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>> Newsletter 8
december 2013.
Dear Madam, Sir,
Last year has been a prosperous year for Atta Foundation. Together with our Ghanian Board- members,
we have achieved a lot of goals. We will give you a summary of the projects.
We want to thank all the people for their contribution, dedication and enthusiasm. Without your
support, we cannot exist. By ourselves alone we are nothing, but with each other we are strong, here in
the Netherlands as well as in Ghana.
We hope you will be able to make some people in Kadjebi happy by donating a small amount in the
Happy holidays and all the best wishes to you for 2014!
The Boardmembers of Atta Foundation:
The Netherlands
Annabelle van der Heden- chairman
Peter van der Geest- treasurer
Tineke Schluter- secretary
Mad. Comfort Osei- member
Daniel Kojo Nyame- member
Agnes Obour- member
Project 1: Waterdrillings
In July, Mr. Aad Smit and his wife Lia were in Ghana as
representatives of Rabo Foundation and Rabo Groene Hart
Noord, together with Mr. Kurt and Mrs. Annabelle van der Heden.
They were present at the delivery of four waterdrillings: one
waterdrilling for the irrigation in Pepesu and three drillings in
Dodo Fie (1 for irrigation and 2 for drinkable water). The people in
Dodo Fie had clean drinkable water for the first time in their lives!
It seemed to be a success but… the drillings for irrigation were
done with the use of electricity. During the construction, the
contractor had used a backup generator. Nobody (not even here
in the Netherlands) had realized that there would be no
electricity afterwards. Now we are trying to figure out what the
costs will be to get a landline for electricity or the use of
solarenergy. Share4More, the foundation of Rabobank
employees, has made a donation so we could get a backup
generator in Pepesu for the time being.
Peter van der Geest has delivered this generator in November.
The dry season is coming and we are happy that the people of
Pepesu will be able to get an extra harvest from the fields at this
We had brought hundreds of pieces of soap with us. At the spot,
the children have got hand washing lessons. In the upcoming
years, our Board- members will do this more often.
Project 2: Mary Theresa Hospital
At the end of November 2013, the 50th anniversary of this
hospital has been celebrated. The present of Atta Foundation was
the realization of two physician houses. The hospital is expanding
rapidly, but has only two physicians to serve the 250 out patients
and the hospital patients on a daily base. If you educate a new
physician, but do not have housing, they will move to another
place. With help of FrieslandCampina, a good causes Foundation,
the Wereldwinkel, Plus van Dijk supermarket in Roelofarendsveen
and the Wilde Ganzen, we have collected the 55.000 euro that
was needed. Great!! FrieslandCampina provided the money that
was originally labelled for the realization of a farm in Ghana.
Furthermore they worked together with Plus van Dijk to raise
money by selling Optimel at the Plus Supermarket for the good
cause. Peter van der Geest, our treasurer and his wife Ria, Gerard
van Graas and Robert Tijhuis were present at the celebration of
the anniversary of the Hospital. Peter presented a “cheque”of
55.000 euro and was the star of the day. The people are
expecting to have the houses ready in August 2014.
Robert Tijhuis presented the sponsored hospital items that a
medical team of Kaag en Braassem had collected for the hospital,
Project 3: Ambulances
In November, Gerard van Graas has visited the hospital Margret
Marquart in Kpandu. This hospital got an ambulance last year. He
gave further instructions and noticed with pleasure that the car is
being used properly. He has also visited the hospital in Anfoega,
where a year ago an ambulance has been donated to. Everything
is going well too.
In 2014, we will bring four ambulances to clinics and hospitals in
Ghana. We already have an option on the cars at RAV Hollands
Midden. We are happy to have found an organization that will
subsidize the purchase (5000 euro per car). Only this way the
project will be possible.
Project 4: Road behind the bridge
After the realization of the bridge, we had some of the money
left. We want to build a ”road“ behind the bridge towards Dodo
Bethel, paid for by this money. A road means in this case: trees
have to go, ground needs to be leveled and small plankings need
to be made to cross a brook or a river. Meanwhile, a surveyor has
marked 46 spots in the virgin forest where the road has to come.
All users and owners of the land have signed, that they do not
need compensation (now and in the future) for their land used.
The next step is to invite two or three contractors to figure out
the costs.
Project 5: Rokira (Rukaya)
Rokira, our clubfoot girl, has had three months of therapy at the
orthopedic center in Nsawam. After that, she was allowed to go
home and attend her own school. She will have to wear
orthopedic shoes from now on, otherwise the problems will
return. We have visited her in July. She was looking good, but she
was wearing nice fancy sportshoes. Which young girl does not
want that? We drew attention to her and her family for the fact
that she is supposed to wear orthopedic shoes, otherwise all the
surgeries and therapy might be done for nothing. During a visit of
Peter van der Geest, she was wearing the sportshoes again. Now
the message is given: Wear the orthopedic shoes or we will not
help you anymore. Our Ghanaian Board-members will check this
every now and then.
Project 6: Orphan and/or needy children
The third group has finished primary school in the meantime as
well. They can read and write and have a future! We are very
pleased that some Dutch parents continue their support for
children in group 6. Thanks!! During the stay of Peter, Ria, Gerard
and Robert supplies were distributed at different schools. The
rest had already received their supplies at the beginning of the
schoolyear. The system of taking schoolpictures during the
distribution works well. The only problem was that the camera
was not good anymore. Fortunately, Lia Smit has donated her old
camera, so the Board-members can continue taking pictures.
Project 7: Continuing education
Currently 6 older children are following a 3-year education for
carpenter, baker/breadmaker, dressmaker, hairdresser,
electrician or auto mechanic. Three of them are being paid for by
sponsors and three by Atta Foundation. The contracts between
the apprentices / Atta Foundation and the masters are in our
possession. We have visited the children and it is fun to see their
and their masters’ enthusiasm.
Project 8: The website
The website has not been updated due to a lack of time. This will
be taken care of in the near future. Some adjustments will have
to be made because of our ANBI status.
We hope you will continue to support us in the future!
For more information, you can contact:
Annabelle van der Heden
Tel.: 071-5018264