Retail Starter Kit
Features & Benefits
If you are opening your store for the first time, or upgrading from a
cash register, then Reckon’s Retail Starter Kit is what you need. This
kit includes integrated payroll management, inventory tracking and
management, point of sale management and point of sale hardware.
QuickBooks Plus 2009/10 QBi series
Manage your payroll
Payroll information is centralised and available at your fingertips in the Payroll Centre. From here
you can perform all payroll tasks, drill down to previous payroll transactions, enter time, create and
schedule payments, email pay slips to your employees, and even split their pays into multiple bank
accounts. You can even edit past payroll payments to avoid recalculating entire pay cheques.
Straight forward tracking of tax and GST
QuickBooks contains an intuitive and more accurate tax tracking system for day-to-day transactions
and for tax and BAS reporting. Tax Items are now linked to Tax Codes, so you can’t accidentally
assign the wrong sales or purchase tax code. You can also access Help on each field of the BAS, so
you know what makes up every figure. Save time and avoid penalties – the fully integrated Business
Activity Statement in QuickBooks Plus means you can lodge online through the ATO’s Business Portal.
Process credit card payments
With just one click, you can receive payments from your customers by credit card and record the
transactions in QuickBooks.* Reckon Tools Credit Card Payments allows you to process credit card
payments directly through QuickBooks, in a secure environment.
*You will require an Internet Merchant account - contact your financial institution. Additional charges apply.
Keep track of inventory
QuickBooks allows easy entry and tracking of all your inventory movements and costs.
Import your bank statements
Reconciling your bank account is easy. Simply download your statement** and import it into
QuickBooks, then match the transactions. You can even add transactions from the statements
that aren’t in QuickBooks, avoiding slow and frustrating data entry.
**Check with your financial institution to see if they support this feature.
Retail Starter Kit
Reports to interpret and track your business
More than 100 reports and graphs can be generated within the Reports Centre to help you keep a
close eye on your business.
With just one click you can also drill down into reports to find detailed financial information. You can
even convert the report into a PDF file for email, so the recipient views the report just as you see it
in QuickBooks.
Smarter employee management
The new Employee Organiser allows you to record detailed employee information such as leave,
wages, promotions and contacts using the Employee Organiser Wizard, as well as produce
sophisticated summaries of your employee’s details and history. By storing your important
employee information in one easy-to-access location you can better manage your employees and
improve business efficiency.
Reach more potential customers
The easy-to-use QuickBooks Wizard integrates Google Marketing Tools to help you create
Google Adwords*, allowing you to reach more potential customers. By creating your own online
advertisements you will increase your business’ visibility, as well as help customers quickly locate
your business with Google Maps.
*Google Adwords is an additional product that can be purchased separately.
Control access to confidential account balances
Controlling access to your confidential account balances is easy with the QuickBooks’ Hide/Show
preference. Simply switch your Account Balance previews to off to ensure only you have access to
your business’ confidential account balances.
Identify multiple company files and users
Quickly and easily identify multiple company files and users by selecting different homepage
colours. Helping to ensure users work on the right company file, your business can take
advantage of increased efficiency and accuracy.
Retail Starter Kit
Backup your company data automatically
Reckon Tools Backup† makes it easy to securely backup your important company data file. Seamless
integration with QuickBooks means your company data file is automatically uploaded to the remote
backup server, allowing you to rest assured that your business data is always safe and secure.
† Reckon Tools Backup is an additional product that can be purchased separately. Prices start from $29.95 per annum.
Superannuation compliance
QuickBooks now integrates seamlessly with Reckon Tools SuperLink by incorporating a new Super
Fund Identification Field that links to a comprehensive list of Australia’s superannuation funds;
providing you an easier way of managing your Super Choice compliance and superannuation
*Reckon Tools SuperLink is an additional product that can be purchased separately. Prices start from $100 per annum for 0-5 employees.
Easier data file management
QuickBooks allows you to select from 27 Industry-specific Charts of Accounts, meaning you can set
up and manage your company file for your specific industry with ease, while improving data integrity
with more accurate reports.
Retail Starter Kit
Reckon Retail Point of Sale Lite 2009/10
Seamless integration to QuickBooks® QBi series
A retail solution is not complete without a seamless integration to QuickBooks® QBi series. Retail
Point of Sale has a seamless integration with QuickBooks® inventory, customer accounts, sales
assistants and chart of accounts. Choose from QuickBooks® Accounting, QuickBooks® Plus,
QuickBooks® Pro, QuickBooks® Premier or QuickBooks® Enterprise.
