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Li’l Gardener’s Series ~ Fairy Garden
When: Saturday, January 10
Cost: $25.00
* Favorite Class! * Kids 3-12 can create a
miniature blooming garden complete with
tiny garden accessories! Sign Up Now*!
*(if 11:00 class is full, a second class will be opened from
String Garden
When: Saturday, January 10
Cost: $35.00
Create a beautiful hanging garden for your
home with our string garden techniques. See
how it is done, then make one yourself!
Choose between 3 types of plants to make
your garden. Space is Limited. Sign Up Now!
Li’l Gardener’s Series ~ Critter Creations
When: Saturday, January 24
Cost: $20.00
Kids 3-12 can make a cute little critter out of
pinecones and seedpods. And for the real
critters, the kids will make a birdfeeder out of
a pinecone! Space is Limited. Sign Up Now!
Succulent Inspiration
When: Saturday, January 24
Cost: $25.00
Learn some different ideas to make endless
creations using succulents. Our gardening
experts will demonstrate some ideas for you
then let you try one for yourself! Sign Up
Gardening Boot Camp ~ Part 4
When: Saturday, January 31
Cost: $15.00
The 4th installment of our popular boot camp
series. Learn all about how to take care of
those plants INSIDE your house!
(attendance at all 4 parts not required)
Li’l Gardener’s Series ~Flowers for my Valentine
When: Saturday, February 7
Cost: $15.00
Kids 3-12 can learn how to create flowers
using paper! Great as a gift for mom or for
anyone else who is special to you this
Valentine’s Day!
Li’l Gardener’s Series ~ Peat People
When: Saturday, February 21
Cost: $15.00
Learn how to make your own version of a
Chia Pet! Kids 3-12 can design, create, and
style their own Peat Person who will grow
“hair”! Choose either the pot form or the free
form Peat Person. Sign Up Now!
Terraced Garden
When: Saturday, February 21
Cost: $45.00
* Favorite Class! * Create an artistically
arranged tiny indoor garden in a broken clay
pot. Complete your garden with an
assortment of miniature accents! Space is
limited. Sign Up Now!
Gardening Boot Camp ~ Part 1
When: Saturday, February 28
Cost: $15.00
Learn answers to all of your outdoor plant
care questions before the season starts in this
seminar. Part 1 focuses on fertilizing and
disease and insect control.
(attendance at all 4 parts not required)
Silk Spring Wreath
When: Saturday, March 7
Cost: $50.00
Using grapevine, seasonal accents, and silk
flowers and foliage, join our floral design team
to create a beautiful, lasting, spring inspired
wreath! Space is limited. Sign Up Now!
Gardening Boot Camp ~ Part 2
When: Saturday, March 7
Cost: $15.00
When should I prune? How much water is too
much? Part 2 of our Boot Camp series will
explain how to maintain your garden plants to
create a happy, healthy garden. New this year is
a segment on native and deer resistant plants.
(attendance at all 4 parts not required)
Li’l Gardener’s Series ~ Floral Art
When: Saturday, March 14
Cost: $15.00
Artists, age 3-12, will create botanical
masterpieces using a few different techniques.
There is always something new to discover!
Hypertufa: Make Your Container
When: Saturday, March 21
Cost: $20.00
Learn the art of creating these fascinating,
lightweight, frost proof containers in part 1
of this 2 part series. Join us to plant your pot
in part 2 on 4/25.
(Attendance at both parts not required)
Li’l Gardener’s Series ~ Spring Grass Arrangement
When: Saturday, March 28
Cost: $25.00
* Favorite Class! * Just in time for Mom’s
Easter present or to decorate your room, kids
age 3-12 will create an adorable arrangement
of wheat grass and spring accents. Super fun
and super cute! Sign Up Now.
Intermediate Terrarium
When: Friday, April 10
Cost: $40.00
Create one of our beautiful terrariums by
choosing between three different containers, a
selection of plants, and an assortment of
accessories to complete your design.
Li’l Gardener’s Series ~ Mini Terrarium
When: Saturday, April 11
Cost: $25.00
Kids 3-12 will learn the basics of terrarium
design and care while creating their own long
lasting tropical garden in this hands-on class.
Upcycled Planters
When: Saturday, April 11
Cost: $25.00
Kick your garden up a notch with our
upcycled planters. Watch as our gardening
experts demonstrate different ideas for taking
old items and turning them into beautiful
planters. Then, if the shoe fits, plant an
upcycled planter to take home with you.
Li’l Gardener’s Series ~ There You Grow
When: Saturday, April 18
Cost: $20.00
Kids ages 3-12 can learn the basics of how to
plant a garden. They will dig in the dirt and
plant a vegetable in our “Li’l Garden”. They
will also create seed bombs to take home and
start their own gardens. Space is limited. Sign up now!