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Costa Rica Concept
Costa Rica 70 % – 72 h dark
Costa Rica 40 % – 36 h milk
Grand Cru couvertures made of noble cacao from the Finca La Amistad, Costa Rica
Costa Rica
Costa Rica 70 % – 72 h, Couverture Dark Rondo 1) HCS
master case 2 x 6 kg
unit with 3 x 2 kg bag Rondo
Costa Rica 40 % – 36 h, Couverture Milk Rondo 1) HCS
master case with 2 x 6 kg
unit with 3 x 2 kg bag Rondo
Halal Certification Services, Switzerland
Grand Cru Costa Rica Couvertures
The cacao in our Grand Cru Costa Rica 70% - 72h dark and Costa Rica 40% - 36h milk originates from the Finca La Amistad in
the north of the country and incorporates 95 hectares, 20% of which are original rain forest. The Swiss couple Ruth and Ernst Brugger
own the farm. They have been engaged in the planting of sustainable and first class quality noble cacao for over seven years.
Experience the unique taste profiles of our Grand Cru Costa Rica couvertures.
Cube – Exclusive chocolate packaging*
Our new chocolate packaging (60 x 60 x 60 mm) comes in four trendy colors: light green, pink, violet and yellow. The round window
allows an appealing glimpse of the contents and the cellophane bag guarantees the freshness and quality of the products. Combine all
four packaging by using the elegant, black covering packaging to create an eye catching gift. *Please inquire with customer service about
the availability for these packaging ideas.
Recipes and ideas
From trendy dragées or chocolate truffles to crunchy chocolate snacks - there are no bounds to your creativity. Our pastry chefs have
created exciting new recipes, please visit www.felchlin.com.