「Special Topics in Commerce and Management III」 Corporate

商学部 GLP 科目・平成 25 年度冬学期・集中講義
「Special Topics in Commerce and Management III」
Corporate Financing Decision
(担当教員:Shinwoo Kang 先生) 開講のお知らせ
平成 25 年度冬学期集中講義科目として、商学部 GLP 科目
「Special Topics in Commerce and Management III」(2単位)を開講いたします。
集中講義は、平成 26 年2月5日(水)~2月 11 日(火)の2・3・4限(土日を除く)に開講予
履修希望者は、平成 25 年 12 月 27 日(金)までに教務課窓口にて履修登録の手続きを
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[ 授業概要 (Course Overview) ]
Corporate Financing Decision serves as an intermediate course in corporate financial
management. The purpose of this course is to provide the conceptual foundations for
making intelligent financial decisions by developing an understanding of modern
corporate financial theory and practice. The course covers different securities used to
raise external capital with an emphasis on the institutional aspects of acquiring
capital. Capital structure theory is explained in detail with an in-depth analysis of
market imperfections such as taxes, cost of financial distress, agency and
informational issues. The course then introduces different financing instruments and
[ 学部・学年の指定 (Who Should Attend) ]※
This course is recommended to 3rd year, 4th year, and exchange students students
who are familiar with basic finance topics.
[ 授業の目的・到達目標と方法 (Goals & Methodology) ]
This course is designed to increase students’ understanding of financial decisions and
to increase students’ competence in studying corporate finance in English. It will be
taught in English, combining lecture and discussion.
[ 授業の内容・計画 (Topics / Schedule) ]
Day 1: Course introduction and review on the basic finance topics
Day 2: Capital structure in a perfect market
Day 3: Capital structure in an Imperfect market (tax, bankruptcy cost, and agency
cost of debt)
Day 4: External financing choices (equity vs. debt)
Day 5: Review and final exam
[ テキスト・参考文献 (Textbooks / References) ]
Jonathan Berk and Peter DeMarzo, Corporate Finance, Prentice Hall, 2013, 3rd
ISBN: 978-0132992473
[ 質問等の連絡先・オフィスアワー (Contact Information / Office Hours) ]
to be announced
[ 他の授業科目との関連・教育課程の中での位置付け (Relation with other Courses) ]
This course is designed to be taken after 金融概論.
[ 授業時間外の学習(予習・復習等) (Preparation & Review) ]
This is a 5-day intensive course, which requires significant time commitment.
Students are required to read relevant chapters in the textbook before attending
classes, and homework assignments will be given every day. Students may form
study groups to discuss assignment problems with each other, but should submit
homework individually.
[ 成績評価の方法 (Requirements & Grading Allocation) ]
Homework: 40%
Final exam: 50%
Class participation: 10%
[ 成績評価基準の内容 (Grading Criteria) ]
see above
[ 受講生に対するメッセージ (Message to Students) ]
This course will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about corporate finance,
and to become familiar thinking about and talking about corporate finance in an all
English environment. This course will be a great opportunity for students who seek
careers in global environments, and or want to continue their education in finance in
[ その他 (Additional Information) ]
This course will be taught in English, and all homework and final exam answers
should also be prepared in English.
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