Aquepoxy Concrete Sealer

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Aquepoxy Concrete Sealer
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Aquepoxy Concrete Floor
Aquepoxy is a two pack water borne Epoxy finish specifically
designed for application to interior concrete floors where demanding
Occupational Health &Safety (OH&S)/performance properties are
Aquepoxy incorporates a special curing mechanism that provides a
tough cross-linked finish with superior hardness and wear
characteristics, together with resistance to oil, petrol and grease
stains, solvent and hot tyres.
Aquepoxy enhanced with Skidbrake anti-slip additives has been
tested and certified by CSIRO to meet the stringent requirements of
Australia & New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 4586:1999 for slip
resistance and Occupational Health &Safety (OH&S) compliance.
Aquepoxy comes in a range of 12 practical colours and not only
provides a tough, low maintenance finish, but also improves the
aesthetic appeal in any flooring situation. (Also available in clear)
Typical Applications
Multi-level/Basement car parks
Shopping Centres
Train and Tram Stations
Aircraft Hangers
Typical Applications
Bus Depots
Auto & engineering workshops
Stock/ Plant rooms/ Loading docks
Showrooms/ Restaurants/Bakeries
Generally any concrete floor
Key Features & Benefits
 Low VOC Emissions – Certified with Green Building
Council of Australia
 Slip Resistant – Complies with AS/NZS 4586:1999 to
achieve an Oil-Wet ramp from R9 up to R12 and Class V
– very low contribution to slip when wet
 Adhesion – excellent adhesion to concrete & most
common building services / won’t flake, won’t peel
 Water based – Very low odour & can be applied to damp
surfaces / wash up in water
Key Features & Benefits
 Stain resistant – resists solvents, oil, petrol,
lubricants and chemicals / reduces cleaning times
 Superior hardness – an extremely durable finish to
high vehicle traffic environments
 Simple application – by lambs wool roller or airless
pressure spray and all equipment washes out in
 Very Economical – Loss cost
× Exterior surfaces – all epoxies over time can chalk
due to UV exposure.
× Not recommended for continuous immersion in
water eg. Swimming pools , spa baths etc
Surface Preparation
Substrate condition:
The condition of the concrete substrate to which Aquepoxy®
Concrete Floor Finish will be applied has a direct effect upon the
quality and performance of the coated concrete. Thus, the
preparation of the concrete surface to provide a suitable substrate on
which to apply the Aquepoxy® Concrete Floor Finish is critical to
achieve a satisfactorily coated concrete surface.
Substrate history:
Wherever possible try to determine the history of the concrete from
the owner, builder, architect or specifier. Background knowledge
about issues such as the age of the concrete, the compressive
strength of the concrete, the type of pre-existing coating, conditions
to which the concrete may have previously been subjected (including
cleaning procedures, contaminating spills etc) should ensure that
appropriate surface preparation is employed.
Surface Preparation
Surface examination:
A visual examination of the surface should be carried out to determine
whether the surface appears to be sound and free from defects, such
as the presence of laitance, existing sealers, curing materials, grease,
oil, wax, asphalt, gypsum, efflorescence, and dirt or anything else
which may interfere with the adhesion of the Aquepoxy® Concrete
Floor Finish onto the concrete surface.
Key points to consider
 Substrate condition / history
- High / Low compressive strength
- Surface contamination
- Flaking or drummy floors
- Residual curing compounds & membranes
- Pre-existing coatings
- Age of concrete (green <28 days)
 Slip Hazard Classification required
- R9 to R12
Key points to consider
 Surface preparation
- Obviously is the key to any application
- Aquepoxy approved applicators
 More Aggressive environments:
- Ramps
- Turning circles
 Confined areas
- Office’s
- Cubicle’s
Summary of recent projects
 Royal Australian Defence Force / Aerodrome Hangers
 Knox Private Hospital, Boronia / Basement Carpark
 Bankstown Airport , Sydney / Aerodrome hangers
 St Vincent De Paul Hospital ,Stanthorpe / Carpark and
loading dock
 580 Bourke Street, Melbourne / Basement Carpark
 Old Treasury Building, Perth / Basement Carpark
 ANZ head office, Docklands Melbourne / Multi-level
 Marlborough Wineries, New Zealand / Winery
 North Geelong Training Centre, Corio / Automotive
Summary of recent projects
 Telstra Head Office , Melbourne / Carpark & plant rooms
 Eve Apartments, St Kilda Rd , Melbourne / Carpark
 Southern BMW ,Morrabbin / Showroom
 Jacob Toyota , Wangarratta / Showroom & service areas
 Jim Richards / Steven Richards Motor Racing /Showrooms
 Just Jeans , Frankston Shopping Centre
 Rebel Sport , Highpoint Shopping Centre
 Jeans West, Essendon DFO
Equipment required for
High Pressure Water Cleaner
Used in conjunction wild a mild detergent to remove to remove any loose
contaminants from the substrate
Aquepoxy 25lt Kit
Aquepoxy Part A 15lt and Aquepoxy Part B 10lt
Mixing ratio Part A – 3 parts / Part B – 2 Parts
Industrial Mixer and paddle
Heavy Duty 30lt Mixing
15lt’s Part A and 10lt’s Part B to be mixed for 10 minutes and then
allowed stand for further 10 minutes
Extendable Roller handle
380mm or 460mm Roller
To allow greater speed of application
Minimum 15mm NAP
Lambswool Roller
To ensure correct film coverage:
Fist coat – 8sqm2 per litre
Second Coat – 10sqm2 per litre
Thank you
for your time