meeting
Inventor of the month competition:
Peter O'Shannessy chaired this month's main meeting and
discussion; he firstly thanked Warren Chandler and presented him with a bottle of wine for an excellent patent
discussion then he moved on to welcome our new visitors
one of whom I sat next to and he told me he was very
pleased he joined.
Peter thanked our sponsors and detailed the welcome
package available to new members as well as the unique
benefits IAA (Vic) can offer all its members.
Peter mentioned Innovic’s recent newsletter to which
there was a link included in the last email. We are advertising each other’s organisation and of particular notice was
Idea Connection. If you want to sell your IP, seek solutions
to problems or get paid to solve R&D or challenges for
more information go to http://tinyurl.com/q2zofhc.
The next item discussed was the Bendigo Inventor Awards
- applications open on 1st July. For information on how to
apply and judging guidelines go to
On Thursday, July 31 there is a support session where entrants can speak with business and industry professionals,
State and Federal government committee members and
judges who can answer your questions. It is also a great
opportunity to network.
IAA(Vic) Committee members Peter O’Shannessy, Peter
Barrett and Frank Bishop attended this session last year
and we will have a presence this year too with a stand
where we will market the IAA (Vic) to inventors who are
currently not members of the Bendigo ideas club or the IAA
(Vic). Bona fide inventors will receive a special discount on
becoming members to encourage them to join up on the
These awards are definitely worth entering - the winner of
the top award will receive $10,000 and $5,000 goes to each
Peter Cooper with Stiff Strap - a quick locking device for
After completing his Electricians apprenticeship Peter
worked all over the place from Melbourne to Gove and
Port Hedland. After returning to Melbourne he started his
own electrical contracting Business which has been quite
An idea had been going through his mind for many years,
just churning it over because he says he never really came
up with a workable design before, but he now has.
Peter Cooper preparing to present his new invention
Stiff Strap
He finally cracked it and after receiving some very positive
feed back he is pushing ahead with manufacturing.
The genesis for Peter's idea was from when he went surfing having to put his surfboard inside the car when he
went to the pub for lunch to stop it being stolen.
His invention is a roof rack with a forward fixed receptacle
for the nose of the board and a strap that locks in to the
edge of the rack and due to the small amount of flex in
most boards and where most boards are of equal thickness, the board is held very tightly. This adjustable strap
can only be cut using bolt cutters.
With modern cars there is no gutter along the roof so
along the centre section of the rack are plates to help with
fixing the rack to the roof.
One problem he has is finding a clamp to hold the strap to
the board, something that can be screwed down a bit like
a tensioning clamp.
He is working with Nigel Catt one of our sponsors in getting finance and executing a sales plan.
Peter intends to market his product to the west coast of
America and to Australian outdoor stores such as Anaconda, Ray's Tent City and surf shops and is hoping to have
a stand at the upcoming surfing competition at Bells
Beach. He also feels that his device would be ideal for securing ladders and has suggested the market for that
would be paint shops and electrical shops like Middys.
Securing kayaks is another market - he is hoping to have a
stand at the next Murray River challenge- where a lot of
kayaks could get stolen and he is also investigating the
possibility of a built in alarm on the buckle of the strap that
inserts into the rack that would alert the owner via a wireless connection to a beeper that someone is attempting to
steal the surfboard.
Low-cost 3D drawing program
Peter Cooper used a powerful but affordable ($89.00) 3-D
Peter Cooper over supper demonstrates the inner workings
of his Stiff Strap. He is showing the clamp he designed in 3
D using Cheetah a new and affordable 3D editor but
unfortunately is available for Mac users only.
low-cost program for drawing objects in 3D. Unfortunately it is currently only available for Mac users.
The company Peter O'Shannessy said he employs for all
his 3-D prototyping is Redeye (formerly RapidPro) in Dandenong.
Black Box flight recorder invented by IAA (Vic) Ex member
David Warren. Commercialised in the USA by Honeywell
Video Presentation
This picture shows buckles that are inserted into the rack
And the bolts for attaching the rack to a car roof
editor with an easy learning curve called Cheetah to make
the parts for his invention. Its output files have the same
extension (STL) as is used in 3D printers making it an ideal
We then watched a video of famous of Australian inventions which you can view at http://www.youtube.com/
Here is a brief summary of what we saw:
David Warren's (ex IAA(Vic) guest speaker) blackbox for
recording fight data that was rejected by CASA and the
RAAF so it had to be commercialised in the UK and USA.
