What did we do in 2013/14? - Health Education East Midlands

developing a high quality workforce to
meet the healthcare needs of the
people of Northamptonshire
Workforce Team (Northamptonshire) supporting the Northamptonshire LETC
What did we do in 2013/14?
The Northamptonshire Local Education & Training Council
Priorities 2013/14/15
Healthcare Support
Worker Role
Assistant Practitioner Role & Foundation Degree Development
Pre Degree Work Experience Pilot
Apprenticeship expansion: number, area (particularly clinical), framework
Primary Care
CCGs & Area Team Primary Care strategies: workforce element
National Minimum Dataset: Northamptonshire part of national pilot
Practice Learning: expanding opportunities in general practice
General Practice Nurse Postgrad Certificate: successful uptake
Primary Care Sub Group: focus medical, dental, wider PC workforce
Supporting expansion of education and training in general practice
Medical Workforce
Medical Workforce Sub Group established, strategy in development
LETC Workforce Transformation Event on 03/03/14
Physician Associate: supporting role development with NGH; exploring
opportunities for wider spread
 Supported HEEM: redistribution of posts, increase GP training posts
Frail Elderly
Transformation to
7 Day Services
Urgent Care
Dementia Awareness Training: Tier 1 across all healthcare settings
Nursing for Older people: KGH Academy of Geratology Excellence
FALLS Positive: supporting TUON in continued roll out across settings
Quality Care Home Training: across 28 Nursing Homes, NHFT, NGH
Skills Programme: for care home staff in oral, nutrition and hydration
Workforce impact analysis: workforce development and supply requirements
a county in which to
live, work & learn
Workforce development programme within A&E Departments at KGH and NGH
supported by HEEM investment.
 Supporting development of Advanced Practitioners
ENACT: funding healthcare drama performance in Northants schools
Careers Events: promoting NHS at 20 events, with 70 health ambassadors
Supporting unemployed: working with Northants employers via the
Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership
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developing a high quality workforce to
meet the healthcare needs of the
people of Northamptonshire
Workforce Team (Northamptonshire) supporting the Northamptonshire LETC
Priority 1
Healthcare Support Worker Role Development
HEEM Pre Degree
Work Experience
Pilot Project
Eight pre degree HCAs at NGH and KGH successfully completed work
experience and continued onto the Mar14 Nurse degree programme at The
University of Northampton (TUON). A second cohort got underway toward
commencement of degree programme in Sep14. Feedback to date: very positive
experience for all concerned (National and Local evaluation reports to due Autumn
Practitioner Role
The fifth cohort of 16 Trainee Assistant Practitioners (APs) commenced their
foundation degree in Health & Social Care at the University of Northampton in
March 2014. Funding was allocated to Northamptonshire Trusts to support Year 1
of the Foundation Degree at TUON.
Qualified and trainee APs are across a variety of healthcare areas in NGH, KGH,
NHFT and St Andrew’s Healthcare; from acute adult nursing, child health and in
the community.
The Sep11 (x 10) cohort successfully qualified as APs and are the second wave of
qualified APs working within KGH and NGH.
A third evaluation of the
development of the AP role was carried out focusing on the qualified AP; the
report (including evaluation of the 2014 AP Conference) due September 2014.
Strategic planning of AP development: review of current education framework to a
modular approach to improve flexibility and provide CPD opportunities –
partnership working with TUON, employers and Workforce Team.
Training qualified APs as mentors.
training and core
Priority 2
Transformation in
primary care
Supporting national/regional development group working with organisations in
readiness to implement the Care Certificate
Provided education funding to St Andrew’s Healthcare via the flexible Wider
Workforce Development funding to enable development of staff (Bs1-4) receive
training in foundation skills and physical healthcare.
Primary Care Workforce
The Northamptonshire Workforce Team commenced support for the workforce
element of the Northants CCGs’ Primary Care Strategy and the Primary Care
Strategy being developed by the Hertfordshire and South Midlands Area Team.
Developing relationships with Thames Valley and East of England LETBs has
resulted in understanding of good practice, commonality, shared working, etc, that
will enhance activities towards primary care workforce transformation.
GP specialist and generalist role development: planning underway.
