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The theme of this year conference is “The Riches of His Grace (Ephesians 1:7).” Grace is
God’s commitment to man and God is expecting the same commitment immediately we give our
lives to Christ. According to Ephesians 1:7 which is our text, our redemption is through His grace
and that involve three (3) things:
Paying the ransom of our life with the blood of Christ. I Cor.6:20, Rev.5:9
Release from the curse of the law. Gal.3:13, 4:5
And deliverance from the bondage of sin into the freedom of His grace. I Pet.1:18
His riches are clearly shown in the Scripture that believers never labour or work for anything
pertaining to salvation, sanctification, redemption and godliness. It is imputed on us by what
Christ did on the cross on our behalf.
The Scripture only commands us to walk according to our calling. Titus says “For the grace of
God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men teaching us that, denying ungodliness and
worldly lust, we should live soberly, righteously and godly in this present age.” In this kind of
conference, as someone who has received the grace of God, who lives to reveal Christ by
shunning all appearances of evil will comply with all the instructions given to him. At end of the
conference, we will all have reasons to give praise and thanks to God and will be among those
that will spread the grace of God.
Happy conference!
Your Brother-in-Christ and His Servant
1. “For the Lord thy God walketh in the midst of thy camp, to deliver thee and to give up thine
enemies before thee; therefore shall thy camp be holy; that He sees no unclean thing in thee and
turn away from thee”. Deut 23:14.
2. Genesis 3:21, “… the LORD God make coats of skins and clothed them”. So, let not your nakedness
be revealed, especially the Sisters.
3. “Redeeming the time …”. Your time count most. Please, don’t waste it. Do the right thing, at the
right time, in a right place, with the right mind and among the right set of people. Eph.5:15-16,
4. As obedient children, obey whatever the Holy Spirit says to you through the Camp Instructor(s)
and the word of God. Rom 8:14.
5. Be free, but don’t disturb others with your freedom; consider others. Rom.14:1-4:13, I Cor.8:9
6. Pray without ceasing, pray anywhere and at any time for God is near. But don’t disturb the peace
of others with your prayers. Luke 18:14
7. Read your Bible daily, meditate on it, and let it not depart from your mouth. Deut.8:3, Joshua 1:78, Psalm 1:1-3, 119:97-100
8. Interact with others, but don’t be loose in your interaction.
9. Bear ye one another’s burden. Therefore, help those that need help by your side as you move
around in the conference ground. Gal.6:1-2, Rom.14:1-2.
10. Thou shall not steal. So, be careful, taking another man’s property without his/her consent in
his/her presence or absence is stealing. Exodus 20:15
11. Walk in faith always, “For without faith it is impossible to please God”. II Cor.5:7, Heb.11:6, I
12. Don’t gossip, backbite, or be a talebearer during the conference
13. Explain your medical problem(s) and condition(s) to the medical personnel at the conference
14. Don’t leave the conference vicinity when a program is going on without the knowledge of your
Pastor or Camp Coordinator (s)
15. You are not allowed to go to the river without the official permission of your Pastor or Camp
Coordinator (s)
16. Make proper use of the toilet and other facilities provided for you. Please, don’t urinate or defecate
around. Don’t destroy any of these facilities.
17. Parents, take good care of your children.
18. Lodge your complaints at the information desk or to your Pastor or Camp Coordinator(s)
19. Don’t litter the camp ground with dirts and filths. Drop all your dirts inside the waste basket that
is near you.
20. Finally Brethren, be thou (living) example of the believer; in word, conversation (behaviour),
charity (love), spirit, faith (faithfulness), purity (holiness) and in everything good. I Tim.4:12,
A. E ba yin wa Oluwa, Alleluya!
Eni ba more Jesu k’o ba wa gbega
E ba yin wa Oluwa, Alleluya!
Eni ba more Jesu K’oba wa gbega
Eni ba more Re K’o ba wa gbega
E ba yin wa Oluwa, Alleluya!
Eni ba more Jesu K’o ba wa gbega
1. Eni t’o forun sile t’o wa s’aye
Lati ku fun ese araye gbogbo
E korin Alleluya s’Oba mimo
Eni ba more Jesu k’o ba wa gbega
2. Eni t’o npa wa mo o, lojoojumo
Eni t’o nyo wa ninu ewu gbogbo
Eni t’O npa Israeli mo k’itogbe
Eni ba more Jesu k’o ba wa gbega
3. Eni t’O npese fun aini wa l’aye
Eni t’o nsore fun wa I’ojo gbobo
Ore t’o nse fun wa ko I’onka rara
Eni ba more Jesu k’o ba wa gbega.
(Tune: There shall be showers of blessing)
1. We will soon shout Halleluyah
Because God will do new things
Sinners will soon be forgiven
Prodigals will come home soon
Chorus: Shout Halleluyah
Because God will do new things
Rivers in desert now flowing
Halleluyah to our king.
A o ke Haalleluyah
Jesu yio s’ohun titun
Elese yo gba idariji
Oninakuna yio wale
Egbe: Ke Halleluyah!
Jesu yio s’ohun titun
Odo yio san ni asale
Halleluyah si’Oba wa.
2. We will soon shout Halleluyah
Because God will do new things
Sickness and sorrow will be gone
Bondage will be forgotten
A o ke Halleluyah
Jesu yio s’ohun titun
Are, ibanije yio tan
Ide yio d’ohun igbagbe.
3. We will soon shout Halleluyah
Because God will do new things
The barren will be fruitful soon
Failure will be forgotten
A o ke Halleluyah
Jesu yio s’ohun titun
Awon agan yio so eso
Jakule a d’igbagbe.
4. We will soon shout Halleluyah
Because God will do new things
(Ohun orin: Ojo ibukun yio si
A o ke Halleluyah
Jesu yio s’ohun titun
Poverty will be forgotten
Stagnancy will soon be gone.
Ise yio d’ohun igbagbe
Aitesesiwaju yio dopin
5. We will soon shout Halleluyah
Because God will do new things
To all miracles are given
There shall be celebration
A o ke Halleluyah
Jesu yio s’ohun titun
Gbogbo wa yio gba iyanu
Ajoyo yi o si wa.
6. We will soon shout Halleluyah
Because God will do new things
Many will have testimonies
Of prayers answered fully
A o ke Halleluyah
Jesu yio s’ohun titun
Opolopo yio ni eri
Idahun si adura.
