VerifEye Australia Pty Ltd Model TaxiCam MKV 2014(pdf 396KB)

This is to certify that the
VerifEye Australia Pty Ltd
TaxiCam MKV
Taxi Security Camera
was evaluated by Amtac Professional Services Pty. Ltd.
and determined to be in compliance
with the relevant provisions of the
NSW Specifications for Taxi Security Systems
as at
31 July 2014
R.A. Draper, Principal Advisor
*Camera specifications and conditions on reverse
This Certificate of Compliance is applicable to the following specific product and does not apply to
any other configurations. It is issued conditional on the points noted below being incorporated in
any unit installed in compliance with the nominated specification.
Product Configuration
Product: VerifEye TaxiCam MKV
Number of Cameras: 2 x External, 2 x Internal,
1 x Dual Internal (up to 6 total)
Recording: Event Triggered
Image Storage: Up to 256GB
GPS: Yes
Audio: No
Input Signals: 4 x Triggers plus G Force
Output Signals: Red & Green LED
(amber combined)
Communications: USB via adaptor
Power: 8 – 18VDC
Unit Evaluated
Controller Serial Number: 0100143466
Date of Manufacture: April 2014
Firmware Version(s): Main Ver 4.2
Camera: Identical cameras to MKIV Version
Supplementary Compliance
Following cameras have been previously assessed and deemed compliant
VerifEye G5 SmartCam Dual Head Camera
VerifEye 2.9mm Single Camera kit WOVR
VerifEye 3.6mm Single Camera kit WOVR
VerifEye 5.5mm Single Camera kit WOVR
VerifEye 4.0mm Ball Camera kit WOVR
B30 2.6mm Single Camera kit
B2-G6 Dual SmartCam
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