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BrightLife Grow Can Help Your Clients Achieve Their Goals
BrightLife Grow is designed to help you accumulate wealth and generate streams of income, all
with downside protection and exceptional tax- and cost-efficiency. BrightLife Grow is:
Efficient. BrightLife Grow provides tax advantages and a low cost structure, so you only pay for
the features that help you meet your life insurance wealth accumulation and retirement income
Flexible. BrightLife Grow offers a robust range of options that adapt as your needs change.
Reliable. BrightLife Grow is designed to provide considerable wealth building opportunities while
protecting against market downturns.
View a BrightLife Grow case study here
BrightLife Protect can be an attractive death-benefit-focused life insurance policy designed to
maximize your clients’ premium dollars. Learn more in this
case study
ACE Interest Rates are Changing for the Week of April 21
Threshold interest rates have increased 45 basis points for TransACE 2013, TransACE CV 2013,
and 35 basis points for TransACE Survivor 2013. To view threshold interest rates,
click here
Why Cash Value Life Insurance?
Find out what four consumer pieces should be on the top of the “tool box” when talking to clients
about life insurance - and, a great tip for opening the retirement planning discussion with clients on this new personalizable Brainshark
Learn more
Underwriting Requirements Niches Equal Easier Exams!
Get the details here
Why ING IUL-Protector? It’s competitive! Even when minimally funded!
Learn more
Preserving Principal in the Face of Volatility
A Lincoln fixed indexed annuity helps to provide your clients protection during down markets.
Demonstrate the power of zero with this new
client approved flyer
New Edition of the Lincoln Leader
In the latest edition of the Lincoln Leader, Lincoln updates you on their New York Solicitation
guidelines (effective 5/5), reminds you of their Self-Service Premiums alerts, and offers
processing tips from their Underwriting and New Business teams for MoneyGuard business.
Learn more
This is a full week of news for Accordia Life. Please take some extra time to review the updates
they’re sharing about how to get contracted, submit business, view your pending business and
get access to information on your existing book of business from Aviva. The transition site has
been updated with easy links to all of their recent news and resources. Visit
New Webcasts Begin April 22nd
Learn about the new products that Accordia Life will be launching next month, the Accordia Life
Provider and Accordia Life Assure. You can also learn about Accordia Life and get a preview of
the new Underwriting Program available on Accordia Life’s permanent life products
See the schedule
Minor Updates to Underwriting Guidelines
The Financial Underwriting and QuickQuotes sections have been updated for clarity. There are
no major updates to announce at this time, but their InTOUCH underwriting team is currently in
the process of making further improvements.
View the updated guidelines
LGA Underwriting Microsite
Optimize Prospecting with Pre-Approved OPTerm Materials
LGA’s OPTerm microsite and B2B website include promotional materials that speak to a wide
range of potential customers. The materials don’t need compliance approval if you just
personalize them with your agency or broker contact name, address and phone number.
Learn more.
Solutions for Clients Who Believe Life Insurance Costs Too Much
Dave Sheridan, VP and National Sales Manager at Protective Life, shares a solution for agents
struggling to overcome the concerns of clients who believe life insurance is too expensive
Learn more
Protective Indexed Annuity II with the optional SecurePay SE withdrawal benefit offers the growth
potential and protection clients need now-and protected lifetime income they’ll need later.
Learn more
Give Clients a Better Choice for Short Duration Life Insurance
When clients need short-duration life insurance coverage, a level-term policy may seem like the
best solution, but what happens when those clients reach the end of their guaranteed level term
period? Protective Custom Choice UL can offer extended coverage beyond the initial benefit
period and decreasing coverage without an increase to out-of-pocket expenses
Learn more.
TLE joins TLA as Eligible Products Available for Term Conversions
Effective May 1, Term Life Express policies will now be available for conversions. The policy
must be in force for 2 years and must be converted before the end of the level term period or the
policy anniversary following the insured’s 70th birthday, whichever is earlier. More details and
specific conversion guideline rules will be available next week.