7. We will soon shout Halleluyah
Because God will do new things
One of us will chase a thousand
Two will conquer ten thousands
A o ke Halleluyah
Jesu Yio s’ohun titun
Okan yio le egberun kan
Meji yio le egberun mewa.
8. We will soon shout Halleluyah
Because God will do new things
Songs of praises we will sing
Halleluyah to our king.
Chorus: Shout Halleluyahw
A o ke Halleluyah
Jesu yio s’ohun titun
Orin iyin la o maa ko
Halleluyah s’Oba wa.
Egbe: Ke Halleluyah.
1. Wonderful story of love
Tell it to me again
Wonderful story of love
Wake the immortal strain
Angels with rapture announce it
Shepherd with wonder receive it,
Sinner, O won’t you believe it?
Wonderful story of love, wonderful
Itan iyanu t’ife!
so fun mi l’Itan iyanu ti fe
E gbe orin nag a!
awon angeli nroyin re,
awon oluso si gbagbo;
Elese, iwo ki yo gbo
Itan iyanu t’ife
Iyanu! iyanu! Iyanu!
Itan iyanu t’ife
Itan iyanu t’ife
B’iwo tile sako;
Itan iyanu t’ife
Chorus: Wonderful
(Wonderful story of love)
(Wonderful story of love)
Wonderful story of love.
2. Wonderful story of love
Thou ‘you are far away
Wonderful story of love
Still He doth call today
Calling from Calvary’s mountain
sibe o npe loni;
Lat’ori oke kalfari,
Lati orison didun ni
Lati isedale aye,
Itan iyanu t’ife
Itan iyanu t’ife
Down from the crystal bright fountain
E’en from the dawn of creation
Wonderful story of love
3. Wonderful story of love
Jesus provides a rest wonderful story of love
For all the pure and bless
Rest in those mansions above us
With those who’ve gone on before us
Singing the rapturous chorus
Wonderful story of love. Amen
1. Are you weary, are you heavy hearted?
Tell it to Jesus, tell it to Jesus;
Are you grieving over joys departed?
Tell it to Jesus alone.
Chorus: Tell it to Jesus, tell it to Jesus,
He is a friend that’s well known;
You have no other such a friend or brother,
Tell it to Jesus alone.
Jesu ni isimi
Itan Iyanu t’ife
Fun awon oloto
To sun ni ile nla orun
Pel awon to saju wa lo
Won nko orin ayo orun
Itan iyan t’ife. amin
Are mu o, okan re poruru
So Fun Jesu, so fun Jesu
Ibanuje dipo ayo fun o?
So fun Jesu nikan
So fun Jesu, so fun Jesu,
On l’ore ti o mo;
Ko si ore tabi’yekan be Re
So fun Jesu, nikan.
2. Do the tears flow down your cheeks unbidden?
Tell it to Jesus, tell it to Jesus
Have you sins that to men’s eyes are hidden?
Tell it to Jesus alone
3. Do you fear the gathering clouds of sorrow?
Tell it to Jesus, tell it to Jesus
Are you anxious what shall be tomorrow?
Tell it to Jesus alone.
Iwo nfoya ‘banuje ti mbe bi?
So fun Jesu, so fun Jesu;
Iwo ns’aniyan ojo ola bi?
So fun Jesu , nikan.
4. Are you troubled at the thought of dying?
Tell it to Jesus, tell it to Jesus
For Christ’s coming kingdom are you sighing
Tell it to Jesus alone
Ironu iku nda o lamu bi?
So fun Jesu, so fun Jesu,
O nsaferi ijoba Jesu bi?
So fun Jesu, nikan. Amin.
1. Once more, my soul, thy savior thro’ the Word
Is offer’d full and free.
And now, O Lord, I must I must decide:
Shall I accept of Thee?
I will! I will!
I will! God helping me,
I will! O Lord, be Thine!
Thy precious blood was shed to purchase me
I will be wholly Thine!
2. By grace I will Thy mercy now receive,
Okan mi, a tun fi Jesu lo o
L’ekan si n’nu oro Re,
Nisisiyi, Oluwa, un o pinnu
Nki o ha gba Tire?
Mo fe, mo fe
B’Olorun se ‘ranwo
Emi fe je Tire
Eje Re ‘yebiye lo fi ra mi,
Emi yo je Tire.
2. Nipa or’ofe l’emi’oor’anu gba,
Asun-dekun omije lo nsun bi?
So fun Jesu, so fun Jesu
Iwo l‘ese ti enikan ko mo bi?
So fun Jesu, nikan.
Thy love my heart hath won;
On Thee, O Christ, I will, I will believe,
And trust in Thee alone!
Mo jere ife Re,
Kristi iwo li emi o gbagbo,
Un o si gbekele O.
3. Thou knowest, Lord, how very weak I am
And how I fear to stray;
For strength to serve I look to Thee alone
The strength Thou must supply!
Oluwa, iwo mo ailera mi
Bi nko ti fe sako.
Wo nikan lo le fun mi l’gbara
Lati josin fun o.
4. And now, O Lord, give all with us today
The grace to join our song
And from the heart to gladly with us day;
“I will to Christ belong!”
Oluwa f’o’ofe wa loni
Ka le jumo korin;
Ki gbogbo wa so tokantokan pe,
Emi yo je ti Kristi’
5. To all who came, when Thou was here below 5.
And said, “O Lord, wilt Thou?”
To them, “I will!” was ever Thy reply
We rest upon it now.
Awon to t’o O wa nigba aye Re
Lati toro ‘bukun,
‘Mo fe ni idahun ti won ri gba;
On na la gbokan le. amin
1. As I journey thro’ the land singing as I go,
Pointing souls to Calvary to the crimson flow,
Many arrows pierce my soul from without, within;
But my Lord leads me on, through Him I must win.
. N’nu irin ajo mi beni mo nkorin
Mo ntoka si Kalfari s’ibi eje na
Idanwo lode ninu l’ota gbe dide
Jesu l’O nto mi lo isegun daju
A! mo nfe ri Jesu, Ki ma w’oju Re
Ki nma ma korin titi, nipa ore Re
Ni ilu ogo ni ki gbohun soke
Pe mo bo ija tan, mo de ile mi
There to sing forever of His saving grace
On the streets of glory let me lift my voice;
Care all past, home at last, ever to rejoice
2. When in service for my Lord, dark may be the light,
But I’ll cling more close to him, He will give me light
Ninu ise isin mi, b’okunkun ba su
Un o tubo sunmo Jesu y’O tan
Satan’s snares may vex my soul, turn my thought aside;
But the Lord goes ahead, leads what’er betide.
