Lift-A-Loft Announces Electric Powered APX December 17, 2014

Media Contact:
Chris Barefoot, Sales Manager GSE
Lift-A-Loft Corporation
ph: 765.288.3691
December 17, 2014
[email protected]
Lift-A-Loft Corporation has recently completed the design and development of a fully electric-powered
APX maintenance lift for its ground support products division. Lift-A-Loft Corporation has been designing
and manufacturing electric over hydraulic industrial maintenance lifts for the past 60 years so this was a
logical next step in the evolution of our ground support products which have traditionally been powered by
internal combustion engines.
The new electric-powered APX has all of the same features as previous units with a platform lift capacity
of 3,000 lbs., heavy duty structural steel body, and an option for a 4 1/2’ traversing deck or air
compressor, and many other custom options to meet our customers’ specific needs.
An 80-volt battery capable of being charged with a conventional charger or a PosiCharge Fast Charging
System powers the APX. The unit has a 31.7 kw (42hp) drive motor with a separate 5.6 kw (7.5hp) motor
for the lift functions. Steering on the APX is powered by a 2500psi hydraulic accumulator.
The unit has undergone extensive testing to insure that it can provide users a full day of work without the
need to be recharged. The unit is capable of over 100 lift cycles and can be driven over 7 miles at speeds
up to 15 mph without needing to recharge the battery. As an additional precaution to make sure users are
never stranded, the unit automatically reduces speed when the battery drops to a certain level. This acts
as a fail-safe indication that it is time to recharge the battery.
For more information about the new Lift-A-Loft APX Electric Maintenance Lift, please contact Christopher
Barefoot at 765-288-3691.