2014-15 ESF Access to Masters (ATM

2014-15 ESF Access to Masters (ATM)
Information for Participants: Timesheets, Payments, and other Documentation Requirements
Relevant documentation about ATM is located on the ATM website:
ATM Web Page: http://www.bangor.ac.uk/atm/download.php
Payment of Stipends
For 2014-15, the annual stipend is £5865. Payment will be issued in 12 equal monthly instalments and will be
made in advance by BACS transfer in lieu of you completing and submitting original certified time sheets.
We aim to issue the first instalment in October 2014 (date tbc) covering period 1-31/10/14. Please check receipt
of this with your bank. Payment will only be issued when your ATM offer document has been countersigned by
our accountant and when we have proof from the admissions office that you have registered for the course. If
you have not yet officially registered for the course then your payment will be delayed.
Subsequent payments: we aim to pay on or before the 1st of each month. Payment will be made on receipt of
monthly original certified time sheets that have been completed satisfactorily.
Explanation of how the payments are arranged (time table below):
Payments are made in advance in lieu of timesheets. We will pay your first stipend for October (as above) then
you will receive another advance for November on or near the 1st of that month. You will then need to send me
your timesheets for 1-31 October within the first week of November. Once these timesheets have been received
arrangements will be made to release your advance for December. Send your November timesheet within the
first week of December to facilitate your January stipend and so on….
Your timesheet needs to be with me within 7 days following the end of the time sheeted month. If timesheets are
late or are returned to you for amendment then your payment will be delayed. We may do another payment run
mid month to accommodate the above, but any subsequent delay with your timesheets will result in you having
to wait until the 1st of the following month for your stipend.
Please download the timesheet from the ATM website. This document is entitled ‘Participant Time Sheet’. Please
also download the ‘Time Sheet Guidance Notes’ and ‘Example Time Sheet’ to read/review through these
Filling out the time sheet: Please remember to note module title /number on the activity description page of the
timesheet. If you have received any contact time with your academic and/or company supervisor then please
state next to activity description ‘supervised by (name academic/co. supervisor)’. Please state ‘not supervised’ if
no contact time has been provided with the academic. This is mentioned in the guidance notes. Once the time
sheet is completed for that month, please print, sign and get signed by your academic supervisor (on both pages).
Then post to me within 7 days following the end of the time sheeted month.
Separate timesheets are required for each calendar month please.
We expect an average of 39 hours of study per week to be noted on the timesheet. This includes any study time
spent either in or away from the University. You may find that you do fewer hours one week and more the next.
That is ok as long as the total hours over the course of the month average out as 39 per week.
‘Holiday ‘column on the time sheet
Please note University holidays e.g. Christmas and Easter as 8 hours on the time sheet and on the activity
description page: state ‘University holidays’.
Study time over weekend
Not compulsory but if you do, please note it on your time sheet as it gives an accurate reflection of the amount of
study you have done.
Both pages of the timesheet will need to be signed by you and your supervisor (or co supervisor / Head of School
if supervisor not available). Original signatures are required for audit purposes - digital signatures /emailed time
sheets will not be accepted. Sometimes the signature line on page 1 drops to page 2, if this happens please ensure
that the signatures are on the base of both sheets, as the two pages have to be verified.
Other documentation
Individual Training Plan (ITP)
Please download from the ATM site.
This document gives us as snapshot of your progress. We ask that you complete this document in stages
throughout the academic year. The form comes in two parts:
Part one:
Modules: Fill in your module titles and acquire signatures from your supervisor when modules have been
Progress Review: we expect you to receive a review of progress periodically with your supervisor. Please note this
in the spaces provided.
Part two:
Complete this part during your dissertation stage. Please get signatures where specified. You must return the
completed document in August. The ATM office will contact your school to confirm when you have completed
your MSc to complete the process.
Record of Review Form / Quarterly Report
Please complete every 3 month period and submit to the ATM Office. Your academic supervisor and company
supervisor will also need to contribute to this form and provide signatures.
You will also be required to complete questionnaires to give your opinion of the course and ATM, and also to give
us an indication of your career plans when you leave. I will send you these documents nearer the time (July 2015).
You will need to send these back to me along with the above mentioned ITP form in August.
2014-15 ESF Access to Masters – Time table for payments and receipt of time sheets
Time Sheet
Submit your
time sheet to
ATM Office by:
We will then pay you:
Payment Date*
Not due yet
Stipend 1
(date tbc)
Not due yet
Stipend 2
1 November 2014
7 November
Stipend 3
1 December 2014
8 December
Stipend 4
1 January 2015 (tbc - possibly sooner as College is
Between close
of day
Stipend 5
1 February 2015
19 Dec 2014 to
12 Jan 2015*
*We would be willing to accept this time sheet signed & dated on or after the 19 December due to the University being
closed for Xmas. However please ensure that the time sheet is not authorised before 19 December and ensure Xmas
holidays are noted on the document. The latest this time sheet will be accepted is Monday 12 January 2015.
6 February
Stipend 6
1 March 2015
9 March 2015
Stipend 7
1 April 2015
7 April 2015
Stipend 8
1 May 2015
7 May 2015
Stipend 9
1 June 2015
8 June 2015
Stipend 10
1 July 2015
7 July 2015
Stipend 11
1 August 2015
7 August 2015
Stipend 12
1 September 2015
7 September
No Payment
7 October
No Payment
Payment will be made on or near the 1st of month when time sheets received to deadline specified.