3. When in valleys low I look towards the mountain height,
And behold my Saviour there, leading in the light,
With a tender hand outstretched towards the valley low,
Esu le gb’ogun ti mi ki le sa pada
Jesu l’o nto mi lo ko s’ewu fun mi.
Guiding me, I can see, as I onward go.
4. When before me billows rise from the mighty deep,
Then my lord directs my Braque, He doth safely keep,
And He leads me gently on though this world below,
He’s a real friend to me, oh, I love Him so.
Bi mo tile bo sinu afonifoj
Imole itoni Re y’o mole si mi
Y’o na owo Re si mi, y’O gbe mi
Un o tesiwaju b’O ti nto mi lo.
Nigbati igbi aye yi ba nyi lu mi
Mo ni abo t’o daju labe apa Re
Y’o ma f’owo Re to mi titi de opin
Ore ododo ni, A! mo ti f’e to amin.
1. It pays to serve Jesus, I speak from by heart,
He’ ll always be with us
If we do our part
There’s nought in this wide world,
Can pleasure afford
There’s peace and contentment,
In serving the Lord.
I love Him far better than in days of yore
I will serve Him more truly than ever before
I will do as He bid me
Whatever the cost
I will be a true soldier;
I will die at my post
Jesu dun lati sin, eri mi leyi
Oun yo ran wa lowo, bi a
n gbo tire
Asan laye yi je, imule mofo
Awon to n sin Jesu lo
Ng o fi tara tokan mi fe Oluwa
Ng o fi gbogbo akoko mi
sise fun-un
Ngo jise t’O ran mi, bo ti
wu ko ri
Ngo femi m lele, bi omo-ogun Re
2. And oft when am tempted to
turn from the track
I think of my Saviour, my
mind wonders back
To the place where they
nailed him, on Calvary tree
I heard a voice saying
“I suffered for thee”
Gba ba dan mi wo, ki n
ba le pada
Mo gboju mi soke, mo
ranti ojo
Ojo to kun fun mi,
Mo gbohun Re wipe, “Mo jiya fun
3. A place I remember, where I was set free
It was (T’was) where I found
Pardon, a heaven to me
There Jesus spoke sweetly,
to my weary soul
My sins were forgiven, He made my heart whole
Iku Re lo so mi deni ‘rapada
Eje Re lo fun mi, i idariji
Ife Re lo wa mi ri, gba
mo sako lo
O gbe mi lapa Re, O mu
mi wale
4. How rich is the blessing, the
World cannot give
I’m satisfied fully, for Jesus to live
The friends may forsake me, and trials arise
I am trusting in Jesus, His love never fails
Ibukun to fun mi iru re ko si
Oun (on) nikan to fun mi,
ng o faye mi fun
Bara tabi ore ba ko mi sile
Nb o fara mo Jesu, ife Re ki sa
5. There is no one like Jesus,
that can cheer me today
His love and His kindness can never fade away
In winter, in summer; in sunshine and rain
His love and affection are always the same.
Ko s’elomiran laye, ti I mu
‘nu mi dun
Ife Jesu simi, iru re sowon
Aanu at’ore Re to fun mi titi
Iyanu Re si mi, ki I dekun rara
6. Will you have this blessing that Jesus bestows?
A free full salvation, from sins to better throes
O come to the Saviour, to Calvary tree
The fountain is opened, is flowing for thee.
Wo ha n fe bukun yi, ti
Jesu n fun ni
‘Bukun idasile n’nu ide ese
Yara to Jesu wa ti a sa logbe
Yo fisun eje Re, se awotan re.
TEXT: Ephesians 1:7; 2:7
Daniel, the Prophet of God has for long time prophesied that at the end of time “knowledge shall
be increased”. This prophecy is being fulfilled in all areas of life today. However, the most
disappointing thing is that, the knowledge of the truth is at the bottom of this new body of
knowledge. The Christian world today is occupied with different kinds of theological knowledge
instead of the real knowledge of God’s word. As a result of this (increase in theological
knowledge), many terrible things had happened to the word, grace, life under the grace, the
teaching of grace and the application of grace. So, we have come together to discuss grace and to
correct the abuse of it, which is rampant in Christendom today.
(a) What is Grace? “God’s riches at Christ’s expense”
1. From God’s viewpoint
Those things which God does for humanity through His son, which we cannot earn, do
not deserve and will never merit. It is God’s unmerited favour in spite of what is often the
rebellious response of humanity.
Grace perfects forever, the saved one in the sight of God because of the saved one’s
position “in Christ”.
2. From man’s view point
Totally undeserved favour. (Eph. 2:4-5). Grace thus rules out all human merit. It
requires only faith in the Saviour.
(b) Salvation is by Grace. Rom 3:24; 5:15, Titus 2:11;3:7, II Thess. 2:16.
We need to understand that when God gave His Son Jesus as a sacrifice, the bill for our
sin was paid. For us to try to pay for God’s gift is insulting to Him. Genuine trust is to
believe that God has already taken care of the payment. We don’t need to pay for what has
already been purchased with Jesus’ death on the cross. Grace rules out all human merit.
(c) Grace: It came by Christ. John 1:17, Rom.5:15, ICor.1:4, II Tim.1:9
The grace of God was supremely revealed and given in the person and work of Jesus Christ.
Jesus was not only the beneficiary of God’s grace (Luke 2:40), but He was also its very
embodiment (John 1:14), bring it to mankind for salvation.
(d) Grace: It reigns over sin Roman 5:20-21
The law with its many statutes entered to condemn the sinner and to make man know in
detail what sin was. It was added until the seed should come (Gal. 2:19-25). Those who
accepted Christ received free pardon of all offences and grace abounds and reigns in their
lives (I John 1:9, Revelation 1:5). If one’s sin was too great and heinous for grace to
pardon, then grace would cease to reign in righteousness and sin would be more powerful
than Jesus Christ and His power.
(e) The Effect of Grace. IICor.1:12, Titus 2:11-12
The testimony of our conscience. Acts.24:16. ITim.1:19, IPet.3:19
The simplicity and godly sincerity. IICor.11:3
The conversation in the world
More abundantly to you wards (the saints) all made possible by the effect of Grace
Denying of ungodliness and
Worldly lusts.
