The End of the Matter Job 38-42 Main Idea: While the answers we

The End of the Matter
Job 38-42
Main Idea: While the answers we get from the book of Job may not address the questions that are
often foremost in our minds, they offer insight we desperately need.
How much do you value order in your day-to-day life?
If you could ask God any one question and receive a straight answer, what would you ask?
Read Job 38:1-18, 39:5-12, 40:1-19, and 41:1-11. What is the general tenor of God’s response to
Does God explain why the righteous suffer? If so, what is the answer? If not, what does God address
What is God’s purpose in speaking to Job about the vast and untamed features of the world?
Read Job 42. Why is Job commended in the end while his friends are rebuked?
What is one aspect of the current state of the world that is especially difficult for you to live with or
make sense of?
How might considering God’s wisdom alongside His justice affect our thinking about why certain
events are allowed to happen?
How do you understand the idea that God is “in control” if He is not a micromanager?
When have you seen purpose in suffering? When has purpose been elusive?
Think of the blessings you have received as a Christ-follower. Would you serve God if these
blessings disappeared?
How can we cultivate trust in God, both in good times and bad?
How can we offer realistic hope to others during difficult times in their lives?
Acknowledge that hard times lie ahead for each of us. Ask God to strengthen us to endure the
suffering and to be faithful to Him in times of crisis.
Next Week: “Generosity: In God We Trust?”
Luke 12:13-21