traffic signals

Traffic Signals
Traffic Signals
Through continuous research and development, working closely in partnership with its customers and the
Signature Group of companies, Signature know that there will be no limit to the range of products available to its
customers which will satisfy the needs of an ever-changing market.
LRT Tram Signals
Light Rail Transit Signals have been manufactured by Signature for
well over 40 years
Traditionally supplied as an Halogen Lamp system Signature are
now able to offer an LED version which offers excellent signal clarity
and long-term overall cost savings
The Signature LRT signals offers a choice of 5 symbols which can
be selected from one signal unit and can be used as a stand alone
unit or as a traffic signal assembly
Remote Signal monitoring fitted as standard
Livestock (Cattle) Crossing Equipment
Designed in accordance with the DOT requirements these units comply with DoT specification MCE0148. Fitting
of the signals is normally on either side of the road and in advance of the crossing.
Approved for use on Public Road, this type of equipment is widely used in other livestock crossing applications
such as racecourses.
Signal: DoT approved standard Polycarbonate Signal Head with 2 x
200mm Amber lenses using either High intensity 50W tungsten halogen lamps
or LED option. Signals supplied complete with backing board
Switch: By key switch mounted in a weather-proof box on pole. Flashing
time can be pre-set from 30 to 300 seconds in 30 second steps
Pole: 114mm diameter 4.5 OAL (600pc) Height to accommodate signal
and 600mm sign
Flasher: To diagram 4005 of T.S.R.G.D
Controller: Housed in unused central lens aperture with lockable door
Connections: Signal connections under removal pole pole cap as
standard traffic signal Cable entry in base of pole
Options: Solar power option available with LED optics. Remote switching
unit available fitted with lamp monitoring
Approved to MCE 0148A - TSRGD 1981
Traffic Signals
Wig-Wag Signalling
DoT Approved to MCE0109B and 0113B
Rail/road level crossings
Protected emergency exits e.g. Fire, Ambulance
and Police Stations
Airport runways and perimeter tracks
Penning or swing bridge approaches
Construction and factory sites e.g. internal rail
networks and gantry crane networks
Durable and sturdy in construction, the standard Red/Red/Amber Wig-Wag Signal can be also be supplied as a
Vertical Unit - Red/Red
Type approved
Pedestrian warning device can be supplied with 150mm diameter warning bell, or 2-channel warbler with
adjustable volume on each channel
Lamp monitoring unit
Manual or automatic control equipment supplied to customer requirements Standard 200mm diameter lens
or 300mm option
Barrier system options
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