But to:
Live soberly,
And godly,
In this present world.
(f) The danger of abuse of the grace Romans 6:1-2,14:15, Jude verse 4
(g) Grace: Departing from it. Gal.5:4
• Trusting in work for justification
• Failing to be established in grace
• Waiting to be guarded by litigation
(h) Grace: Exhortation concern it
Not to receive the grace in vain. IICor.6:1
Beware lest you fail of the grace. Heb.12:15,28
Should grow in grace. II Peter 3:18
Should be strong in grace. IITim.2:1
Should be established in the grace. Heb.13:9
CONCLUSION: As a principle, grace is set in contrast with law (Rom.11:6). Under the law, God
demands righteousness from men; but under grace, He gives righteousness to men (Rom.3:1224; 8:3-4, Gal.1:17, Phil.3:9). Law is connected with Moses and works; grace with Christ and
faith (John 1:17, Rom.4:3-5, Eph.2:8). Under law, blessings accompany obedience (Deut.28:1-6),
grace bestows blessings as a free gift. (Rom.4:3-5, Eph.2:8).
Eph.1:7; 2:7
INTRODUCTION: There has not been any generation in the history of mankind that has dug
or mined the riches of grace either by doctrine or application to the fullest. Those who tried it in
theology failed in practice thereby could not enjoy the blessing therein. In the bible study II and
III, we will do the digging, mining and brushing of the riches of the Grace.
(a)The Redemption: The law of kinsman. Lev.25:47-50
1. The meaning: “to deliver by paying a price”
Redemption is set forth in three principal Greek words;
• Agarazo: “to buy in the market”
Man is viewed as a slave “sold under sin” (Rom.7:14) and under sentence of
death (John 3:18-19, Rom.6:23), but subject to redemption by the price of the
blood. ICor.6:20;7:23, II Peter 2:1, Rev.5:9
• Exagorazo: “To buy out of the market”
To purchase and remove from further sale. Gal.3:13, 4:5, Eph.5:16, Col.4:5
• Lutroo: “to loose or set free”.
To loyally obey the one that redeems.Luke 24:21, Titus 2:14, I Peter 1:18
2. Is by Christ and his blood. Gal.1:4; 3:4, Eph.1:2, Titus 2:14, I Peter 1:18
3. Is from:
The bondage of the law. Gal.4:5
The curse of the law. Gal.3:13
The power of sin. Romans 6:18,22
Iniquity and lawlessness. Titus 2:14
The present evil age. Gal.1:4
Adoption – The right of sonship – placing as a son
• The right
• Adoption
• Sonship
1. The right. Greek Exousia- power, authority
• Freedom to act
• Authority for the action
• Entitlement
• Ownership
2. Adoption – placing as a son
• To take a child into one’s family legally
The act of God by which He restores the believing believers to their
privileges as members of the divine family and makes them heirs of
• Adoption is a word of position rather than relationship. The believers
relation to God as a child results from the new birth (John 1:12-13)
whereas adoption is the divine act whereby one who is already a child is
placed in the position of an adult son. Gal.4:1-5
3. Sonship Gal.4:7.6
“Wherefore thou art no more a servant, but a son; and if a son, then an heir of
God through Christ and because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of
his son into your hearts, crying, Abba fathers”
(c) Forgiveness of our sins. Acts.13:38, Eph.1:7
• The meaning the Greek word “Aphiemi” translated forgive, forgave and
forgiveness means “to send forth”, “semd away” “to remit” Mathew 26:28,
• To a believer
The great foundational truth about the believer in relationship to his sins is the fact
that his salvation comprehend the forgiveness of ALL his trespasses; past, present,
and future so far as condemnation is concerned (Romans 8:1, Col.2:13, John 3:18;5:4).
• Because of Christ sacrifice
Since Christ has vicariously borne ALL sins, the believer’s stand in Christ is complete.
He is perfected forever in Christ. When a believer sins, he is subject to chastisement
from the Father but never to condemnation with the world. ICor.11:31-32.
TEXT: Eph.1: 2:7
Paul, an apostle, the preacher and advocate of grace, exhorted Timothy his son to “be strong in
the grace that is in Christ Jesus”. To be strong in the grace means to have ability to comprehend
grace and to apply it without abusing it, irrespective of all weaknesses and temptations. In this
bible study III we want to continue to dig the riches of His Grace.
(a)Access to God. Greek Prosagoge
Means “bringing into the presence of”
It is used three times
Romans 5:2 – of the access which we have by faith through our Lord Jesus Christ,
• What was unthinkable to the Old Testament Jew (Exo.10:9, 20, 21, 28:35) is
now available to all who come through Christ. The whole Christian life is the
result of God’s grace in which we stand.
Eph. 2:18- of our access in one spirit, through Christ. UNTO THE FATHER
• No sinner has any right or worthiness in himself for access to God, but
believers have been granted that right through faith in Christ’s sacrificial
death. (Eph.3:12). The resources of the Godhead belong to believers the
moment they receive Christ, and the Holy Spirit presents them before the
heavenly throne of God the Father, where they are welcome to come with
boldness at any time. Heb.4:19, Gal.4:6-7, Rom.8:15-17.
Eph. 3:12- of the same access, the saints said to be “IN CHRIST”. Hebrews 4:1516.
• Every person who comes to Christ in faith can come before God at any time,
not in self-confidence but in Christ-confidence. Most ancient rulers were
unapproachable by anyone except their highest advisers (Esther 4:11). In
contrast, the Holy Spirit calls all to come confidently before God’s throne to
receive mercy and grace through Jesus Christ.
(b) Justification- to declare righteous
The meaning: Justification is a divine act whereby an infinite Holy God judicially
declared a believing sinner to be righteous and acceptable before Him because Christ
had borne the sinner’s sin on the cross and has become “to us … righteousness I
Cor.1:30, Romans 3:24”.
The means:
By the blood of Christ. Romans 5:9
By imputation of Christ’s righteousness. Romans 3:22
By the resurrection of Christ. Romans 4:25, ICor.15:17
It is of the grace. Romans 3:24;4:16;5:17-27
The requirement:
The acceptance of Christ by faith. Romans 5:16
The blessedness. Psalm 32:1, 2, Romans 4:6-8
Free from condemnation. Romans 8:33,34
Entitle to an inheritance. Titus 3:7
Ensures glorification. Romans 8:30
That God justifies the believing sinner on the ground of Christ’s death, involves His free
gift of life.
