Creating Vibrant, Interactive Environments for children

Creating Vibrant, Interactive Environments for children, Inspiring Reggio Emilia Practices in the Odyssey By Kelly Hor, Director of School Fadly Asis, Senior Art Specialist Facilitators: Herman Bakar, Candy Low, Drizzle Hshieh, Joachim Liu, Patrick Lim, Alice Alagan
Workshop Objectives In this workshop, the Odyssey team shares their interpreta4ons of how environments are designed as engaging learning spaces for children and what it means for an environment to effec4vely serves as a third teacher in early childhood se;ngs. At the end of the workshop, par4cipants will be able to … 1.  Expand their thinking in designing and organizing interac4ve learning spaces for children 2.  Gain prac4cal ideas in using diverse materials to support children’s mul4sensory experiences Environments, Inspirations from Reggio Emilia •  Environments as protagonist in empowering, inspiring and ins4ga4ng ac4ve learning. •  Environment becomes spaces filled with diverse, crea4ve materials for touching, exploring, inquiring and discovering •  Encourage children and adults, to observe and rediscover the richness, beauty and possibili4es of materials. •  Environments that promote meaningful and collabora4ve explora4on with materials Creation of the ‘Ray of Light’ Ar4s4c elements ‘Ray of Light’, a rich exploratory and interac4ve space that emphasizes experiences in scien4fic and aesthe4c inves4ga4ons. c Scien4fits elemen
Balance Shadow Lines Light Colours Symmetry Shape Reflec4ons Texture Space Ray of Light •  Atelier converted into a darkroom. •  UV lamp, fluorescent materials, glow-­‐in-­‐the-­‐dark objects. •  Light producing devices. •  OHP and light tables. Ray of Light •  Light pain4ngs •  ‘Shadow Dancing’ •  Darkroom Treasure Hunt •  Exploratory ac4vi4es at OHP and light table. •  Wayang kulit! Ray of Light •  Children explored and discover wonders of light and shadow. •  They explored colours in darkness. •  Experience rich diverse of materials, media and ac4vi4es. •  Peer collabora4on. •  Elements of Art: Lines, shapes, space, colours. Ray of Light Wayang Kulit Ray of Light Light Painting Experiencing the Ray of Light 1.  Shadow play -­‐ Extending possibili0es and ideas through interac0ons of materials on the OHP. A variety of transparent and opaque materials are provided for explora4ons on the OHP, where par4cipants are encouraged to experiment and dialogue on the possibili4es and poten4al of materials. 2.  UV Light Painting -­‐ Art explora0ons with UV light and luminescent paint. Using the technique of glow in the dark art with ultraviolet light and luminescent paint to explore the possibili4es of using materials that fluoresce under a black light 3.  Ping Pong Light -­‐ Using light sources to explore and experiment with form, shapes and colours. Par4cipants will be experimen4ng with various sources of light e.g. torch light, LED lights, colured lights to create lines, shapes, forms and ar4s4c designs