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developing a high quality workforce to
meet the healthcare needs of the
people of Northamptonshire
Workforce Team (Northamptonshire) supporting the Northamptonshire LETC
Understanding the
Northamptonshire was part of the National pilot for the primary care minimum
dataset (due to replace the GP Census). With the Workforce Team Analyst
contributing to the dataset design. It is due to be mandated by September 2014
and aims to improve availability of general practice workforce data.
The Northamptonshire Local Education and Training Council (LETC) has a
Primary Care Sub Group which is chaired by a GP and therefore a member of the
LETC. The sub group also comprises representation from the Local Medical
Committee and Head of Nursing from the CCGs. Initially the focus had been on
general medical services, and was extended to consider local Dental and the wider
Primary Care workforce. Going forward the sub group will aim to ensure alignment
between education investment and the Northamptonshire Primary Care Strategy
linked to the Healthier Northamptonshire transformation programme.
Developed links with the local professional networks which encompass the other
areas of primary care.
Strengthened relationships resulted in greater contribution to the Northamptonshire
Workforce Plan in both number of practices contributing and the quality of the data
Northamptonshire and The University of Northampton have been working
collaboratively to increase practice learning opportunities in general practice for
student nurses. This has resulted in a number of practices expressing an interest
in providing placements with one Practice having 3 student nurse placements.
Commenced development of placement opportunities at the GP and Urgent Care
Centre in Corby, and other areas across the Northamptonshire localities.
GP Practice
Priority 3
Student Nurse Placement event took place on 28 January 2014 in partnership with
HEEM commissions the General Practice Nurse BSc course run by De Montfort
University for nurses new to general practice has been very well received by
Northamptonshire practices with 13 undertaking the certificate - Northamptonshire
has been the second highest uptake across the East Midlands.
Inclusion of general practice into education funding allocations and widening
access to Learning Beyond Registration education portfolio. This has resulted in
funding dementia awareness training, and practice nurse skills, plus increasing
access to the LBR portfolio to other general practice staff.
Expansion of apprenticeships in general practice: January 2014 to raise the profile
of apprenticeship opportunities in general practice – resulting in increased
awareness and potential to develop clinical apprenticeship framework.
Medical Workforce Transformation
Expand recruitment
into medical training
Supported HEEM: redistribution of medical training posts, gathering medical
workforce data, increase GP training posts.
Northamptonshire LETC Medical Workforce Sub Group established with
representation from HEEM, GPs, Local Medical Committee and medical directors,
directors of medical education, directors of nursing from across the County’s
healthcare provider and commissioning organisations.
Identify and develop
medical & nonmedical solutions
Workforce Transformation Event on 3 March 2014: future medical workforce
requirements considered as part of overarching workforce planning process.
Supporting the development of the Physician Associate roles and further
expansion of Advanced Practitioner roles.
Continued support and provision of funding for non-medical prescribing education,
CPD and annual conference.
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developing a high quality workforce to
meet the healthcare needs of the
people of Northamptonshire
Workforce Team (Northamptonshire) supporting the Northamptonshire LETC
Priority 4
Developing skills/
competences for
people caring for
the frail elderly
Improving quality
of care for the frail
Provision of End
of Life Care
Frail Elderly
Dementia Awareness Training: ensuring good quality Tier 1 dementia training is
available in all healthcare settings. Plus focused on expansion of training within
primary care.
Contribution to HEE Project: postgraduate nurse training: older people with
complex needs.
Commenced support re education for the ongoing development at KGH – of a
multi-professional Academy of Geratology Excellence.
Supported expansion of FALLS Positive project (TUON) increasing delivery of
training across primary and secondary health and social care settings.
Commenced development of a Northamptonshire education programme across
health and social care to deliver High Quality Care for the Elderly – HEEM
provision of £137,000 funding allocation.
HEEM provided funding to support education on ‘Sustaining Care Home Quality’,
which was rolled out across Northamptonshire at 28 Nursing Homes, 20 Staff
Nurses at NHFT and to Falls Champions at NGH.
Reported measures from 9 nursing homes that received training show that post
training, there has been a:
• 13% reduction in all falls incidents, with a 50% reduction in falls incidents referred
to hospitals
• 35% reduction in urinary tract infections
• 47% reduction in referrals to emergency departments; and
• 12% reduction in GP callouts
Continued to support the roll out of the skills programme of training across five
different care settings focusing on promotion or oral health, nutrition/hydration for
people with dementia and compassionate care. Working in partnership with the
Northamptonshire Integrated Care Partnership Board.
The Practice Educator Team at Cynthia Spencer Hospice had over 2,200 learners
access their courses during 2013/14 – including Essence of Good End of Life
Care, Foundations to Gold Standards Framework, etc. Delegates were from a
range of disciplines: District Nursing, Practice Nursing, Ambulance, Acute Nursing
and Care Home staff. This training has proven to be very successful with reduced
admissions into secondary care from Care Homes. Funding provided by HEEM
and supported by the Northants Workforce Team.
Northamptonshire has agreed an approach to Advance Care Planning with a
booklet that is available in Libraries, Pharmacies and other public places.
Kettering General Hospital and Northampton General Hospital have signed up to
the national Transformation EOLC in Acute Hospitals programme – thereby
implementing enablers to realise patient choice for place of care and place of
Priority 5
Workforce impact
both in & outside
of hospital
Transformation to 7 Day Services
Commenced support of national development.
Workforce Transformation Event on 3 March 2014: impact on future workforce
considered as part of overarching workforce planning process.
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developing a high quality workforce to
meet the healthcare needs of the
people of Northamptonshire
Workforce Team (Northamptonshire) supporting the Northamptonshire LETC
Priority 6
Urgent Care
Education in
Workforce development programme within Accident & Emergency Departments at
KGH and NGH supported by HEEM investment.
Priority 7
Promoting Northamptonshire … a county in which to learn, work and live
Raise awareness by:
• providing a flavour of the
350+ jobs available within
the NHS
• highlighting the need for
medical workforce within
• demonstrating healthcare
• promoting Northants
healthcare employers to
future students/trainees
• growing our own
• providing exceptional
work experiences
• retaining our students
and trainees
Enact: professional performances to Yr9 students: highly visual and dramatic
snapshot of jobs/careers within NHS. Delivered at schools where the demographic
identifies students to be less aspirational, and that the school had not previously
seen the performances.
The Northamptonshire Workforce Team coordinated NHS representation at 20
careers events during 2013/14, supported by 25 NHS representatives.
73 NHS representatives/Health Ambassadors volunteered to attend these careers
Workshops and demonstrations were given on a wide range of subjects from
employability skills to medical professions:
 Occupational Therapy at the High Achievers Event
 Pathology, Biomedical Science at the World of Work Day
 Business Development at the Enterprise Day
Working with other Northamptonshire employers via the Northamptonshire
Enterprise Partnership to:
 widen participation to employment into the NHS
 support long term unemployed back into employment
 support less advantaged into employment
 provision of work experience within healthcare organisations
Cross function activity
Workforce Plan
Values Based
Successful collaboration with numerous Northamptonshire stakeholders:
commissioning and provider organisations, primary care,
professional leads, Adult & Child Social Care, St
Andrew’s Healthcare, Public Health, The University of
Northampton, voluntary sector and other private sector
The Workforce Team continued to develop excellent
relationships with service commissioners and programme
leads at NHS Nene & Corby CCGs, Northamptonshire
Public Health, Northamptonshire County Council Adult
and Child Social Care and Skills for Care to ascertain
future strategy direction. New relationships with
Healthwatch and voluntary sector organisations such as Age UK and the local
Alzheimer’s Society have been developed.
Supported NGH to develop a framework to be used within recruitment and
appraisal processes with the aim of improving staff engagement and patient
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developing a high quality workforce to
meet the healthcare needs of the
people of Northamptonshire
Workforce Team (Northamptonshire) supporting the Northamptonshire LETC
Training Passport
Investment was made in the Calderdale Framework (CF);
a tool designed to facilitate a skill-mixed workforce leading
to new ways of working and competency based training Northamptonshire had access to the CF Facilitators
course and an extensive library of competences for
nursing, occupational therapy and physiotherapy staff.
Four members of staff across Northamptonshire attended
the facilitator training; two members of HR at KGH, a community physiotherapist at
NGH and the Workforce Planning & Development Manager at the HEEM
Northamptonshire Workforce Team.
Implementation of the CF was underway, areas being established and further
awareness training to be carried out later in 2014.
Lead the Project across the County to explore the feasibility of
implementing a mandatory Training Passport and identify
commonality across organisations mapped against the national
Core Skills Framework developed by Skills for Health.
Mandatory Training
A scoping report was produced and it was agreed that it would be
taken forward by a self managed network across the
Northamptonshire Trusts.
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