HP LiveSite Mobile Component Dev - Training Agenda

HP LiveSite Mobile Component Dev - Training Agenda
Course Outline
This course teaches the participant how to construct and test mobile components for a LiveSite site. You also create
device-aware tags and learn to use them with HTML or CSS to construct device-responsive components. These
techniques enable you to create web pages that respond to the user’s device characteristics to provide a responsive
visitor experience tailored to their device.
Course Overview
Course Aspect
Course Name
HP LiveSite Mobile Component Dev
Course Duration
TeamSite developers, consultants, and project managers.
Training Format
Practical hand-on course 70%, theory 30% with both a dedicated computer and
training room. Fully documented student materials are provided, which lay out the
tasks and lessons planned for each day.
ILT, VILT, onsite
Training Prerequisites
Must have attended the TeamSite SitePublisher Component Development course.
Must have XSL, HTML, and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) coding experience and general
TeamSite and SitePublisher knowledge.
Suggested Skills
Knowledge of various device characteristics and experience using a QR reader
Lunch & Refreshments are included for scheduled classroom training and small class
sizes between 10 to 15 are maintained to provide adequate individual attention.
Technical Difficulty
Training Path
Contact Us
e-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.autonomy.com/training
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1 - Training Agenda
1.1 Section 1
HP LiveSite Mobile Component Dev - Course Curriculum - Section 1 - Data Capture Development
Overview of Mobile Objects and Previewing Mobile
• Identify the relationship between mobile objects
• Preview mobile pages in an emulator
• Preview mobile pages using a QR code
Creating LiveSite Mobile Sites, Pages, and Templates
• Identify mobile and regular (non-mobile) sites,
pages, and templates
• Set an HTML <meta> tag for a page
Creating a Mobile Component
• Create and test a mobile component
Creating Device-Aware Tags and Using Them to
Modify HTML in Components
• Construct device-aware tags identifying targeted
device types and capabilities
• Write component code with HTML code blocks
used for only some devices
• Write component code with HTML element
attributes overridden for only some devices
Using Device-Aware Tags to Choose CSS Property
• Call a specific CSS class depending on the device
• Use device-aware tags directly in the CSS file
2 - HP Autonomy Requirements
2.1 Onsite Training Prerequisites
For onsite training, the host must provide adequate classroom facilities for the visiting trainer in order to conduct the
HP LiveSite Mobile Component Dev training workshop. Each delegate will require an individual workstation in order to
proceed with the workshop. HP Autonomy trainers will bring their own trainer laptop. However, if your organization does
not allow 3rd parties to connect to your network, you must provide the trainer with an additional “trainer” workstation
that includes Microsoft Office, so that the trainer is able to deliver the presentations and demonstrate the workshop
2.2 Training Desktop Requirements
HP LiveSite Mobile Component Dev - Desktop Requirements
Operating System
Windows 2000, 32-bit XP, 2003, 32-bit/64-bit Vista, 32-bit/64-bit
Windows 7
Dual Core Processor 2+ GHz
Hard Drive Space
Minimum 20 GB
Networking Peripherals LAN/Ethernet Required
Internet Connectivity
Required for Students and Instructor
Sufficient sockets to accommodate all training desktops
2.3 Projector Requirements
HP LiveSite Mobile Component Dev - Projector Requirements
Minimum Resolution
800 x 600
Any, e.g. LCD, DLP, Plasma etc.
2.4 Terms and Conditions
The HP Autonomy terms and conditions may be found here: