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I participate in the 4. Course of Robotic
assisted Colorectal Surgery
Klinik für Allgemein- und Viszeralchirurgie
Chefarzt Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Benno Mann
Bergstr. 26 + D-44791 Bochum
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4. Course of
Robotic Assisted
Colorectal Surgery
I participate in the social dinner
I prefer a vegetarian diet
14 - 15 April 2016
Course Venue
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Aula der Krankenpflegeschule
Augusta Kliniken Bochum
Bergstraße 26 - D-44791 Bochum
Dear Colleagues,
The preliminary results of the ROLARR study show
excellent result for both, laparocopic and robotic assisted resection of patients with rectal cancer. In the most
difficult situations, obese male patients with carcinomas in the lower third, the robot shows significant
advantages. According to this it is no surprise that an
increasing number of colorectal firms started their
robotic program within the last years.
We are happy to invite you once again to Bochum to
our fourth course of robotic assisted colorectal surgery.
As 2015 our course will be a training course supported
by both DGAV and EARCS. For this reason the faculty
includes representatives of both societies.
We want to address colorectal surgeons who are planning to start a robotic program or are already in the
progress. The main topic of the course is a modular
training program demonstrated in live operations on
both days. EARCS have implemented this idea for rectal cancer surgery and in DGAV we have a very active
group pronouncing modular training for laparoscopic
CME in right sided hemicolectomy. Again we will present data on results, new technologies and future
development of robotic colorectal surgery. Additionally,
you will have access to the Da Vinci®XI training simulator.
Thursday, 14 April
M. G. Ruiz
Welcome and introduction
08.15 -14.00 Low anterior rectal cancer
Live case observation
B. Mann
B. Mann
G. Virakas
Moderation: M. Grade, M.G. Ruiz
14.00 - 14.30 Robotic Rectal Cancer Surgery –
Results of three German Institutions
14.30 - 15.00 EARCS modular training program for
robotic assisted rectal cancer resection
M. Grade
B. Mann
Klinik für Allgemein- und Viszeralchirurgie
Breaks will be planned according to the progress in the OR.
Breakfast, lunch and coffee will be served in the auditorium.
Sekretariat Fr. Petra Hirsch
Bergstraße 26 - 44791 Bochum
+49 (0) 234 517 2501
+49 (0) 234 517 2503
[email protected]
Social dinner
(Restaurant Franz-Ferdinand, Klinikstraße 51,
44791 Bochum, 35,- € / person)
Friday, 15 April
Technichal innovations and future
Right sided hemicolectomy
Live case observation
B. Mann
B. Mann
G. Virakas
Moderation: W. Kneist, M. G. Ruiz
We will be delighted to see you here in april.
Breaks will be planned according to the progress in the OR.
Breakfast, lunch and coffee will be served in the auditorium.
Discussion and conclusion
Faculty and participants
Simulator training
A Da Vinci XI Simulator will be available for practice during both
days for the participants.
G. Virakas
15.00 - 16.00 Discussion faculty and participants
The number of participants is again restricted in order
to allow for intensive communication between you and
the faculty during the course.
B. Mann
Prof. Dr. Marcos Gomez Ruiz,
University Hospital Marques de Valdecilla, Spain (EARCS)
Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Marian Grade,
Universitätsmedizin Göttingen, Germany (DGAV)
Professor Dr. med. Werner Kneist,
Universitätsmedizin Mainz, Germany (DGAV)
Priv. Doz. Dr. Benno Mann,
Augusta Kliniken Bochum, Germany (EARCS, DGAV)
Gintautas Virakas,
Augusta Kliniken Bochum, Germany (DGAV)
This course is supported by
The number of participants is restricted.
Early application is recommended.
Participation fee
Members of DGAV or EARCS
Non members
200,- €
300,- €
Bank transfer information as below:
IBAN DE70430500010001300961
Reference: 4th Course of Robotic Surgery
Parking: Augusta-Parkhaus, Bergstraße 26
Accreditation: This course is certificated by the ÄKWL with
20 CME points.
Course accommodation
We pre-booked rooms for participants at Mercure Hotel
Bochum, Massenbergstraße 19 - 21, 44787 Bochum,
Tel 0049 234 969-0, reservations 0049 234 9691221;
e-mail [email protected]
room fee: 125,- € / night including breakfast
Rooms are pre-booked until March 28, 2016, booking the key
word “Augusta Kliniken”.
Course coordination
Petra Hirsch - [email protected]