(C) The Sealing of the Holy Spirit
Its an operation of God which demonstrates that the believer belongs to Him
The Holy Spirit is Himself the seal (Eph.1:13)
The earnest of the believer’s inheritance (Eph.1:14)
This seal symbolizes
A finished transaction. Jeremiah 32:9-10
Ownership. Jeremiah 32:11-12, II Tim.2:19
Security (Eph.4:30, Esther 8:8, Daniel 6:16-17).
CONCLUSION: The time would fail me to tell of, peace, hope of glory, accepted in the beloved,
obtained inheritance, faith, seated in the heavens, salvation, election, consolation and the call of
God which all pertains to (depend on) GRACE.
“Do not follow where the path way lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a
“Great people are just ordinary people with an extraordinary amount of determination”.
“No man is ever great in taking, but men became great by giving and giving”.
“If you want to harvest in 3 months plant a corn. If you want to harvest in 1 year plant a
cassava. If you want to harvest 25 years plant a tree. If you want to harvest in life time and
after plant men”.
“Prayer is not nor a way to get what we want, but a way to become what God wants”.
“Great things are little things done with a desire to please God”.
“Freedom does not give us the right to do as we please, but the liberty to do as we ought”.
“I am the vine; you are the branches if a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear
much fruit, apart from me you can do nothing”. John 15:5 NIV.
“Now to him who is able to keep you from falling, and to make you stand without blemish
in the presence of His glory with rejoicing to the only God our Saviour, through Jesus
Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, power and authority, before all time and now and
forever”. Jude 1:24-25.
“The spirit controlled tongue has no acid, the spirit controlled heart has no bitterness, the
spirit controlled WILL lusteth not to envy; the spirit controlled affection knows no
“To God, prayer is what the incense was to the Jewish temple, impregnates everything,
performs everything and direct everything”.
“Men are bettered by prayer and the world is bettered by praying. God does his best work
for the world through prayer”.
“Above all, to your own self be true”.
“Stephen the great said that I shall pass through this world but once. Therefore, any good
that I can do, any kind act that I can perform for any fellow creature, let me do it now, let
me not delay or omit it, for I shall not pass this way again”.
Efusi 1:7; 2:7
Danieli, Wolii Olorun ti o sotele nigba ti o pe seyin wipe nigba ikeyin “imo yio di pupo”. Asotele
yi wa si imuse ni gbogbo ona loni. Bakanna, ohun ti o dunni/janikule ju ni wipe, imo otito ni o
wa ni isele ninu ara imo yi. Aye Kristeni loni kun fun orisisrisi imo eko bibeli dipo otito imo Oro
Olorun. Ni abayori eyi (imo eko bibeli ti o n po si), opolopo ohun eru ni o ti sele si oro, oore-ofe,
aye labe ore-ofe, eko nipa ore-ofe ati amulo oore-ofe. Nitorina, a pejo lati soro lori ore-ofe, ki a
si se awon atunse lori amulo re eyi ti o wopo ninu Kristieni loni.
1. Bi Olorun se ri.
OORE-OFE: Awon ohun ti Olorun se fun iran eniyan nipase omo Re, eyi ti a ko le sise
fun, ti ko to si wa, ti ko si le to si wa. O je oju rere Olorun ti a ko to si pelu gbogbo iwa isote
iran eniyan.
Oore-ofe n so di pipe titi lai, awon ti a ti gbala niwaju Olorun nitori ipo awon ti a ti gbala
“ninu Kristi”
Oore-ofe n fi gbogbo awon amuye Kristi fun ati iduro Kristi titi lai.
2. Bi eniyan se rii: Oju rere ti a ko to si rara. Efesu 2:4-5. Oore-ofe maa n fagile gbogbo
amuye eniyan. O pe fun igbagbo ninu Olugbala.
Igbala je nipa Oore-ofe. Romu 3:24; 5:15, Titu 2:11; 3:7, Tessalonika
Keji 2:16
O gbodo ye wa pe nigba ti Olorun fun wa ni Jesu omo Re gege bi irubo, a san gbese fun ese
wa. Fun wa lati gbiyanju lati san ebun Olorun je arifin si Olorun. Igbekele patapata ni lati
gbagbo wipe Olorun ti san gbese naa. O ko ni lo lati sanwo ohun ti a ti ra pelu iku Jesu lori
agbelebu. Oore-ofe fagile gbogbo amuye eniyan.
(d) Oore-ofe, o wa lati odo Kristi. Johanu 1:17, Romu 5:15 Korinti Kinni 1:4
Timoteu Keji 1:9.
Oore-ofe Olorun ti o gaju ni afihan ti a si fi fun wa ninu Jesu Kristi gege bi enikan ati ise
re. Ki ise Jesu nikan ni o je igbadun Oore-ofe Olorun (Luku 2:40), sugbon Oun gangan ni
oore –ofe naa. (Johanu 1:14), a mu wa fun iran eniyan fun igbala.
(e) Oore-ofe, o joba lori ese. Romu 5:20-21.
Ofin pelu gbogbo opolopo amuye re wole lati da elese lebi ati lati je ki eniyan mo ni kikun
ohun ti ese je. A fi kun titi di igba ti iru yio fi de (Galatia 2:19-25). Awon ti o gba Kristi gba
idalare ofe kuro ninu gbogbo ese won oore-ofe si duro, o si tun joba ninu aye won.
(Johanu Kinni 1:9, Ifihan 1:5). Bi ese enikan ba poo tabi je buburu julo fun oore-ofe lati
dariji, nigbana Oore-ofe yio ko lati joba ninu ododo, ese yio si wa ni agbara ju Jesu Kristi
ati agbara Re lo.
(e) Abayori Oore-ofe. Korinti Keji 1:12, Titu 2:11-12.
Eri ati eri okan wa. Ise Awon Aposteli 24:16, Timoteu Kinni 1:19, Peteru Kinni 3:19
Irele ati isotito bi ti Olorun. Korinti Keji 11:3.
Isoro ati ihuwasi ninu aye
Ni opolopo si yin (awon eniyan mimo) gbogbo di sise nipa abajade ore-ofe
Sise aiwa bi Olorun ati
Ifekufe aye.
