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ÜNKA.3.03.TB.041 20/06/2011/06
Non-shrink / Tixothropic
Grouting Mortar
ÜNKA-HGT, is a ready to use tixothropic non-shrink grouting mortar
reinforced with fibers and specialty chemicals.
~ 1900 - 2000 kgs of ÜNKA-HGT for 1 m3.
ÜNKA-HGT, is succesfully used in the grouting of;
¥ Do not use where environmental and surface temperature is below
¥ Water should never be added to the product after the mixing
process is completed.
¥ The remaining product should be kept closed airtight in its original
¥ During outside applications, the application area should be protected
against direct sunlight, wind, rain and frost.
¥ tie rod holes,
¥ steel constructions,
¥ concrete anchors,
¥ machine foundations,
¥ foundation plates,
¥ guide rails for heavy construction equipment,
¥ precast panel joints,
¥ tank and reservoir piers... etc.
where non-shrinkage and high adherence properties are required.
¥ provides high initial and final strengths
¥ tixothropic - non sagging
¥ balanced expanding ability eliminates shrinkage
¥ its strong, homogenous and watertight structure gives durability
and resistance against mineral oils, sulphates and against freezethaw cycles
¥ Ensures perfect adherence to sound steel and concrete surfaces
¥ Its strong and specially selected mineral aggregate base gives
perfect durability against extreme temperatures
¥ Does not contain harmful chemicals which can have negative effects
on concrete and steel.
¥ Its non-corrosive nature and watertight structure makes it possible
to be used just about anywhere, preventing corrosion.
¥ Color: Grey powder
¥ Unit Weight of Fresh Mortar: ~ 2,1 kg/lt
¥ Storage: 12 months when kept in a dry and closed area stacked
in loads of maximum 5 bags
¥ Packaging: 25 kg craft paper bag with PE lining
¥ Standard: TS EN 1504-3 R4 (Structural Repair Mortar)
¥ Contains cement. As it is an irritant material incase of contact,
wash with plenty of water.
¥ Protective mask should be worn during the preparation of the
¥ Tools must be cleaned with warm water before the residues fully
cure. The cured product should be removed mechanically.
-compressive strengths @ 20¡C with 10cm x 10cm x 10cm moulds
-flexural strength @ 20¡C with 160mm x 40mm x 40mm moulds
strength 1 day
> 30
strength 28 days strength 28 days
> 50
modulus of elasticity
> 10
~ 38.000
Surface preparation: Concrete surface should be in a rough
structure and both concrete and metal surfaces should be clean,
free from oil, grease, rust and all loosely adhering particles.
Absorbent surfaces should be saturated with water thoroughly. The
wetting process should be made 24 hours prior to the application.
The surface should be dampen just before the application once
more and the excess water should be removed with a sponge.
Absorbant moulds should also be saturated with water.
Mixing the product: The water/mortar ratio is 1 : 8. ÜNKA-HGT
is mixed with a low speed compulsory mixer. 80% of the mixing
water should be poured into the container and ÜNKA-HGT should
be added slowly while mixing. The rest of the mixing water is added
according to the level of flow (consistency) desired. The mixing
process should be continued until the mixture is free from all lumps
and air bubbles. The mortar should be left to rest for 5 minutes after
the mixing process. For applications above 25¡C, additional mixing
water might be needed for desired flow.
Additional use of mixing water for desired flow in hot weather
conditions will reduce the final strength of the mortar. Therefore
3.8 kgÕs of mixing water should not be exceeded even in extreme
(hot) weather conditions. The fresh mortar temperature must be
below 30¡C.
Do not use at temperatures below +10¼C.
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The technical information on this data sheet is to the best of our present knowledge and long term experience of INKAÕs
R&D Department. However, the results obtained may vary in accordance with the care taken and the method of
application over which we have no influence. Our guarantee is therefore limited to the quality of the materials delivered.
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