Newsletter 3-2014
Supported Projects in 2015
In the meeting of the Research Board in November 14th 2014 the next HEiKA projects have been nominated. In
this meeting 8 projects have been selected for seed funding in 2015.
The following projects will be funded for one year from January 1st 2015 on:
Shedding light on myogenesis: Novel optogenetic tools
to control muscle progenitor cells differentiation
Nanoporöse halbleitende Oberflächen als neuartige
Sensoren (nanOFETs)
Neue Methode zur Feedback-basierten Segmentierung
und Visualisierung von komplexen 3D-Bilddatensätzen
Functional analysis of TRPN/NOMPC channels and
mechanosensation by novel small molecule inhibitors
Fundamental mechanisms of degradation in organic
semiconductors and their effect on the performance of
organic photovoltaic devices
Multidimensionale Sicht- und Erfahrbarmachung von
Kulturerbe: MUSIEKE Entwicklung einer
interdisziplinären Methodik zum Messen, Sehen und
Verstehen kulturellen Wandels in realen und virtuellen
Accurate Prototype remote sensing of correlated carbon
and sulfur emissions from mount Etna (APE)
In vitro reconstruction of dynamic blood brain barrier
using μ3DVAsc as an artificial microvascular system
Research Bridge
Project Team
Organic Electronics Di Ventura (Uni HD) Kassel (KIT) Mastalerz (Uni HD) Mechau (KIT) Correlative Imaging Platform Leitte (Uni HD) Reischl (KIT) Synthetic Biology Özbek (Uni HD) Jung (KIT) Organic Electronics Vaynzof (Uni HD) Howard (KIT) Nature Technology Society Witschel (Uni HD) Robertson‐von Trotha (KIT) Nature Technology Society Bobrowski (Uni HD) Butz (KIT) Synthetic Biology Fricker (Uni HD) Schepers (KIT) Synthetic Biology The next call for proposals will be announced in May 2015. You will get further information in the next year.
Events 2014
HEiKA Retreat:
The 2nd Project Retreat for all HEiKA Project Teams took place on July, 24th in the Hector Auditorium of the
International Department in Karlsruhe. All Project Teams were invited to participate in this retreat in order to
present their HEiKA projects and discuss scientific as well as strategic topics. About 60 Participants exchanged
their experiences and presented the state of their project. The Project teams of 2013 also gave us first
impressions about the “fruits” out of the 10 first HEiKA projects. So far we have 10 “HEiKA publications” and 6
continuative proposals have been successful within other funding lines (DFG, BMBF, EU etc.).
Following the Retreat all members were invited to our HEiKA summer party to share barbecue & drinks.
The next Project Retreat and summer party will take place on 23 July 2015, this time in Heidelberg again.
HEiKA Symposium:
On October 7th, 2014 the first HEiKA-Symposium "Demographic Change - healthy and active ageing" took
place. About 150 participants visited the Symposium in that 6 invited speakers addressed in the 3 sessions
different topics of ageing:
“Ageing and Biology”
“Ageing and Medical Technology”
“Ageing and Responsibility”
In the evening talk Prof. Karlheinz Meier gave us an interesting insight into the amazing Human Brain Project.
Thanks again to all who participated! The next HEiKA Symposium is being planned for 2016.
InnoLife – winner of EIT Health (healthy living and active ageing)
InnoLife, a consortium of more than 50 core partners, one of them the Heidelberg University, (and in addition 90
associate organizations, one of them the KIT) of leading businesses, research centres and universities from 9
EU countries, has been selected by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) as the
Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) for EIT Health. With a total volume of EUR 2.1 billion it is one of
the largest public funded initiatives for health worldwide.
More information on
Outlook 2015
HEiKA call
The next call for proposals will be open from 4th May till 22nd July.
We have prolonged the duration of the call in order that you will have more time to submit your proposals.
As well as in this year we will again offer HEiKA Workshops in the different Research Bridges open to all
interested scientists. You will find more information on our Website next year.
HEiKA Retreat
The next Project Retreat for all Projekt Teams will take place in Heidelberg again at the IWH on 23rd July 2015.
Again all involved Project members will have the possibility to present their HEiKA-projects and interchange
their experiences. In the evening again all HEiKA members are invited to our summer party in the garden of the
Evaluation of HEiKA
5 years after foundation HEiKA will be evaluated concerning scientific excellence & outcome as well as its
strategic goals & prospects.
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