Sugbon lati:
7. Gbe aye irele
8. Aye ododo
9. Ati aye to wu Olorun
10. Ninu aye isinsiyi.
(f) Awon Ewu to wa Ninu Asilo Oore-Ofe (Romu 6:1-2, 14:15, Juda ese 4.)
(g) Oore-Ofe
Yiya kuro ninu re. Galatia 5:4
Tumo si:
• Igbekale ninu ise fun idalare
• Ikuna lati fidimule ninu oore-ofe
• Diduro de idari nipa igbekale ofin.
(gb) Oore-ofe: igbaniniyanju nipa re.
Ki a mase gba oore-ofe lasan. Korinti Keji 6:1
Maa sora ki o ma ba kuna Oore-ofe. Heberu 12:15-28
Ki a maa dagba ninu oore-ofe. Peteru Keji 3:18
Ki a di alagbara ninu oore-ofe. Timoteu Keji 2:1
Ki a ni ifidimule ninu Oore-ofe. Heberu 13:9.
IPARI: Gege bi igbekale, Oore-ofe se lodi si ofin (Romu 11:6). Labe ofin, Olorun beere fun
ododo lo wo eniyan, sugbon labe oore-ofe,O fi ododo fun eniyan (Romu 3:21-24;8:3-4, Galatia
2:16, Filipi 3:9). Ofin so mo Mose ati ise, oore-ofe pelu Kristi ati igbagbo (Johanu 1:17, Romu
4:3-5, Efesu 2:8). Labe ofin, ibukun maa n tele igboran (Deutoronomi 28:1-6). Oofe-ofe fun wa
ni ibukun gege bi ebun ofe. (Romu 4:3-5; Efesu 2:8).
EFESU 1:7; 2:7
ORO AKOSO: Ko tii si iran ninu itan iran eniyan ti o ti gbe n oro oore-ofe yala npa eko tabi
nipa imulo/ ise ni ekunrere. Awon to gbiyanju re ninu eko imo bibeli kuna ninu ise nitorina won
ko le gbadun ibukun to wa ninu re. Ninu eko bibeli ikeji ati iketa, a o gben, a o wu u sita, a o si
tun fo oro oore-ofe naa.
(a) IRAPADA: Ofin Arakunrin (Lefitiku 25:47-50)
1. Itumo: “Lati gba sile nipa sisan iye kan”
Irapada je jade lati inu oro Giriki pataki meta;
Agarazo: “lati ra loja”: A ri eniyan gege bi eru “ti a ta si abe ese” (Romu 7:14)
ati labe idajo iku (Johanu 3:18-19, Romu 6:23), sugbon o wa ni abe irapada nipa
idiyele eje. Korinti Kinni 6:20,7:23, Peteru Keji 2:1, Ifihan 5:9.
Esagoraso “lati ra jade kuro ninu oja”: Lati ra ki a si mu kuro, ki a ma ba
tun ta. Galatia 3:13; 4:5, Efesu 5:16, Kolose 4:5.
Lutiroo: “lati tu sile tabi so di ominira”: Lati fi tokantokan teriba fun
eniti o ra eniyan pada. Luku 24:21, Titu 2:14; Peteru kinni 1:18.
2. Nipase Kristi ati eje re ni. Galatia 1:4;3:4; Efesu 1:2, Titu 2:14; Peteru kinni 1:18.
3. O wa lati inu:
• Ide ofin. Galatia 4:5
• Egun ofin. Galatia 3:13
• Agbara ese. Romu 6:18, 22
• Aisedede ati aini ofin. Titu 2:14
• Aye buburu ti isinsiyi. Galatia 1:4.
(b) ISODOMO: Eto lati di omo- fifi si ipo omo:
• Eto naa
• Isodomo
• Jije omo
1. Eto naa- Giriki Esoisia – Agbara, Ase
Ominira si ise
Ase fun ise naa
Eto lati ni nkan
Jije oninkan
2. Isodomo-fifi si ipo omo
Ki a mu omo kan wo inu ebi kan ni ona eto
Ise Olorun nipa eyi ti o fi maa n da awon onigbagbo ti o gbagbo pada sinu
anfaani won gege bi okan ninu ebi latorun wa, ki o si so won di ajogun orun.
Isodomo je oro ipo ki ise ibasepo. Ibasepo onigbagbo pelu Olorun gege bi omo
je abayori ibi titun. (Johanu 1:12-13). Nigbati isodomo je ise atoke wa ti eniti o
ti di omo wa si ipo isodi-omo. Galatia 4:1-5
3. Jije Omo. Galatia 4:7, 6: “Nitorinaa iwo ki ise eru mo, bikose omo; ati bi iwo ba
ise omo, nje iwo di arole Olorun nipase Kristi ati nitori eyin nse omo, Olorun si ti
ran Emi Omo Re wa sinu okan nyin, ti nke pe Abba, Baba’’.
(d) Idariji awon ese wa. Ise Awon Aposteli 13:38; Efesu 1:7.
Itumo ni ede Giriki “Afiemi” ti a tumo re si idariji, o ti darji ati idariji tumo si “Lati ran
lo”ran kuro””lati dari ji”. Matteu 26:28, Heberu 10:8
Si onigbagbo: Otito naa to je ipile nipa onigbagbo ni ibasepo pelu ese re je otito ti
igbala bori. Idariji gbogbo awon aisedodo re; ti ateyin wa, isinsiyi ati ojo iwaju bi o ti ni
se pelu idalebi. (Romu 8:1; Kolose 2:13, Johnanu 3:18; 5:4).
Nitori irubo Kristi.
Niwon igba ti Kristi ti ru ese wa, Onigbagbo ti o duro ninu Kristi je pipe. O je pipe titi lai ninu
Kristi. Nigbati onigbagbo ba dese, o wa ni abe ijiya lowo Baba sugbon ki se si idalebi pelu aye.
Korinti Kinni 11:31-32.
Poolu aposteli, oniwasu ati alagbawi oore-ofe, gba Timoteu omo re niyanju wipe ki o “je alagbara
ninu oore-ofe ti o wa ninu Kristi Jesu”. Lati je alagbara ninu oore-ofe tumo si lati ni ipa lati ni
oye oore-ofe ati lati mu lo lai se asilo re, laiwo gbogbo ailera ati idanwo. Ninu eko bibeli keta yi, a
fe tesiwaju lati gben oro oore-ofe Re.
