Data Link Manager (DLM) / Interface Control Officer (ICO

Data Link Manager (DLM) / Interface Control Officer (ICO)
Duration - 15 days
This course has been developed to provide a full and thorough training package for
personnel who require an in-depth knowledge and understanding of truly Multi TDL
Operations. We fully appreciate that ‘operators want to operate’ even whilst
learning. SyntheSys understands this and, importantly, that students progress
rapidly and become more adaptable through the use of interactive simulation. The
ability for students to clearly experience Multi TDLs through our training course fully
re-enforces required training objectives.
During the training the student will employ, and
fully interact with, in-use systems and software
Diginext Multi Link Simulation
System (TACTX)
Daronmont Link Training Suite
TDL Network Design Station (TNDS)
Joint Range Extension (JRE) software
Some of the training modules included are:
Link 1, 11, 16, 22 and Variable
Message Format (VMF)
Terminals, safety features and Time Slot Duty Factor (TSDF)
Multi TDL Interoperability and Planning
Link 16 Network Design
JRE Application Protocol (AP)
OPTASK Link, JTIDS Forecast Activity Report (JFAR) and other TDL
DLTS exercises – including net entry and COMSEC procedures
Network Management (NM) – Monitoring, Dynamic NM and Analysis
of a network
Delivered by our highly experienced instructors with extensive real world operational
A Training Manual is provided for each student and our ISO 9001 Accreditation
offers you assurance that Quality Assurance processes have been applied.
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