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This is for your HSH instrument that has two 4-wire humbucker pickups (2-wire humbucker pickups cannot be
used) and one single-coil pickup. In summary, you use our T4-Switch Pickup Switch Upgrade product to
control the two 4-wire humbucker pickups (typically located in the Bridge and Neck position).
This switch model uses another DPDT (on-off-on) switch (ASY-M1) to control the middle single-coil pickup,
as well as two push-pull potentiometers of our VT-4 Volume-Tone Control assembly (see wiring illustration on
next page). This switching configuration will give your instrument 276 pickup tones.
In addition, this is the only switch configuration that lets you put all five pickup coils into a series circuit. This
will give you incredible pickup tones that are so “Fat”, they are… OBESE!
Upgrade candidates for this HSH pickup tone enhancement include Fender, Ibanez Jem (and other) series
instruments with two 4-wire humbuckers and one single-coil pickup; and all other similar instruments.
Although this upgrade will give you several “groups” of pickup tones that are almost identical, it will also give
you one single instrument that has virtually every pickup tone ever created – pickup tones ranging from Blues to
Metal to Jazz to Surf to Country to glass-shattering tin-canny and every analog pickup tone in between. This
means your instrument will sound like every electric guitar ever made. You will also have the signature guitar
sounds of every guitar god since the early 40’s.
See document # G for the worksheet that will let you map out all the pickup tones.
This incredible innovation lets you easily create unique PentaBucker pickup tones. This is where all five
pickup coils are simultaneously in a series circuit – and makes the Red Special sound puny by comparison.
We have done the impossible with something that cannot be equaled. No other company can give you this kind
of incredible jaw-dropping pickup tone power and control.
See our product catalog for complete upgrades and components that give you access to the exclusive AweSome
PentaBucker pickup tones.
Now you can truly be what you want to be – because our products will help you make it happen.
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How the HSH instrument connects with our T4-Switch, the ASY-M1 and VT-4 Volume-Tone Control.
© 2014 AweSome Musical Instruments, All rights reserved worldwide