Glaciation and the Topographic Evolution of Orogens

Glaciation and the Topographic
Evolution of Orogens
Gastvortrag im Wissenschaftlichen Kolloquium
der AG Prof. Schrott
am 2. Juni 2016, 16 Uhr c.t., Hörsaal IV,
Geozentrum (2.OG), Meckenheimer Allee 176
Prof. Todd Ehlers
Department of Geosciences
Universität Tübingen
Earth Systems Dynamics Research Group
The spectacular views found in mountain ranges around the
world have for millennia captured the attention of artists,
philosophers, poets, and scientists. Mountain topography is
traditionally thought of as the consequence of tectonic plates
moving around on the Earth’s surface. More recently, Earth
scientists have recognized that not only plate tectonics, but also
complex interactions with the atmosphere, hydrosphere,
cryosphere, and biosphere influence mountain building processes.
Quantifying these interactions is now at the forefront of Earth
science research. In this talk, an integration of landscape evolution
modeling and geochemical data is presented to address the
question of: How does glaciation influence the evolution of
mountain topography over large temporal and spatial scales?
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