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The Newsletter of the Associated General Contractors of New Hampshire
December 8, 2014
2015 AGC of NH
Action Center
Decision Makers
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2015 AGC of NH Action
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Welcome New Member: A.W. Rose Construction
Construction Employment Economics
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AGC to Feature New Sustainable Building
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AGC of NH Flag Training Course
Luncheon Series IV: Employee Misclassification
Construction Connections (USPS 389-890) is published bi-weekly by the Associated General Contractors of New Hamphsire Inc. 48 Grandview Road, Bow,
NH 03304. Annual subscription rate is four copies per Active membership, eight copies per Active membership paying the maximum dues amount, and
two copies per Associate membership. Annual subscription rate is $200. Members can purchase annual printed subscriptions for $100 each. Unused subscriptions will be distributed at the discretion of the Chapter Office Executive Vice President. Periodical postage paid at Concord, NH 03301. Postmaster:
Send address changes to the Associated General Contractors of New Hampshire, 48 Grandview Road, Bow, NH 03304 or contact us at (603) 225-2701 or
fax (603) 226-3859.
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Industr y News
Call or Fax In Your Annual
Meeting Registration Today!
Welcome New Member: A.W.
Rose Construction
The 2014 Annual Meeting is almost here. On December 11th,
members will be gathering at the Executive Court Banquet
Center in Manchester for an induction of the 2015 Board of
Directors as well as a presentation by guest speaker William
Broussard of the Mount Washington Observatory. There will
also be a slideshow of photos from AGC events throughout
the last year. This is the last day to register!
AGC of NH’s Board of Directors recently approved the
membership application for A.W. Rose Construction. The
Association encourages members to reach out to A.W. Rose to
learn more about their services.
A.W. Rose Construction
1662 Elm St.
Manchester, NH 03101
President: Arthur W. Rose
(603) 622-6711
Email: [email protected]
Services: General Contractor
If you are interested in attending the 2014 Annual Meeting,
please fax in the form on the following page, or call us today
at 225-2701. We look forward to seeing you there!
Construction Employment Economics
On November 21st, ACG of America released the latest construction employment statistics. According to the data, 37 states
added construction jobs between October 2013 and October 2014. In the same time period, 12 states lost construction jobs.
New Hampshire experienced a 2.3% increase between September and October of 2014, rising 5 places in ranking to number 36
nationally. Construction firms in the state regained the 500 jobs they lost in September, bringing the total number of jobs back
to 22,200. New Hampshire’s construction employment peaked at 30,100, but bottomed out in 2010 at 21,100, resulting in 9,000
lost jobs—a 30% decrease. September of this year shows 21,700 jobs, showing a mere increase of 600 jobs compared to 2010, the
state’s lowest period. The reason for the shortage of construction jobs in New Hampshire is related to the decrease in building
projects resulting from the lack of state and federal funding, as well as the increase of regulations that slow existing and future
Rhode Island
New Hampshire
1-month gain or loss
12-month gain or loss
As of August of 2014, New Hampshire was the lowest ranking state in New England, but that title now goes to Vermont, which
saw a decrease of 6.8%, the sharpest drop in the nation, and now ranks 47th overall. While NH had the largest one-month
increase in the region, Connecticut had the highest gain of construction jobs over the past year.
4 p NH Construction Connections p December 8, 2014
65th Annual Meeting
Associated General Contractors of New Hampshire
Thursday, December 11, 2014 | 5:15 pm Cocktail Reception | 6:45 pm Dinner & Presentation
Executive Court Banquet Center, Manchester, NH
Join us for a special evening featuring:
• Induction of the 2015 Associated General Contractors of New Hampshire
President and Board of Directors.
• Speaker Will Broussard, Outreach Coordinator at the Mount Washington
Observatory, speaking on the history of materials testing at the summit of Mount
Washington, the Mount Washington Auto Road, Cog Railway, alpine weather and
wildlife, and the life and work of staff observers living inside the Observatory.
Event Pricing
Company: ________________________________________________________
Guest(s): __________________________________________ Chicken Beef
Guest(s): __________________________________________
Chicken Beef
* Contact the Association if you have any dietary restrictions. Vegetarian meals are available by prior request.
