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Puerto Rico Tax Alert
July 2014
The Puerto Rico Treasury Department issued Circular Letter 14-04 (CL 14-04) to inform Merchants of the requirement to register at the
new Integrated Merchant Website (PICO) in order to declare, file and pay the Sales and Use Tax (SUT).
Integrated Merchant Website (PICO)
PICO is the new electronic application to be used by Merchants to perform transactions related to the SUT. PICO can be accessed through
the Puerto Rico Treasury Department’s website www.comerciantes.hacienda.pr.gov. The following transactions must be performed
through the application:
Electronic filings of the following forms and their corresponding payments:
1. Use Tax Declaration for the Release of Imported Personal Property (Form SC 2970);
2. Monthly Use Tax on Imports Return (Form SC 2915D); and,
3. Monthly Sales and Use Tax Returns (Form SC 2915A).
Access filing and payment history.
Other transactions - verify Merchant’s Registration Number and access code (PIN); complete and file Merchant Registry
Applications (Form SC 2914); and, complete IVU Loto registration.
Merchant’s Profile
Merchants need to create a personal profile using a username and a password. Afterwards, the merchant must enter basic information
such as Employer’s Identification Number, Merchant’s Registry Number and Access Code (PIN). Only information for one locality is
necessary. Merchants may authorize other users, such as Return Specialists and Authorized Representatives, to perform transactions
within PICO on their behalf.
Use Tax Declaration for the Release of Imported Personal Property (Form SC 2970)
Beginning on August 1, 2014, the Use Tax Declaration for the Release of Imported Personal Property must be filed and pay
electronically, in order to obtain the release of the property. Bonded Merchants may obtain release of the property introduced into Puerto
Rico once the declaration is filed in PICO.
CL 14-04 also established that the Monthly Sales and Use Tax return will not be file by locality but by Merchant.
Registration Requirement
The provisions set forth by CL 14-04 are effective immediately, and all Merchants that introduce property into Puerto Rico and that are
required to file the Use Tax Declaration for the Release of Imported Personal Property, must register in PICO no later than July 31, 2014.
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