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Prehispanic Spa and Entrepreneurs School
Sisal Yucatán México.
Tel. (00 52999) 6886102 Cel. (00521) 9991270524
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Guía Espiritual de NEEK´ICH
Patricia Elizabeth Torres Villanueva Ph.D.
Psicoanalista, Antropóloga, Danzante, Lingüista, Portadora
de la palabra de la Tradición Oral Mexhica
§  Conferencista y ponente en más de 40 países en 200 museos, universidades,
institutos y congresos alrededor del mundo
§  Premio Jalisco en la cultura 2007
§  Fundadora del Instituto de Psicoterapia Corporal APCI y el Instituto de
Investigación Antropológica Interdisciplinaria Hueitlahtolli A.C.
§  Certificación y registro del uso terapéutico y pedagógico de la danza precolombina
§  Voluntaria en Psicología del Deporte en los juegos olímpicos y participación activa
en SportAccord
§  Conductora en programas de radio y televisión de ayuda social a la mujer.
§  Participa en Apostolados de la Fe para la integración de la Familia.
§  Coordinadora de exposiciones en Museos Etnográficos de Viena, Londres, Berlín,
Francia y China.
§  Actualmente acredita cursos de identidad cultural en el Instituto de Bellas de la
Universidad de Colima
Infraestructura del barco
• 7 Camarotes dobles con lavamanos integrado
Neek´ich in Sisal Yucatán. Unexplored frontiers, visions
of human possibilities yet to be realized. There is the adventure
of the place itself, nature, ocean, sand, safari, wild animals,
jungle, beach, history, food sea, spiritual and ancestral ceremonies and
Neek´ich it’s a mayan word that means iris (eye) it controls
the exactly amount of light we need to see.
Neek´ich wants to be the catalyzer
to promote the good vision we need to live in Armony.
TRAVEL AND STAY at Oceans Boat Hotel and live a martim experience
doing a stop at Coloradas a marvelous woodland made of salt and havin
a final destinantion Sisal port of Yucatán.
Our rituals and ceremonies give you
the opportunity for a true spiritual
retreat in silence, embraced by the
beauty of surrounding nature with
sounds and colours. Unmatched!
superb self improvement workshops
and healing practices for self
change and community spirit.
Our 7 Day Workshops offer a choice
of Ritual Circle Dance, Myth,
Meditation, Shamanism, Inner
Practice, Massage & Body Work,
planting seeds, ancestral
construction methods, bird watching,
This is a special opportunity for
people to reflect on their personal
journeys, through writing, singing,
drawing, woodworking, painting,
therapeutic dances, drumming and
massage therapy school
opening to the natural joy of being in
the middle of embracing nature.
Walking the magical land of SISAL allows us to grow and feel deeper into the roots
of ancestral knowledge and a Colonial and Pirate place from XVIII century.
The healthier and more realized mind/body/spirit/community we are, the better we
can support those who come visit us, and the greater our own personal
contribution to our lives and to the world.
Our long-term programs are designed to change you from inside out by helping
you grow, develop, and become more fully yourself. They provide you with the
skills and awareness necessary to take your inner work out into the world and help
others transform
Our mission during Your time here Is to help you become a whole and vibrant
global change agent.
All of our Extended programs are designed to:
Support the personal growth and development of our staff and longterm student
Support the integration of learning into real-life change – both within
our beach and into a post HUEI TLAHTOLLI – NEEK´ICH life style.
Create evaluations and feedback to improve our programs and
Help contribute to a world where each of us is capable of the
extraordinary effort to help others to improve their lives.
We have rich and varied educational programs to reach these goals designed and
scheduled with our staff and extended students in mind.
Work and study at HUEI TLAHTOLLI – NEEK´ICH in Sisal for 7 days and immerse
yourself in a chosen magic course of study.
Extended student program. Learn more about our work study program.
write to [email protected]
Our Mission & Values
HUEI TLAHTOLLI & NEEK´ICH get together to create a training place in Sisal for exploring
human potential through ancient knowledge, experience, education, and research. We work
toward the realization of a more loving and all-embracing world. We offer training courses
generating and promoting new ideas, methods, and connections of creative influence, we
honor our rich legacy in oral tradition and practices, celebrate the eternal present, embrace
our common human future in an emergent world culture of tomorrow. We believe in the
deeply transformative power of this place, the embracing energy from the earth and the
migrant birds, our crocodile guardians, recognizing that retreat and reflection must always
be, ultimately, in the service of something larger than yourself. So we are organized to give
you the tools to unleash latent abilities and re-energize your sense of purpose — for yourself
and the world.
We look beyond dogma to explore deeper spiritual possibilities, forge new understandings of
self and society, and pioneer new paths for change, tracing the ancient values and
Human possibilities vastly exceed our imagination. Realization of the human potential
transcends religious and scientific dogma. Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social
dimensions of our being are inextricably joined. Transformation of consciousness is the
basis for transformation of the world; individually, collectively, and in social systems. We
all share the potential to love, learn, feel, and create. We help you explore these
possibilities and celebrate unity in diversity.
One week program including lodging in dormitory
all meals, workshops, tours and
Transfers to and from Cancun airport.
**** Boat hotel
US$ 3,500.00
add US 200 person