(a) Anifani si Olorun. Giriki Prosagoge: Tumo si “mimu wa si iwaju”
A lo ni emeta
Romu 5:2 – anfani eyiti a ni nipa igbagbo nipase Oluwa wa Jesu Kristi, SINU
• Ohun ti ko se ro fun awon Ju Majemu Lailai (Ekisodu 10:9, 20, 21, 28:35) ti
wa fun gbogbo awon to wa lati ipase Kristi. Gbogbo aye Kristeni je abayori
oore-ofe Olorun ninu eyi ti a duro
EFESU 2:18- Anfaani wa ninu emi kan, nipase Kristi SI BABA
• Ko si elese kan ti o ni eto tabi amuye ninu ara re lati lo si odo Olorun,
sugbon awon onigbagbo ni a ti fun ni eto yi nipase igbagbo ninu iku Kristi ti
o je irubo. (Efesu 3:12). Awon ipese iwa bi Olorun je ti awon onigbagbo ni
kete ti won ba ti gba Kristi ti Emi Mimo si fi won han niwaju ite Olorun baba
lorun, nibiti a ti ki won kaabo lati le wa pelu igboya nigbakuugba. Heberu
4:19, Galatia 4:6,7, Romu 8:15-17.
EFesu 3:12 – Iru anfaani kanna, ni awon eniyan mimo ni “NINU KRISTI”
Heberu 4:15-16.
• Gbogbo eniyan ti o ba wa sodo Kristi ninu igbagbo le wa siwaju Olorun
nigbakuugba, kii se ninu igboya ara eni sugbon ninu igboya Kristi. Opolopo
awon adari ni atijo ni enikeni ko le de iwaju won bikose nipase oludamoran
won ti o gaju. (Esita 4:11). Lodi si eyi, Emi Mimo pe gbogbo eniyan lati wa
pelu igboya siwaju ite Olorun lati gba aanu ati oore-ofe nipase Jesu Kristi.
Idalare- lati kede jije olododo
Itumo: idalare je ise atoke wa nibiti Olorun mimo julo yio ti kede elese ti o ba gbagbo
gege bi olododo ati eni itewogba niwaju Re nitori Kristi ti ru ese awon elese lori agbelebu,
O si ti di “si wa … ododo. Korinti Kinni 1:30, Romui 3:24”.
• Nipa eje Kristi. Romu 5:9
• Nipa mimu ododo Kristi. Roomu 4:25.
• Nipo ajinde Kristi. Roomu 4:25, Korinti kini 15:17
• Nipa oore-ofe ni. Romu 3:24, 4:16, 5:17-27
Ohun ti o beere fun:
Gbigba Kristi nipa igbagbo. Romu 5:1-6
Ibukun re. Orin Dafidi 32:1, 2; Romu 4:6-8.
Ominira kuro ninu idalebi. Romu 8:33, 34
Ni eto si ogun kan. Titu 3:7
Iselogo to daju. Romu 8:30
Wipe Olorun da elese to gbagbo lare nitori iku Jesu ni nkan se pelu ebun ofe Re.
(d) Edidi Emi Mimo.
1. Ninu ise Olorun eyi ti o fihan wipe onigbagbo je tire
• Emi mimo funra Re je edidi. (Efesu 1:13)
• Eredi ogun onigbagbo (Efesu 1:14).
2. Edidi yi se apeere:
• Ise ti o ti pari. (Jeremiah 32:9-10)
• Jije oninkan. Jeremiah 32:11-12, Timoteu keji 2:19
• Aabo. (Efesu 4:30, Esteri 8:8, Danieli 6:16-17)
IPARI: Akoko ki yio gbami laaye lati so nipa Alaafia, ireti ogo, itewogba ninu olufe, nini ogun ibi
kan, igbagbo, jijoko ninu awon orun, igbala, yiyan, itunu ati ipe Olorun eyi ti o ni ise (to da lori)
Meaning: The word Lord has various usages
1. It could mean someone you give number one place to in your life. i.e. someone you
consider first before others or thing
2. It means someone who has the right of ownership over something
3. Its means someone who have power or authority over something. Eph.5:22
4. The purchaser, buyer or redeemer or deliverer of something for his own use
NOTE: Jesus did not make Himself Lord, but God declared Him Lord after resurrection.
Phili.2:9-11, Acts.2:36-37. In light of this, we want to look at Lordship of Jesus Christ in relation
to some things in the bible.
No one can say that he has been saved unless he has received Jesus as Lord into his life
(Rom.10:9). Acts.9:3-19) used the word ten (10) times.
NOTE: The only thing Jesus is asking from anybody alive is salvation before submission of
his/her WILL so that He will become Lord of his/her life.
IN RELATION TO HIS WORD John 7:16-17, Mathew 7:21 “Not everyone
who says to me Lord Lord.” You can not do the will of God unless you know the word of
Reason Paul exhort us Col.3:16, Acts.17:11, Psalm 119:9-11, 97:140, 130.
Consider Jesus teaching according to this bible verse ITim.6:3-10.
Note that prayer begins with our Father not my father. It means am not alone, I must
recognize others. Jesus did not pray that His name would be hallowed, but that the
Father’s name would be hallowed. Acknowledging His Lordship means surrendering your
name. Ask yourself, are you not interested in making a name for yourself? Want to be
recognized by people? Your life, goals, self and service all should be surrendered to Him
as your Lord.
Thy kingdom come
God‘s desire is to rule here on Earth as it is in heaven. He is in the process of building His
kingdom. Are you part of the people who is building His kingdom?
This can only happen when you get yourself involved in Evangelism, Mission and
Thy will be done – think of what Jesus said in John 6:30. You can not pray, “thy will be
done” unless you are actively involved in finding the will of God for your life and doing it.
Give us this day our daily bread
We can truly pray this prayer only if our attitude is “All I have come from and belongs to
Jesus”. How do you see what you possess?
And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. Jesus is telling us to pray “Lord I want
you to forgive me in just the same way that I forgave. Lordship leads to a mutual
commitment involving not only receiving but giving also. Grace is God’s willingness to
commit Himself totally to us. Lordship is our willingness to commit ourselves totally to
God. Everybody wants God to commit Himself totally to him/her, but few are willing to
commit themselves totally to God.
And lead us not into temptation
Here Jesus is praying that the father should not lead us into situation where we can be
tempted. Jesus did not say, “lead us not into sin” He said, lead us not into temptation. To
pray this prayer means that I am willing to surrender all questionable things, am not only
willing to surrender those things that are sinful but am also willing to surrender the areas
of my life that tend to lead me into temptation.
