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James Cameron's Avatar
Aspera software maximizes data transfer efficiency
for the production of James Cameron's highly-anticipated new movie.
ジェームズ・キャメロン監督の Lightstorm Entertainment は、Avatar 製作
に Aspera software を選択しました。
Avatar の製作現場では、毎日 GB~TB に及ぶ様々なフォーマット(小さ
なメタデータや Maya のファイル、Avid システムが作成した大容量のメディ
転送することに加え、月に 2 回、巨大なファイルおよそ 100 個をパートナ
System Engineer,
Lightstorm Entertainment
Aspera 導入は、制作現場に革新的な進
FTP の場合には、多種多様なクライアント
Aspera を導入したことにより、高解像度
更に、Aspera 社の非常に優秀なサポート
Lightstorm Entertainment も、以前は FTP や、スニーカーネットワーク
入ったドライブがダメージを受けることがあることを知っていました。このことから、Entertainment Lightstorm は、現実的
Lightstorm Entertainment は、スタジオ・パートナーの推薦で aspera を知り、その高速性と安全性を認識すると、ニ
ュージーランドのスタジオとのファイル転送のため、直ちに Aspera FASP2.0 を搭載した Enterprise Server を展開し
ました。Aspera ついて Vice President Production Services & Technology である Geoff Burdick は、次のように述べて
「Aspera のソフトウェアは、完全なセキュリティを保ったまま過去のボトルネックを解消し、コンテンツの製作時間を 1/2
に短縮した。Aspera はハリウッドとニュージーランド間に敷設した 45Mbps のネットワーク上で 45Mbps フルスピード
でファイル転送を行い、FTP の場合と比較して 15~30 倍の速度を得ることができた。さらに Aspera の管理ツールを
使用することで帯域幅のコントロールやコンテンツのトラッキングを行うこともできる。Aspera はソフトウェアであるため、
Aspera の創業者である Michelle Munson は、次のように述べています。
Aspera FASP は巨大なファイルを効率よく転送するために開発されたプロトコルですが、FASP プロトコルには file
streamlining と呼ばれる、小さなサイズのファイルが大量に集まった場合にも高効率に処理できるテクノロジーも備え
ています。file streamlining テクノロジーを使用することで、たくさんのファイルが詰まったディレクトリを、予め tar や
zip で固めることなく、効率的に処理することが可能です。この技術は、フレームごとに細分化された映画や、様々な
また、映画「タイタニック」でオスカーを受賞し、Avatar 製作にも携った Jon Landau producer は、次のように述べてい
「以前は、巨大なデータをとぎれることなく転送させるため夜もおちおち寝ていられなかったが、Aspera によって、安
Avatar は 2009 年 12 月 18 日全世界で公開されます。
続きは で、ご覧下さい。
E-mail:[email protected]
E-mail:[email protected]
James Cameron's Avatar
Aspera software maximizes data transfer efficiency
for the production of James Cameron's highly-anticipated new movie.
James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment selected Aspera's high
performance file transfer software for moving the massive visual effects
data in the production of Avatar between their Los Angeles studio and a
partner studio in New Zealand.
The Avatar production generates tens of gigabytes of data sets of
various formats daily that must be moved to the visual effects team at
the partner studio, including small metadata and instructional files, still
frames for review, database or Avid bin metadata, Maya files, and large
media files from Avid systems. In addition to the daily transfers, the two
companies exchange very large files (about 100 or more) twice a month.
The entire process needs to be managed and tracked in a secure
"Aspera has made all the difference in
the world for us", says Steven Madonna,
the production's System Engineer.
"We're able to have a single, reliable
piece of software to support while
vendors connect reliably and securely.
With other methods we end up
supporting many different pieces of
client software or hoping the hard
drives/tapes we ship don't get
mishandled or shipped to the wrong
place. The software allows us to deliver
full resolution digital assets in much less
time than it would take via normal
means. From a setup and administration
point of view, the software is easier to
set up and more secure than FTP. It's
also very easy to troubleshoot, and the
support has been top notch."
Like most facilities, Lightstorm has previously delivered the data via FTP
Steve Madonna,
or, sneaker net, where data is loaded onto hard drives and
System Engineer,
hand-delivered. Delivering the large high-resolution video via
Lightstorm Entertainment
conventional FTP at intercontinental distances was impractically slow
and insecure. Lightstorm turned to sneaker net, although still
time-consuming and error prone, and at times, experienced all the usual
problems associated with physically transporting critical data, such as lengthy shipping time, damaged drives,
and content that had to be dubbed from a master only to be re-ingested on the receiving end.
Lightstorm needed a high-performance and secure file transfer solution that would move the data
electronically in a practical time period, with consistency and security. Upon the recommendation of a major
studio partner, Lightstorm deployed Aspera Enterprise Server, built on Aspera's fasp 2.0 transport technology,
to transfer files to the New Zealand studio. "Aspera software has eliminated the transfer bottlenecks of the
past, cutting the total turnaround time for content by about one half, with complete security," says Geoff
Burdick, Lightstorm Vice President Production Services & Technology. "We consistently transfer to New
Zealand at 45 Mbps over a 45 Mbps link, a 15-30X improvement over standard FTP. Our operators can track
the transfer throughout the process and manage the bandwidth used as needed. Additionally, we own the
software, so there are no ongoing fees or penalties as we deliver more data. For us, Aspera has been a huge
step forward in efficiency and cost-savings."
Aspera President and Co-Founder, Michelle Munson states: "in addition to Aspera's underlying fasp transport
efficiency, our software now also includes a unique file streamlining technique that enables the transfer of a
large directory of small files as efficiently as sending a single large file without pre-tarring the files, saving
hours in some cases." This capability proved essential in earlier productions moving large sets of individual
frame files, and should be valuable to any application that transfers data sets of primarily small files.
"With terabytes of sensitive data constantly being transferred, we need a solution that will let us sleep at night,
said Jon Landau producer of the Oscar winning epic movie Titanic and now Avatar. "Aspera is a proven
high-performance transport solution recommended by our partners that enables us to contain our costs, and
maintain a very aggressive production schedule."
Avatar opens in theaters worldwide December 18, 2009. For more information, please visit
E-mail:[email protected]