Victa Lawnmower, Penicillin developed by Florey which in
its time saved over 50 million lives, Hills hoist, ultrasound,
aircraft slides, Cochlear ear implant, pacemakers,
sister Kenny who changed the lives of polio patients in the
30s to 50s by introducing exercise to their treatment regime, Kiwi boot polish, the extremely robust "Owen Gun",
Bliss symbols for reading and last but certainly not least
Problem corner with Jack Kerrin
Tonight Jack had problems of his own where a company
was trying to take without paying, a hundred sets of his
board game Motus.
These offshore scammers asked Jack to send his goods via
their own dispatch company, and would pay using a Visa
This scam works by the dispatch company not getting a
signature from the recipient for the goods delivered by
They tell Visa later that the goods were never received, so
the money is reimbursed back into their account, and Jack
would have sent goods for which he would not have been
paid. Jack made two good points - if it sounds too good to
be true it probably is, and if a customer wants to divert
from the normal ways of doing business such as their own
transport means rather than a signature –on-delivery system then this is a red flag and you should beware.
General discussion:
In the absence of a guest speaker Peter moderated a general discussion which focussed on "packaging".
Peter O'Shannessy said for his business he uses SPG packaging. He has found them reliable and they will tailor make
a specific solution. On their website at
www.specialtypackaging.com.au you can specify the type
of box you want and request a quotation.
Other members have used Able packaging. You can buy the
form the box is cut from and this is yours to use again
when next time you reorder.
Able can custom print on your packaging or just plastic
shrink wrap it. For more information go to
Packaging comes in many different forms such as “blister
packs” which are molded to the shape of your product and
enclose it in clear plastic, or boxes that can either be
printed on the outside, or a printed sticker can be placed
on each box, or a paper sleeve that slides over the box can
be printed onto or shrink wrap plastic which is printed can
be placed around a box.
The meeting finished with a very humorous video of a
“better mousetrap” where a teenager tried to shoot a
house mouse with a BB gun. For a second look go to;
New Grants / Vouchers available:
"Investing into Manufacturing Technology"
Up to $250,000 is available on a competitive basis to assist
manufacturers to purchase and integrate new technologies
that will:
improve productivity and competitiveness;
strengthen capability; and
encourage wider and ongoing innovation. 25%
funded by the Victorian Government.
IMT is not intended to support projects which primarily involve:
routine replacement or upgrade of plant and equip
ment using simple technologies
activities that would be undertaken in the normal
course of business, such as capacity expansion
R&D and commercialisation.
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2014 Rural water awards - nominations
Sunday, 31 August 2014
Have you developed or adapted clever farming ideas that
led to better water use outcomes on your property?
Did those innovations deliver water savings or greater productivity for your business?
If you’re an innovative Victorian rural water user, enter the
2014 Rural Water Awards for the chance to win recognition
and cash prizes!
Nominations for the Rural Water Awards open Tuesday 1
July 2014 and recognise water innovation at regional and
state levels.
Nominations are open in four categories:
Irrigation district water users
Groundwater users
Surface water users
Community and education groups
Regional winners will compete against the other regional
winners in their category for a state prize.
$2,000 cash prize for State winners
$500 cash prize for State runners up
$500 cash prize for Regional winners
Awards will be formally presented at a luncheon held
on Friday 5 December 2014 at the RACV City Club in Melbourne.
Coming Up….
Don’t miss next month’s meeting. Our guest speaker (if you
are old enough to remember) is a past band member of
Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs—Tony Barber.
He has designed soft toy versions of BANANAS in PYJAMAS,
and BLINKY for ABC television plus a host of other designs
and illustrations. Debbie Dash (Inventor of Toybo)—I hope
you are reading this !!
Tony has licenced many items without patenting and he has
published many books. Tony has promised to share some of
his secrets with us because he is getting on in age and
wants to pass on some of his knowledge.
See you at our next meeting Wed. July 2nd 2014