Brochure of Mobile CCTV Unit

The Mobile CCTV Unit
The Mobile CCTV complex MU01 was developed by AVENCOM for an
order from AGIP KCO in 2014 for use at onshore production sites of the
Kashagan field.
MU01 was designed for fast deployment of CCTV systems in areas
where there is no or limited energy and telecommunications infrastructure
but there is still a necessity to ensure the security of the property.
These objects include:
- Construction sites;
- Open areas for the temporary storage of equipment and materials;
- Places where repairs of oil and gas pipelines are taking place.
Also the complex can be used for video surveillance in emergencies,
such as floods and fires.
Police can use the system for security at large public events.
MU01 is constructed on the basis of an all-wheel drive Ford Transit
minibus with a high roof.
 An infrared IP 68 rated PTZ camera with 36 x zoom is
"the main armament" of complex
 The camera can be controlled from an on-site work station, or remotely
from the security control center
 A pneumatic mast raises the camera to a height of up to 5 meters. In the
transport position the camera descends into the cabin. The mast's shaft
is closed by an airtight hatch. Control of the working of mast is from
inside the operator's compartment
 The mobile complex is also equipped with 4
outdoor dome WDR cameras to monitor the
Power supply
 Power supply can be from a 220V grid or from an internal 6 kW petrol
 The built-in electric generator has an enlarged fuel tank which provides
autonomous operation for 11 hours
 The stability of the electricity supply is provided by a backup unit with 4
Levelling system
 An automatic hydraulic levelling system ensures image stability even in
high winds
Operator's workplace
 The operator's cab is equipped with a comfortable armchair that can turn
around 180 ° and an ergonomic desk
 Included in the package is a laptop with an extra strong magnesium alloy
body, and the possibility of connecting an additional high resolution monitor
 A comfortable temperature is provided by an air conditioner installed on the
roof. There are two Webasto heaters, for the engine and the interior of the
Data transmission
 Local storage is provided by a digital video recorder DVR
 The built-in communications - Wi-Max, Wi-Fi, 3G - allow the remote
monitoring of the temperature inside and outside of the complex and
the state of the UPS battery, and for opening / closing the doors
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