Press Release
Bringing out innovations to create landmark world-class shopping destinations to
push Thailand further into becoming the regional shopping hub of ASEAN
Emphasizing its leading business position with a total of 31 shopping centers
covering strategic locations nationwide and a total Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 7
million square meters
Holding up the strengths of being an expert within the industry for 34 years alongside
a quality team and strong partners, and a true understanding of consumers
Bangkok – 12 November 2014: Today, Central Pattana Public Company Limited (CPN)
shakes the retail industry by creating a new phenomenon, elevating the illustriousness of
Thailand's retail industry on the opening of the AEC. CPN announces its vision to power the
country’s economy using CPN’s retail business expertise, innovation, and an understanding of
consumers along with a strong network of partners contributing to developing the country and
bounding growth, with eight outstanding landmark shopping destination projects.
The eight landmark shopping destination projects (with a total value of 53 billion baht), ideal to
become new shopping hubs in the country are: Central WestGate, CentralPlaza Rayong,
CentralFestival East Ville, CentralPlaza Nakhonsrithammarat, CentralPlaza Nakhonratchasima,
Central Phuket shopping centers and the newly transformed CentralPlaza Pinklao and
CentralPlaza Bangna. All projects will create a huge difference and add value to Thailand as it
becomes the most prominent destination in the regional retail arena. The projects combined
strengthen CPN as a retail business leader with the most comprehensive list of shopping
centers covering the key strategic locations in the country, with a total of 31 shopping malls and
a total retail space of 7 million square meters.
Preecha Ekkunagul, President and CEO of CPN, stated: “Over the past 34 years, CPN has
been continuously developing the foundation of retail business to reach global standards and
creating new experiences for the modern lifestyle. We proactively expand shopping centers and
show confidence in our country’s potential by being the first to pioneer locations with the best
potential and develop them to become areas with economic growth. We believe Thailand’s
economy is likely to grow much greater in the future. The government’s mega projects will also
push Thailand towards becoming the center of ASEAN. Entering the AEC will be a great
opportunity that allows immense support for the retail business. CPN’s next step is to usher
Thailand to taking the lead in the regional retail industry by creating landmarks of world class
shopping destinations. CPN aims to take Thailand toward the goal of becoming the ASEAN
regional shopping hub as ‘the hub of the best lifestyle shopping experiences in ASEAN’ and
become a ‘shopping paradise’ for Thai people and tourists from around the world. We aim to
use our expertise in retail business, innovation and understanding of consumers alongside our
strong network of partners to contribute in developing the country. We can achieve a big leap in
growth with our best eight landmark shopping destination projects valued at 53 billion baht,
which will serve as new shopping hubs in the country. These projects will emphasize the
eminence of CPN as a market leader of retail property developer. CPN is going to have most
comprehensive list of shopping mall that covers key strategic locations across the country, with
a total of 31 shopping centers that cover a total retail space of 7 million square meters. I am
confident that every project will create a difference, and add value to Thailand in becoming the
most prominent destination in the regional retail arena. All the projects will create further steady
momentum in the economy by creating growth for country’s GDP and prosperity for
communities, including increased employment and by adding value to the continuing
Each of the eight high potential projects that CPN has announced today has unique features
and is developed to truly meet the market demand in each area. The projects feature the
following highlights:
CentralWestGate is a prototype of the best ‘Super Regional Mall’ in Asia, revolutionizing retail
history with an investment of 14 billion baht on 500,000 sq. m. of GFA and leveraging the Bang
Yai area to become a future CBD and ‘complementary transportation hub’ on the opening of the
CentralPlaza Rayong is the greatest and most innovative shopping center in eastern Thailand
with an investment value of 4 billion baht on 200,000 sq. m. of GFA. Rayong has potential, as it
is the largest industrial hub in the country and an economic powerhouse for the country. The
opening of the AEC will be a positive acceleration factor to create opportunities for foreign and
private sector investment to further push forward tremendous growth in the economy.
CentralFestival East Ville is the first comprehensive outdoor lifestyle mall in Thailand with an
investment of 6 billion baht in 150,000 sq.m. of GFA It will be a shopping center that seamlessly
blends nature with modernism on an ideal location with great potential near the EkamaiRamindra Expressway.
CentralPlaza Nakhonsrithammarat is the most perfect lifestyle-shopping complex in the
province, with investment of 4 billion baht in 120,000 sq. m. of GFA. This strategic location in
southern Thailand is an important economic powerhouse in the country. Nakhon Si Thammarat
has good potential from having the highest population in the southern provinces in Thailand,
and has the potential of becoming the ‘Logistics Hub’ of southern Thailand to accommodate the
‘Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle’.
CentralPlaza Nakhonratchasima is the first lifestyle-shopping complex in northeastern
Thailand, with an investment of 9.3 billion baht in 250,000 sq. m. of GFA It will become a new
landmark for the Northeast due to its potential. Nakhon Ratchasima has the second highest
population in Thailand and the highest GPP in the northeastern region of the country.
Central Phuket is likened to the creation of Central Group’s great empire, which seamlessly
combines three projects with three different concepts. With investment of 12.7 billion baht in
300,000 sq. m. of GFA it will become a center of world class luxury brands and the newest,
largest and best landmark on Phuket, and will attract Thai and foreign tourists to take in the
superior shopping experience.
Discover the transformation of CentralPlaza Pinklao with an investment value of 2.3 billion
baht and CentralPlaza Bangna, investment value of 800 million baht. These two shopping
centers will be developed with stylish new additions that meet all types of modern lifestyles and
will accommodate local economic growth, including expansion in residential projects and the
large numbers of people who may flow into the area due to the government’s new development
of BTS lines. The eight projects are due to open between 2015 and 2017.
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