Die Sextussprüche und ihre Verwandten

Die Sextussprüche und ihre Verwandten
Eingeleitet, übersetzt u. mit interpretierenden Essays versehen v.
Wilfried Eisele, Yury Arzhanov, Michael Durst u. Thomas Pitour.
Hrsg. v. Wilfried Eisele
[The Sentences of Sextus and their Related Writings.]
Published in German.
In antiquity and the Middle Ages, collections of sayings were a popular form of everyday
literature. As texts, they did not claim any high literary standard. That does not mean, however,
that their content was always easy to understand. They often deal with densely written insights
and admonitions which presuppose far more than they say. That opens up a wide eld of
interpretation and re-reading, which took place in the open form of the collection, above all
through the proliferation, reduction or the regrouping of the material. The sayings attributed to
the philosopher Sextus present a remarkable example of a revised Christian collection of
Imperial Era sayings. They possess Pythagorean precursors and continued to have an e ect in
Christian monasticism via Evagrius of Pontus. This volume traces these lines of development.
Wilfried Eisele Geboren 1971; Studium der Kath. Theologie und der Philosophie in Tübingen,
Jerusalem und Paris; 2002 Dr. theol.; 2010 Habilitation (Neues Testament); 2010
Lehrstuhlvertretung für Neues Testament in Mainz; 2010–11 Professor für Neutestamentliche
2015. XIV, 489 pages.
Wissenschaften in Chur; seit 2011 Professor für Zeit- und Religionsgeschichte des Neuen
Testaments in Münster.
ISBN 978-3-16-153657-1
cloth 99,00 €
Yury Arzhanov No biographic information available.
Michael Durst No biographic information available.
Thomas Pitour No biographic information available.
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