Panther Avionics Packages by
GRT Sport SX EFIS System
Ÿ Featured in the Panther prototype
Ÿ The most features of any glasscockpit EFIS in its price range!
Ÿ Aerobatic flight instruments
Ÿ Moving map with free U.S. nav
database & A/FD data for life
Ÿ Internal GPS included
Ÿ Optional Synthetic Vision
Ÿ 2-axis autopilot software included
Grand Rapids EIS Electronic Engine Monitor
Ÿ Monitor all engine parameters, all the time
Ÿ Probe packages available for Corvair, Jabiru,
Lycoming, UL Power, and more
Ÿ Over 23,000 units flying worldwide!
Ÿ Full-color graphic display when paired with a
GRT Sport or Horizon EFIS
Recommended GRT Panther Packages
Sport EFIS Package Pricing
6.5” Display Unit with Upgraded CPU, Internal AHRS & GPS, all wiring harnesses
8.4” Display Unit with Upgraded CPU, Internal AHRS & GPS, all wiring harnesses
Synthetic Vision software
Vertical Commands Autopilot software- OSH ‘14 SHOW SPECIAL (normally $400)
Autopilot Roll Servo- Standard Torque
Autopilot Pitch Servo-Standard Torque
Looking for a smaller or more economical EFIS display? Check out the new GRT MINI for under $1,400!
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EIS Package Pricing for Recommended Panther Engines
Jabiru 3300
UL Power
Corvair, Basic 6-cylinder (6 CHT, 6 EGT, Oil T, Oil P, Fuel P)
$1,140 $1,050
Corvair, Advanced (Basic + Fuel Flow, Manifold Pres, 50-amp Current Sensor, Carb
temp, OAT)
$1,650 $1,450
Jabiru 3300 Package, Basic- 6 CHT, 6 EGT (Oil T, Oil P included with engine)
Jabiru 3300 Advanced (Basic + Fuel Flow and 50-amp Current Sensor)
$1,435 $1,300
Lycoming/Continental 4-cylinder Basic (4 bayonet CHT, 4 EGT, Oil T, Oil P)
$1,070 $1,000
Lyc/Cont. 4-cylinder Advanced (Basic + Fuel Flow, Fuel P, 0-31 in. Manifold P, 100amp Current Sensor)
$1,600 $1,350
UL Power Package, 4 cyl Basic (4 bayonet CHT, 4 EGT, 50-amp Current Sensor, Oil P,
Fuel Pressure)
$1,150 $1,050
UL Power Package, 4 cyl Advanced (Basic + pulse Fuel Flow)
$1,385 $1,325
UL Power Package, 6 cyl Basic (6 bayonet CHT, 6 EGT, 50-amp CS, Oil P, Fuel P)
$1,350 $1,225
UL Power Package, 6 cyl Advanced (Basic + pulse Fuel Flow)
$1,575 $1,475
Does the thought of a prewired, pre-configured GRT
instrument panel for your
Panther intrigue you? If so,
we want to hear about it!
Please email Panther #7 cobuilder Katie Bosman at
[email protected]
for more details.
Learn more about all of our EFIS and EIS systems at the GRT Booth in Exhibit Hangar C,
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*Order your Sport SX system through Sport Performance Aviation before August 8, 2014 to receive your Show Discount.