Amount Due: $ __________________
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 Discover  Mastercard  Invoice
AGC of NH Members:
$70 per person
Special Member Price
$500 reserved company table of 8
Non-Members (pre-paid only):
$99 per person
Special thanks to our platinum sponsors:
 Am. Express
 Visa
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Exp. Date: _______________ Billing Zip: ________________
Mail to: 48 Grandview Rd, Bow, NH 03304 | Email: [email protected] | Fax: (603) 226-3859
Questions may be directed to Bobbie Caradonna at (603) 225-2701
Cancellations must be made 72 hours in advance in order to be eligible for a refund.
You may also register and pay online at
December 8, 2014 p NH Construction Connections p 5
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Call your sales representative or the nearest Milton CAT location.
Richmond, VT
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AGC of NH Decision Makers
The 2015 AGC of NH Board of Directors and Committee
assignments are as follows. The flow chart below outlines the
committee make-up.
Board of Directors
Ron Severino, President, Severino Trucking Company
Bill Stevens, Senior VP, Harvey Construction Corporation
Ron Ciotti, Vice President, Hinckley Allen
Ryan Charbonneau, Treasurer, Continental Paving
Matthew Connors, VP of Associates, Gemini Electric
Mike Callihan, Building Director, Pro Con, Inc.
Natasha Michelson, Building Director, Hutter Construction
Arthur Rose, Building Director, A.W. Rose Construction
Dale Sackett, Highway Director, Beck & Bellucci
Larry Major, Highway Director, Pike Industries
Jonathan Pitre, Highway Director, ED Swett
Rob Simpson, Associate Director, The Rowley Agency
Jeff Cloutier, Associate Director, North American Reserve
Jessica Michie, Associate Director, Michie Corp.
Bill Stevens, Harvey Construction Corporation
Ron Ciotti, Hinckley Allen
Richard Upsall, Hutter Construction Corporation
Ron Severino, Severino Trucking Company
Dan Church, The Rowley Agency
Public Relations Committee
Christian Zimmermann, Pike Industries
Mark Charbonneau, Continental Paving
Dan Church, The Rowley Agency
Glenn Cairns, George R. Cairns & Sons
Ron Severino, Severino Trucking Company
Larry Major, Pike Industries
David Bissonnette, Redimix Companies
Peter Bates, Weaver Bros. Construction
Government Relations Committee
Ron Ciotti, Chairman, Hinckley Allen
Larry Major, Pike Industries
Jim Gove, Gove Environmental Services
Ryan Charbonneau, Continental Paving
Robert Cruess, TF Moran
Ryan Audley, R.S. Audley Construction
Political Action Committee
Larry Major, Pike Industries
Matthew Connors, Gemini Electric
Glenn Cairns, George R. Cairns & Sons
“Decision Makers” continued on page 11...
Board of Directors
Political Action
Sets association policies and rules.
Gives guidance for State of NH
Public Relations
Oversees the A Safer Road to
Tomorrow Campaign.
Government Relations Committee
Works with legislature and state agencies in rules
& regulations. Coordinates members to become
active on high profile issues.
Legislative Committee
Reviews all of the bills that may impact the
commercial construction industry, and
recommends appropriate action for AGC.
Building Committee
Focuses on legislation that
will affect vertical
construction, as well as
working with state agencies.
Works closely with NH
Department of
Transportation to review
and recommend language
for state specifications.
Monitors local, state &
federal legislation that
involves horizontal
Works on environmental
laws, rules and regs, which
includes working closely
with NH DES.
Asphalt Committee
Meets with NH DOT to review
asphalt paving quality assurance
Concrete Committee
Meets with NH DOT to review
concrete quality assurance
Human Resources
Between a variety of
roundtable discussions
and meetings with
agency leaders, the
committee discusses
many labor related topics.
December 8, 2014 p NH Construction Connections p 7
2015 AGC of NH Action Center:
Be a Part of the Action
In 2015, AGC of NH will roll out one of the most convenient tools in its toolbox for the upcoming legislative session – the
Legislative Action Center. In cooperation with the AGC of NH Government Relations Committee, the Association will be
utilizing the Action Center as a way to communicate with elected officials and ensure our voice is heard.
AGC of NH committees play an important part in the Association’s lobbying efforts by reviewing and recommending positions
on bills important to the industry. Since the Association is a member-driven organization, we believe this is an opportunity to
turn our committee structure into a grass-roots communication tool. While AGC of NH will continue its one-on-one lobbying
approach, at critical times we will call on the membership to participate through the Action Center. Our goal is to allow
members to make an impact on important issues while keeping their time commitment to a minimum.
