Scott Cawelti BIO

Scott Cawelti (b.1943) was born and
raised in Cedar Falls, Iowa. He taught
writing, film, and literature courses at
the University of Northern Iowa from
1968-2008, and has written opinion
columns in the Waterloo-Cedar Falls
Courier for 35 years. He has coauthored two writing textbooks and
edited The Complete Poetry of James
Hearst (University of Iowa Press,
2001). Having a BA in vocal music, he
played for years in a folk duo with
Robert James Waller and still performs
as a singer/guitarist/songwriter. He
released a CD of 16 James Hearst
poems set to music and performed for
"Landscape Iowa" in 2010. In 2011, Ice
Cube Press published his book,
Brother’s Blood, on the Mark family
murders. He currently writes a blog at, and
teaches film courses as an adjunct faculty at UNI.