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Patented Dec. 15. 1914.
Speci?cation of Letters Patent.
Patented Dec. 15, 1914.
Application ?led June 8, 1914. Serial No. 843,811..
metal of su?icient stiffness to hold its shape,
Be it known that 1, ANDREW J. STEEL, a and the basin has a central drain opening 7
citizen of the United States, residing at to which a ?exible drain pipe 2, is connected
Needles, in the county of San Bernardino and by means of a coupling 3. The rim 4 of the 60
To all whom it may concern.
State of California, have invented certain basin is bent upwardly and outwardly from
new and useful Improvements in Portable the edge of the basin so as to form a com
Washbowls, of which the following is a caved face for draining into the basin. The
rim is provided with a pair of apertures 5
‘This invention relates to transportable through which extends screw stems 6 of
wash bowls or basins for barbers use, and a combination hot and cold water cock or
pertains especially to novel and pecuhar faucet 7. A pair of plates 8 and :9 are
means for attaching faucets to a bowl and employed in clamping the faucet ?xtures to
for connecting the bowl with barber shop the rim and said plates have a pair of ap
ertures 10, corresponding with the rim ap
chairs for shampooing purposes.
5, and ?tting the stems 6. The plate
The object of the invention is to provide a
transportable bowl or basin having a spe
' cial rim to which is attached the usual hot
and cold water cocks or faucets, and to fur
nish special means for clamping the faucets
20 to the rim, so that the water supply for
8 rests on the top face of the rim lirand
forms a seat for the faucet ?ange 11. The
other plate 9 engages the under side of the
rim 4, and forms a seat for the clamping
nuts 12. Obviously when the nuts 12 are
shampooing purposes passes through the screwed up tightly the rim 4 is securely
rim to the faucets, and so that the faucet clamped by and between the plates 8 and 9.
may be in convenient reach of the sham This arrangement affords ready means for
pooer in whatever position the bowl may be attaching the usual cock or faucet to the
basin rim so that the faucet stands upright
with respect to the chair.
A further object of the invention is to on the rim and out of interference with the
provide the bowl or basin with novel and operation of shampooing. The stem 13 of
peculiar means for connecting ?exible water the faucet is provided with hose or ?exible
supply pipes and a ?exible waste or drain pipe 14 having a sprayer 15 attached there
to. The faucet stems 6 have coupled thereto
80 pipe of such lengths as to permlt the bowl hose or ?exible pipes 16 and 17 for supply
to be swung about the chair to various po
sitions without detaching the pipes, and to ing hot and cold water respectively to the
furnish the chairs with a special bracket for faucet, and‘ these pipes are of su?icient
temporarily supporting the bowl during a length as to reach from the ordinary water
supply pipes to which they may be coupled,
shampooing process.
Various other objects, advantages and or from the ordinary wall or basin spigots
improved results are attainable in the prac to the chairs of a barber shop. The hose or
tical use and application of the invention flexible drain pipe-2 is coupled with the
as -, ill be hereinafter explained.
drain opening of the bowl or basin 1, and is '
11 the accompanying drawings forming also of such length as to permit the basin
part of this application :——~Figure 1—-is a to be transported to the chairs as desired,
side elevation of a barber’s chair showing and said drain pipe may be attached to the V
the application of the invention. Fig. 2-—is ordinary drain pipe, or be made to empty
a top view of part of a chair showingnthe into a stand basin, according to conditions
basin supported by the bracket/in various. of water systems in various shops. All of 7
positions. Fig. 3—-is a sectional view of the said hose are capable of being folded into
basin rim taken through the faucet connec
or about the basin and the latter set aside
tion. Fig. 4 is an enlarged sectional view of or stored out of sight when not in use.
In order to support the basin in operative
part of the bowl and the supporting bracket.
Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the support position relative to a chair, a special bracket
is provided, and consists of an arm 19 hav
The same reference characters denote the ing a slot 20 forming a forked end. The
same parts throughout the several views of other end of the arm is pivoted at 21 to a
projection 21a of the chair arm 22, so as to 116
the drawings.
slid under the arm when not in use, and
ing bracket.
posed of light material such as thin sheet the slot 20 is provided with plate springs
23. In applying the basin to the bracket, stand or wash basins are dispensed with,
the waste pipe coupling is slid into the slot and the basin and its connections as'herein
20 between the springs 23, so as to seat the before described may be housed in the usual
basin on the arm 22. The springs 23 pre barber shop cabinets or cupboards wherein
vent accidental displacement of the basin, the water supply and drain pipes may be
while the arm may be swung to various po
sitions as desired for expeditious shampoo
connected with the basin hose.
Having thus described my invention what
ing, without the occupant leaving the chair, I claim as new and desire to secure by Let
as shown in Fig. 2 of the drawings.
ters Patent is :—
In the practical application of the inven
A portable wash basin for barbers’ chairs,
tion, there may be one basin for two chairs comprising a ?aring rim having a pair of
or each chair may have an individual basin, adjacent apertures therein, a faucet having
as circumstances may permit or as occasion stems extendingthrough the apertures,‘ a
pair of plates fitting the stems with a por
may demand.
15' It will be seen that the basin may be tion of the rim between the plates, means
turned on the bracket as desired by the for clamping the plates to the said rim por
shampooer so as to place the faucet at vari tion, and ?exible pipes coupled with the said
ous positions, that the bracket may be stems for supplying the faucet with water.
swung to various positions in a shampooing
In witness whereof I hereunto . set my
20 operation, and that both sets of hose may be hand in the presence of two witnesses.
coupled and uncoupled with the Wall cou
plings or stand pipes so as to permit the
basin and its hose to be set aside or stored
Witnesses: '
out of sight when not in use.
According to this invention the usual
J. D. Ewme.