Using the Action Center is easy, and once signed up, submitting a letter takes no more than two minutes. Those who sign up
will receive email alerts from the Action Center concerning topics of interest. We suggest participants get approval from their
company or implement an internal procedure to approve letter submissions for the purpose of eliminating duplicate letters
within one company.
It is important to sign up now for the 2015 session. Let’s be prepared so that when it comes time to take action, letters can reach
officials quickly. Please fill out the form below to register and receive alerts for the AGC of NH Action Center.
Be a part of the action and sign up to receive email alerts when an important industry topic is added to
the AGC of NH Action Center.
Yes, I want to be on the Action Center list. Please send email alerts for:
(Please check all that apply)
p Building Issues
p Environmental Issues
p Human Resources/Labor Issues
p Highway Issues
p All above issues, as I will be the only contact for my company.
p Only on the following industry specific issues (example: Davis Bacon/Waters of the US, etc.)
Name: _________________________________________________________________
Company: ______________________________________________________________
Email: _________________________________________________________________
Telephone: _____________________________________________________________
8 p NH Construction Connections p December 8, 2014
Association News
AGC to Feature New Sustainable AGC of NH Flag Training
Building Award
In partnership with AGC of Massachusetts, the Association
will be introducing the new Sustainability Award for Green
Construction (SAGC). This awards program is designed
to recognize those dedicated to sound and sustainable
construction practices and is intended to raise awareness
of the good stewardship being achieved daily on behalf of
sustainability for people, the economy and the planet.
On January 9th, AGC of NH will be holding a Flagging “Train
the Trainer” Course at the AGC office in Bow. The course will
cover NH DOT regulations on flag person training, proper use
of equipment, placement of flaggers on the site, and more. All
participants who complete the course and pass an exam will
receive a pocket card signifying course completion.
For more information, and to download a registration form,
Luncheon Series IV: Employee
The award criteria for sustainable building combine energy
efficiency, appropriate land use, minimal ecological impact,
reuse of existing buildings, use of recycled or renewable
materials, and/or merit in integrating sustainable concepts
with traditional building requirements.
November 19th marked the final installment of AGC of NH’s
2014 Luncheon Series. Entitled “Employee Misclassification,”
members enjoyed sandwiches and snacks while Ron Ciotti
of Hinckley Allen presented facts and policies regarding
the definition of independent contractor and how it applies
to workers compensation. He began by going over RSA
275:4, which lists the criteria that must be met in order to be
considered an independent contractor. Ron pointed out that
this is an important issue for the construction industry, as the
definitions can be confusing.
Applicants must submit an entry form questionnaire to
be considered. The nonrefundable fee for submission of
the SAGC is $2500. Please call the AGC of NH for more
information at 225-2701.
Submit Your 2015 Build NH
The entry form for AGC of NH’s Build NH Awards is now
available! These prestigious awards highlight innovation,
project management, and current construction trends in
New Hampshire’s commercial construction industry. The
best entries include a detailed description of the project and
pictures covering different phases of the project. The 2015
Build NH Awards is limited to projects completed between
2013 and 2014. The winners will be announced during
the 2015 Spring Awards Banquet. Visit to
download an entry form.
The Luncheon Series will continue into the new year, so
stay tuned to for more information in future issues of the
December 8, 2014 p NH Construction Connections p 9
No Job
Too Big
...because we can cover them all.
INSURANCE • BONDS • BENEFITS Assurex Global Partner
Serving New England
Since 1966
Concord, NH
Portland, ME
Bennington, VT
... “Decision Makers” continued from page 7.
Rob Simpson, The Rowley Agency
Legislative Committee
Matt Johnson, Chairman, Devine Millimet
Larry Major, Pike Industries
Rusty Mosca, Nathan Wechsler & Co.
Bruce Marshall, D’Amante Couser Pellerin
Wayne Tarr, Redimix Companies
John Timmeny, The Rowley Agency
Ron Ciotti, Hinckley Allen
Jeff Schroeder, Infantine Insurance
Jeff Cloutier, North American Reserve
Mike Callihan, Pro Con, Inc.
Susan Siegal, The Rowley Agency
Ryan Stevens, They Rowley Agency
Ryan Audley, R.S. Audley
Building Committee
Mike Callihan, Chairman, Pro Con, Inc.