Make Life Insurance Last into Retirement
With this flyer that can be personalized, let your clients know what life insurance coverage is
available for them.
Learn more
Use Age Last Birthday for Best Rates
Many companies set premium rates based on an applicant’s nearest birthday rather than using
their actual age. Did you know that using age nearest birthday could mean your client pays up to
7 percent more in premium?
Learn more.
Great New Premiums on AG Select-a-Term
Significant, competitive improvements were achieved, with reductions up to 10% and sometimes
more in popular durations and risk classes
Learn more
Learn By Watching - New AG Asset Protector Training Video
View the AG Asset Protector training video at any time, online. This short 6 minute video matches
up the product to key consumer needs and demonstrates how to position this unique package of
living benefits to your clients.
Watch the video
Impress Affluent Clients, Their Attorneys and Advisors
Facilitate collaboration amongst your clients’ legal and tax counsel by providing sample
documents as a professional courtesy. Hundreds of sample documents and agreements are
available in the Specimen Documents section of
CRAT Example
Specimen Documents
Quote via Rapid Rater
Rapid Rater can quote AG Select-a-Term, AG ROP Select-a-Term, AG Secure Lifetime GUL II,
and AG Secure Survivor GUL II. No password or username is required for these free quoting
Web Version
iPhone Version
Protection UL: Best in Class Performance
John Hancock’s Protection UL offers competitive premiums in all funding scenarios, making it
one of the best alternatives to guaranteed UL products
Learn more
John Hancock’s Life Insurance Needs Analysis Calculator
How much life insurance does your client need? John Hancock’s Life Insurance Needs Analysis
Calculator will help you quickly calculate your clients total projected life insurance need.
Learn more
Nationwide Life Illustrator: Illustrating Products, Riders and Sales Ideas
Join an upcoming Nationwide Retirement Institute webinar. Key topics will include how to illustrate
Nationwide YourLife GUL and IUL, the Extended Death Benefit Guarantee rider and much more!
May 6
2pm ET
Learn more
Help your clients find coverage against a potential long-term care claim - an unfunded health care
event not covered by Medicare or Health Insurance Plans. By the time clients reach age 65, there
is a 70% chance they will have a long-term care claim during their lifetime. Yet only 11% of
Americans actually have LTC coverage. Learn how Nationwide can help your clients address this
Learn more
Make the Switch - Transfer Clients from Term to Permanent Coverage.
Learn about Nationwide’s simple term conversion sales process with their detailed brochure,
Make the Switch
Nationwide Education Series - Business Life Insurance Strategies
Join this webinar series to find out how Nationwide Business Solutions Group can help you
uncover opportunities with your business clients using strategies and products designed
specifically for the business life insurance market.
Making Executive Benefits and Business Planning Solutions Easier
April 22, 2pm ET
Dial in: 888.677.5807
Passcode: 1221977
Making Executive Benefits and Business Planning Solutions Easier
May 20, 2pm ET
Dial in: 800.475.0375
Passcode: 1221977
Using Life Insurance to Protect a Short-Term Business Loan
Not only is MetLife On Year Term an affordable way to protect a short-term business loan, but
with the Convertible and Renewable Options rider, it can cover her insurance need for the next
five years!
Learn more
New “Healthy Look” Programs Offer Opportunities to Improve Rating Classes for Qualifying
MetLife now offers an additional option for potentially improving the rating class on qualifying
cases. The new Healthy Look facultative reinsurance programs are designed to deliver the best
possible rating - up to Elite Plus or Elite (for term) or Elite
(for permanent life products) for those rated Preferred, up to Preferred for those rated Standard,
and up to Standard for those rated Table B.
Learn more.
MetLife Promise Whole Life Marketing Playbook
The MetLife Promise Whole Life Portfolio Marketing Playbook contains all the resources you
need to help position, promote, and sell their streamlined portfolio of whole life products. Inside
are tips on how to:
• Effectively demonstrate to customers the value of whole life
• Utilize insights from a leading strategic communications firm
• Identify the prospecting tools and sales concepts, targeted to both individuals and businesses,
that best serve your needs
• Strategically use materials to create integrated marketing campaigns
Learn more.
