1 Corinthians 10:31 ESV So, whether you eat or

Devotions for the Creative Soul March 4, 2014
1 Corinthians 10:31 ESV
So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory
of God.
Sometimes I just go through the motions. I seem to run through my daily schedule
like a robot:
Let the dogs out, Make coffee, Check email, Work, Laundry, Dishes, Bathrooms,
Cook dinner, etc., etc., etc.; Sometimes, I get frustrated and many times my heart is
just not in it.
The other day, I came across this verse again and it stopped me in my tracks.
Sure, these are simple, mundane tasks, but I should be doing them to the glory of
God! Each of these tasks is important to someone. My kids need clean clothes and
healthy home-cooked meals. My clients deserve high quality work from me. My
guests would probably prefer that my bathroom is clean J. We shouldn’t reserve
our best “work” for spiritual tasks, we should use the simple, everyday tasks to give
glory to God and to bless those around us.
Each action we take is an opportunity to give thanks to our Father. He created this
world and us for good. How often do we stop and thank him and glorify him for all
he has given us?
As we have discussed in prior devotions, we each have unique gifts. God has
placed us here to fill a role that no one else can fill. Isn’t that reason enough to
glorify the Lord and do all we can to the best of our ability and with joy?
Dear Heavenly Father:
Thank you for calling us into service for Your Kingdom her on Earth. My the gifts,
blessings, talents, knowledge and skills that you have given us be used to help
others, lift your name on high and give glory to You. In Your Holy Name, we pray.
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Devotions for the Creative Soul—March 4, 2014—Worksheet
1) Are there tasks or chores that you can’t stand to do? What are they?
2) What is your attitude toward doing these tasks?
3) How do you think that your attitude toward doing these tasks affects those
around you?
4) What can you do to bring glory to God while doing these tasks?
5) After reading this week’s devotion, what changes will you make?
6) What other verses or quotes come to mind this week?
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Devotions for the Creative Soul—March 4, 2014—Practical Assignment
As you go about your daily life, especially when doing the chores or tasks that you
usually grumble about, pray. Tell God how thankful you are to be doing ____
(cleaning the toilet, cooking a meal, etc.) Give him glory for giving you food to eat,
indoor plumbing and your family. It is hard to grumble when talking to the Heavenly
Father about the blessings He has given you.
Creative Assignment:
Devotions for the Creative Soul—March 4, 2014—Creative Assignment
Using the “happy accident” technique that I blogged about on February 28 th, create
a background for your art journal or project.
Use a “dirty stencil” or using spray inks, spray a few different colors on a stencil and
let dry, then using a palette knife spread modeling paste over the stencil, lift and let
Take another stencil and spray with spray ink – once each, in three different colors
around the background.
Line with black marker and add words, as desired. The black will make the colors
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