Deliver us from the evil one
This is the same prayer that the Lord Jesus offered for His disciples in the night of His
betrayal (John 17:15). Lordship involves the recognition that there is no way we can fight
our own battles, Christ, and He alone, must keep us and deliver us from the evil one. No
one in his own strength can fight the battle with the enemy and win. Even Jesus Christ
defeated Satan only at the price of the cross. Exhortation of James 4:7.
Col.2:6 is talking about the believers daily conduct. To walk in Christ is to live a life
patterned after His. Col. 1:10, 4:5, Rom.6:4, 8:1,4, 13:13, Phil.3:16-18, I Thess.2:12,4:1.
It is clearly shown that every Christian is a servant and steward of the grace, gifts or
anything they possessed. Let us consider who a servant and steward is.
SERVANTHOOD LIFE (Acts.2:36-37, Luke 17:7-10)
If Jesus Christ is the Lord in our lives as Christians, we must understand that we need to
live a servanthood life.
a. Who is a servant?
A servant is someone that serves the interest of others (e.g. his master)
Someone responsible to carry out the instructions of others (e.g his master)
He is a waiter- A waiter is someone:
That has a keen purpose of receiving from his master before taking any step.
How to receive from our master:
By following the word of God
By seeking His face in prayers.
NOTE: Every major decisions in Christ’s life were taken in prayers to His heavenly
Father Luke 6:12, 5:16-17, 9:8, 11:1
He must be obedient to every instruction he received. Eph.6:5
With faithfulness. Col.3:22
Respect to his master. I Tim.6:1
Desire to please him. Titus 2:9
Patient in difficult time. I Peter 2:18
NOTE: The appetite and innate desires in Christians are not always wrong, but
is even God-created. When we come to Christ, we want to rule and reign, just as
we preach and pray. There is nothing bad in ruling and reigning in as much as
we are willing to fulfill it in scriptural way. Jesus said, the key to being first is
becoming the last. The key to living is dying. The key to being free is being
Christ’s slave. The key to receiving is giving. The key to being a leader is being a
servant. The key to being exalted is to live a life characterized by humility.
CONCLUSION: If we do not prepare to serve, we cannot become anything in the kingdom of
MEMORY VERSE: “In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according
to the riches of his grace.” Eph.1:7.
INTRODUCTION: In the time of Esther when they gathered beautiful virgins for the king to replace
queen Vashti. Esther among the virgins won the favour of every one that saw her. The king was attracted
to Esther more than to any of the other women and she won his favour and approval more than any of the
virgins Esther 2:15-17.
What is Grace?
Grace is God’s free kindness that is shown to people. We are saved by God’s grace. It is God’s unmerited
favour inspite of our rebellious response.
Grace is undeserved favour of God Eph.2:4-5.
1. Salvation by grace. Rom.3:24, Titus 2:11, 3:7
2. Grace it reigns over sin. Rom.5:20-21
3. Grace is the kindness and love of God which our Saviour gives freely to man not by works of
righteousness which we have done.
4. Justification by grace.
5. We are being justified by His grace. Titus 34, 7.
Therefore grace is set in contrast with law (Rom. 4:6). Under law God demands righteousness from man
but under grace He gives righteousness to man Rom.3:21-24, 83-4 Gal.2:16, Philp.3:9.
Law is connected with Moses and grace with Christ and Faith.
Under law, blessings accompany obedience (Deut.28:1-5), grace bestows blessing as a free gift Roman
CONCLUSION: We are saved by grace not by workss lest no man should boast. Have you received the
grace of God if not, you can do so now by accepting Jesus as Lord.
Ore –ofe ni mo ni
ti mo fi gba Jesu
Egbegberun elegbemi o
Lo ti segbe.
TEXT: Romans 3:21-28, I Cor.1:30
MEMORY VERSE: “Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.”
Romans 3:24.
INTRODUCTION: In a house, what can you benefit therein? Food, shelter, safety, protection and
warmed etc. What benefits can you derive from education? Boldness, confidence, knowledge and
knowing to claim your rights, you will not be cheated, etc. Likewise, in Christ we have some riches in
In Jesus Christ we have:
1. Redemption: We are delivered through His blood that was shed on the cross for our sins
2. Adoption: We have salvation and the power to become the sons of God. John 1:12
3. Forgiveness: The remission of our offences. Eph.4:32, 1:7, Col.1:14
4. Righteousness: (II Cor.5:21) God has made Him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we
might become the righteousness of God.
5. Sanctification: We are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ. Heb.10:10, I
Cor.6:11, Jude 1:1
CONCLUSION: As we have received all these in Christ, we should not receive the grace of God in vain
(II Cor.6:1). We should grow in grace. II Peter 3:18.
Mo ti ni Jesu lore,
O johun gbogbo fun mi
Oun nikan larewa
Ti okan mi fe
Ohun ni itana ipado
Irawo owuro, Oun nikan larewa ti okan mi fe.
TEXT: Titus 2:11-14, Eph.2:8-10
MEMORY VERSE: “And that he died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live unto
themselves, but unto him which died for them, and rose again.” II Cor.5:15.
INTRODUCTION: If you wear a white cloth what precausions will you take? (1) Carefulness (2)
Guiding against anything that will stain your dress, (3) Being mindful of yourself. Likewise, as you have
received Jesus and the riches in Him, you need to live your life as expected of you.
Life that denies evil. II Cor.5:14-15
• To put off the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lust. Eph.4:22, 25:32
• Deny ungodliness. II Timothy 2:16, Rom.1:18, 11:26
• Worldly lust. I John 2:15-17.
Life that practices goodness.
Live soberly. I Thess.5:6, I Peter 4:7
• Living righteously. Isa.33:15, Psalm 15:2, Isa.58:8-11
• Living godly. II Timothy 3:12
• Maintaining good works. Titus 3:8, I Pet.2:12, Gen.3:21, Titus 3:14.
CONCLUSION: There is an express and direct duty we owe God, namely belief and acknowledgment of
His being and perfection. Paying Him internal and external worship and homage. Loving, fearing and
trusting Him, depending on Him, devoting ourselves to Him, praying to Him, praising Him and
meditating on His words and works.
Draw me nearer, nearer to thee
My song everyday Father
Nearer to thee
Draw me nearer, nearer to thee.