Show Clients How Their Whole Life Policy Dividends Could be Used to Pay Premiums
A new, One-Minute trainer from MetLife goes through a case study that demonstrates the power
of dividends and their potential use for paying policy premiums.
Learn more
Symetra External Conversion Program
The Symetra External Term Conversion Program can be a great way to generate additional
revenue and cases for your firm, while also introducing more brokers to Symetra. With Symetra’s
Low Premiums and High Targets, they’re an attractive option for converting many customer’s
term policies.
Learn more
Low Premiums and High Targets: A Perfect Pair
Not only does Symetra Classic Universal Life Insurance with Lapse Protection Benefit
consistently rank no. 1 or 2 for low annual premium in their “sweet spot” ages of 50-75, it also
provides top-ranking target premiums when compared to other carriers in the no-lapse guarantee
“Sweet Spot” Competitive Heat Chart
Competitive Target Premium Chart
New Barclays US Dynamic Balance Index Consumer-Approved Flyers
Learn more about the newest allocation options available on the Allianz Life Pro+ FIUL policy by
clicking here
Allianz Has Updated the Allianz Life Pro+ Positioning Flyer
Allianz Life Pro+ FIUL offers unique features and flexibility that can help you meet many of your
clients’ concerns with one product. Learn how to position this product by
clicking here
Funding Executive Compensation Strategies with Life Insurance
Join a webinar on Thursday, April 24 at 2pm central time to find out how you can help provide a
solution to reward these employees in a way that builds loyalty to the business
Learn more
Charitable Giving Strategies with Life Insurance
Some clients may have a strong desire to continue giving to a charity even after death, especially
if the charity held special meaning to them. The Charitable Giving Strategies with Life Insurance
flyer discusses three possible strategies using life insurance that can help fulfill your client’s
View the flyer
Submit Documents Electronically. It’s Never Been Easier or Faster.
Allianz accepts all new applications, in-force documents, and Producer Services forms
electronically - with an immediate confirmation number provided.
Learn more
Introducing the Enhanced VUL Protector and the New PruTerm One
Prudential’s robust and growing product portfolio just got even better. On May 1, Prudential is
launching a newly enhanced VUL Protector and introducing a new addition to our term suite with
PruTerm One. Attend one of two special webinar’s on May 1st, during which you’ll learn how
these products will help you build your practice and about the marketing support you’ll receive.
Thursday, May 1
11 am ET
Dial in: 855.828.8357
Conference ID: 154 164 47
Thursday, May 1
3 pm ET
Dial in: 855.828.8357
Conference ID: 154 288 22
This is Family - Single Parents
As the sole provider for their families, single parents today face the dilemma of how to provide for
today’s needs while also preparing for the future. Join Minnesota Life for an informative webinar
discussing estate planning considerations for single parents. You will learn important facts about
this demographic, potential product recommendations and other valuable things to consider.
Wednesday, April 23
11am Central
Farmers and Ranchers
Creating and growing a family farm or ranch requires attention to not only the current operations,
but also what the owner wants to pass on to the next generation - and that requires important
financial preparation right now. Join Minnesota Life for an informative presentation discussing the
potential implications of these decisions in Exit and Transition Strategies for Farmers and
Thursday, April 24
1pm Central
Underwriting Announcement
Due to recent findings in research and development, Minnesota Life Underwriting has found ways
to become more aggressive when underwriting for the Long-Term Care Agreement.
Learn more
SBLI Announces Changes to Its Child Rider
Effective May 1, the Child Rider’s maximum face amount will increase from $10,000 to $25,000.
Your clients will be able to purchase between $10,000 and $25,000 in $1,000 increments. The
maximum conversion amount will also increase to $125,000. View the
transition rules
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