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RE: Bill 60
If the proposed Bill 60passes, I could only buymenthol (my veryleast favorite flavour) of
eliquid? As a 40 year old, I should have the right to choose what flavours I want.
This is very much akin to banning all flavoured rum or vodka. Actually, a better analogy
would be banning flavoured COLA, and then making an arbitrary choice about what one
flavour of cola is allowed to be sold in all stores.
I know several folks that have used personal vaporizers to improve their health by kicking
the smoking habit. None of them buy tobaccoflavours, anymore.
Smoking is deadly, vaping is not. Treating ejuice and its consumption like tobacco is a
gross oversimplification, and ultimately completely inaccurate from both a health and
usage standpoint.
The only person I chattedwith about this topic laughed at it and called the proposal "silly".
She was a pack a day menthol addict. She now likes "Rice Krispies" and "Chocolate Peanut
Butter" the most, but very much enjoys a fruit flavour to switchit up a bit. I mention that
example specifically, because I'd like to draw attention to the fact that neither tobacco nor
menthol are in her rotation. A pack a day, of menthol, for 20 years.
Oh wait, I live in Ontario. ... never mind, then. Please, carryonwith your bizarre, silly
and unevenly applied legislature.
All the best to you, but please stay awayfrom my coconut rum, my Cherry Coke, and also
my "Cinnamon Bun" eliquid.
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