Ron Ciotti, Hinckley Allen
Al Chouinard, Gilbane Building Co.
Peter Cowan, Sheehan Phinney Bass + Green
Bill Stevens, Harvey Construction Corporation
Tim Paris, Hutter Construction Corporation
Aaron Govoni, RH White Construction
Lee Ransom, RH White Construction
Highway Committee
Ryan Charbonneau, Chairman, Continental Paving
Randy Mace, Chadwick-BaRoss
Ron Ciotti, Hinckley Allen
Richard Piper, RM Piper
Adam Bates, Weaver Bros. Construction
Greg MacKenzie, Brox Industries
Dale Sackett, Beck & Bellucci
Matt Valle, Pike Industries
Erika Payne, SUR Construction West
Fred Kenison, R.S. Audley
Kevin Brown, B2W Software
Jonathan Pitre, E.D. Swett, Inc.
Carl Beauregard, Beauregard Equipment
Environment Committee
Dan Blais, Chairman, TF Moran
Bruce Marshall, D’Amante Couser Pellerin
Mike Everhart, EJ Prescott
Dan Deschenes, Hinckley Allen
Ryan Crosbie, Pike Industries
Ken Rhodes, CLD Consulting Engineers
Mike MacDonald, R.S. Audley
Erik Stevenson, Brox Industries
Dana Bisbee, Devine Millimet
Jim Gove, Gove Environmental Services
Jason Riley, Maine Drilling & Blasting
Michael Wright, North American Reserve
Shannon Williams, R.S. Audley
Scott Sansoucie, EnviroVantage
Natasha Michelson, Hutter Construction Corporation
Michelle Noble, Pike Industries
Terry Shumaker, Bernstein Shur
Susan Harrington, R.S. Audley
Lisa Petrailia, Harvey Construction Corporation
Naomi Butterfield, Bernstein Shur
Lorrie Sliter, CWS Fence & Guardrail
Kristen Flink, Pro Con, Inc.
Patty Connor, Weaver Bros. Construction
Perry Ziehm, ARCpoint Labs of Merrimack
Carla Carroll, Gemini Electric
Kenneth Dunne, Construction Training Academy
Rob Simpson, The Rowley Agency
Highway Specification Committee
Bruce Bauer, Chairman, Continental Paving
Dale Sackett, Beck & Bellucci
Andy Sherburne, Classic Curb
David Duncan, Pike Industries
Bruce Marshall, D’Amante Couser Pellerin
Costas Papachristos, George R. Cairns & Sons
Chris Seta, Nortrax
Alex Phelps, Pike Industries
Chris Magnan, NICOM Coatings
Mike MacDonald, R.S. Audley
Michael Griffin, A.H. Harris & Sons
Craig Sliter, CWS Fence & Guardrail
Michael Ferrari, Evroks Corporation
Ron Ciotti, Hinckley Allen
Chris Vick, Concrete Systems, Inc.
Scott Stevens, R.S. Audley
Tom Rugg, Pike Industries
Asphalt Committee
Jeff Lewis, Brox Industries
Keith Dane, Continental Paving
David Duncan, Pike Industries
Mark Charbonneau, Continental Paving
Chris Seta, Nortrax
Mary Wescott, Pike Industries
Concrete Committee
Chris Schroeder, Beck & Bellucci
Chris Vick, Concrete Systems, Inc.
Kenneth Dustin, Michie Corp.
Rick Blackburn, Redimix Companies
Scott Stevens, R.S. Audley
Scott Jordan, Carroll Concrete
Michael Ferrari, Evroks Corporation
Rick Lalumiere, Redimix Companies
Paul Lefebvre, Michie Corp.
Jonathan Pitre, E.D. Swett, Inc.
Human Resources Committee
Sue Sheridan, Chair, Severino Trucking Co.
Karen Prince, RM Piper
December 8, 2014 p NH Construction Connections p 11
Associated General Contractors of NH
48 Grandview Road
Bow, New Hampshire 03304
AGC of New Hampshire and NPP partner to offer discount pricing on the
things you need from the companies you trust. NPP negotiates the rates
and makes them available to AGC of NH members. Available products
include wireless service, travel, office & maintenance supplies and more.
How to Sign up
Visit, select Company then Construction then
Residential. Select AGC-Participating Chapters from the
dropdown menu and complete enrollment.
Postage Paid
Concord, NH