2014-2015 OBA Season - Canadian Basketball Academy

OBA Information Package
Mission - Vision - Values
CBA Mission Statement
Our goal is to help young
people in our communities
reach their full potential and
succeed in life. We will do this
by building self-confidence,
teaching them to embrace
social diversity and instilling
communal responsibility.
CBA Creed
Let us play with strong will and
courage but also fairly. Let
competition make us stronger
but never hostile. In this let us
stay virtuous. If we achieve
victory, we will all share in
triumph. If we are denied, we
will keep our head held high
knowing that we tried our best.
Let us not see ourselves only
when we are cheered, but when
we are gracious opponents.
Let us recognize that our
teammates and opponents all
share the same love of this
great game. And let's remind
ourselves that sports are just
games; make sure we learn
something that will matter once
the games are over. And if
through our efforts in this game,
we set an example – let it be a
good one.
CBA Core Values:
Signifies respect for players,
coaches, parents and the rules
of conduct.
Embodies everything we do at
CBA. When players, their
families and the larger
community work together,
everyone succeeds.
Because the basis for every
program that we conduct and
what sets us apart is the ability
to make everything fun!
Ontario Basketball Info Package (CBA)
CBA Makes History
2013 - 2014 Accomplishments
1200+ children in CBA programs
Sponsored 350+ underprivileged children to
attend CBA programs free of charge.
Raised $53,000 for charity.
Operated 26 distinct programs.
Won 3 Gold and 2 Bronze medals at the United
World Games in Italy, Austria, and Germany.
CBA R.E.A.C.H. Prep School launched in
partnership with the Toronto District School Board
CBA featured and or mentioned in 4 newspaper
(Page 4) Ontario Basketball Champions
All 9 CBA teams participated in the Ontario
Championship at the end of the 2013-2014
Although 2013 was CBA’s first year in the OBAs
CBA won a gold medal and two bronze
In 2014-2015 CBA will have 12 Teams
participating in the OBA Championships.
Ontario Basketball Info Package (CBA)
2014-2015 OBA Season
Above Photo: CBA opens the Toronto Stock Exchange shot live around the world on the Business News Network (BNN)
The Canadian Basketball Academy
(CBA) is a member of the Ontario
Basketball Association (OBA). We
have been a member in good
standing for the past 3 years. CBA
has grown to 12 OBA teams in 3
short years and this year promises
to be our most competitive yet.
and choose the uniforms. Every
Player will also receive a CBA Team
playbook at the start of the season.
Join the other 130+ CBA rep players
as you embark on a season unlike
any other! Look forward to building
lasting friendships and to playing the
best basketball of your life. Players
have a vested interest in team affairs
and get to decide the team colours
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Every CBA parent and player will
receive the CBA OBA Manual upon
registration. This manual outlines
protocols for coaches, players, and
parents. It explains a bit more about
the CBA organization and outlines
its expectations and CBA’s role in
your child’s basketball development
over the course of the next 10
Ontario Basketball Info Package (CBA)
What To Expect
Every CBA team has a professional coach/trainer with a
minimum level 2 NCCP certification and coaches are
paid for their coaching services (CBA is the only
organization in Ontario Basketball that pays
coaches a salary). Hiring professional coaches allows
CBA to demand a higher caliber of coaching than other
organizations. Teams also require 2 parent volunteers;
One as an assistant coach and a second parent to
serve as the team manager for the duration of the
The OBA season runs from
October until the Championships
in April, May, or June depending
on age of participants
Practices (U10 - U14)
During the OBA season players have 2 practices per
week. The first practice covers team concepts and the
second practice teaches basketball fundamentals. Every
practice is 2 hours in duration (120 minutes) and both
practices are mandatory.
Practices (U15 - U18)
CBA High School players participate in extra curricular
activities and have a heavier academic workload so they
only have 1 mandatory practice per week.
High School players also have an optional weekly
practice that focuses on basketball fundamentals:
dribbling, shooting, and passing.
Games & Tournaments
Every OBA team plays a minimum of 20 games. Regular season games are played in the team’s
practice time spot whenever possible. Alternatively, Friday nights at Leaside High School (CBA’s
Home Gym) are reserved for games & scrimmages from 6-10 pm. All teams will also attend 3
tournaments including the OBA Championships.
House League (HL)
HL s mandatory for the Fall season. HL consists of a refereed game (1 hour) where players of all levels
are provided an opportunity to further their skills through competition. All HL games are played at
Leaside High school on Saturday mornings between 8-11 am. HL is sponsored by Tim Hortons.
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Ontario Basketball Info Package (CBA)
No Child Turned Away
We at the Canadian Basketball Academy believe in our youth. We also believe that every child
should have the opportunity to enjoy the game of basketball regardless of their financial situation.
That is why NO CHILD IS TURNED AWAY for financial reasons.
If you are experiencing challenges paying fees, make your confidential call today to discuss your
options. If you would like to sponsor a child or a program, please contact us at (416)993-9536 or
[email protected]
Travel Opportunities
CBA has an illustrious history traveling to Europe, Africa and this year we are headed to Asia!
Every CBA team has the opportunity to participate in CBA travel. For this year’s trips, CBA is
traveling to Turkey, Spain, Austria, Italy. Contact CBA Admin to learn how your CBA team can
travel and compete overseas
Important Dates & Deadlines
1. CBA tryouts take place August 5-7, August 26-29, and September 9 & 11 (check CBA
website for exact times).
2. There is a mandatory parent meeting for selected players on September 16, 2014 at John
Polanyi Collegiate Institute (640 Lawrence Avenue West)
3. Payment must be made by cheque no later than September 18, 2014. CBA will be collecting
cheques on this date at John Polanyi from 8-9 pm. Please make cheques payable to “CBA.”
4. Official team practices begin Sunday September 28, 2014.
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