Manage your stock with ease
Retail Point of Sale manages all types of inventory. You can track sales and stock on hand for a
particular item. You have the ability to track service items, group items to sell as a kit or purchase
in a case and sell as a 6 pack. Or perhaps you need to track sales by units of measure* such as
kilograms, metres or litres.
*Units of measure only available with QuickBooks Pro QBi series, QuickBooks Premier QBi series and QuickBooks Enterprise QBi series.
Label design and print software included
Retail Point of Sale includes a comprehensive label design and print feature, built into the software.
Design your own shelf labels, advertising cards, barcodes for products or customer cards. The
choice is virtually endless.
Point of Sale made easy
Retail Point of Sale is a computerised cash register designed with tools you need to ensure sales
are processed quickly, giving your staff more time to spend with your customers.
With our touch screen functionality you can create as many touch buttons as you need and even
choose your own colour scheme and size.
Put multiple transactions on hold at one time, add a message to the transaction, such as a
customer’s name and recall from any terminal.
Manage customer laybys
Offer your customers the flexibility of laybys, and manage the whole process with Retail Point
of Sale. You have the ability to keep track of your layby customers, items on layby as well as
remaining balances on layby accounts.
User and Role based security features
Reckon helps you manage sensitive transactions such as refunds and discounts by enabling you
to create user roles and establish user privileges for your employees, ensuring user access and
security of your business is tracked and maintained with ease and complete control at all times.
Retail Starter Kit
Point of Sale Hardware
Obvios ORP-800 Thermal Receipt Printer
– USB Enabled
The ORP-800 is designed with the retailer in mind.
Combining intuitive, user friendly operation and class
leading specifications. The well-designed ORP-800
will add value to your POS system while taking up
minimal counter space.
Cash Bases Cash Drawer
The CDJ-400 powered cash drawer is one of the
narrowest, but at 10kg in weight it is an extremely
solid and robust unit. With the exception of the
insert, it is fabricated from heavy gauge epoxy
coated mild steel capable of withstanding the rigors
of the most demanding retail environment.
Datalogic Touch 65™ Barcode Scanner
– USB Enabled
The Datalogic Touch 65™ barcode scanner is of
European design, lightweight, durable and easy to
hold. Designed for busy retailers, the Touch 65™
has a scan rate of 256 scans/sec, which guarantees
outstanding performance.
Hardware is subject to availability of stock and Reckon Limited reserves
the right to supply an alternative product of similar value.
Retail Starter Kit
Product Comparison
Retail Point of Sale Lite
Retail Point of Sale
QuickBooks® System Requirements
Back office management
Touch screen enabled
Label printing software
Stock management
Designed for fast paced retailers
Transactions on hold
Integrated EFTPOS
In-product help
• Windows 2000/XP/Vista™*
• 500 MHz Intel Pentium II (or equivalent) with 256 MB
of RAM
• Windows Vista™ users: 1.2 GHz
Intel Pentium III (or equivalent) and
• 1 GB of disk space for QuickBooks installation
• Internet Explorer 6.0 required
• At least 256 colour SVGA video
• 800 x 600 resolution with small fonts
• Works with any printer supported by Windows 2000/
• 24 x CD-ROM
• All online features/services require Internet access
with at least a 56 Kbps modem
• Microsoft .NET Framework Common Language
Runtime 1.1 (provided on CD, requires an additional
150 MB)
* The 64 bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Server 2008 operating
systems are not supported.
Wildcard search
Multi User Requirements
Transaction history for printing receipts
User and Role based security features
Multi-user mode is optimised for Microsoft Windows 2000
Server or Windows Server 2003 operating systems, and
for Windows 2000/XP Pro/Vista**
Training mode
Currency conversion
Kitchen printing/Table tracking
Multiple barcodes
Enhanced customer loyalty programs
Layered touch screen
• 1.8 GHz Intel Pentium IV (or equivalent) with 512 MB
RAM (or 1 GB RAM for Windows Vista™)
• 1024 x 768 resolution with small fonts
• High speed internet access
**Not all versions of Window Vista are supported. Support is provided for
Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Ultimate only.
Integration Requirements
Microsoft® Word and Excel Integration requires Microsoft®
Word and Excel 2000, 2002, 2003 or 2007. Integration
limited to export only.
Compatible with Reckon Retail Point of Sale 2009/10
Professional and Lite versions. Reckon does not support
Adobe Acrobat 9.0.
Retail Point of Sale System Requirements
• 1.0 GHz Intel Pentium IV (or equivalent) with 256 MB of RAM
• 1024 x 728 resolution with small fonts
• High speed internet access
The Retail Point of Sale range operates within both Microsoft® Windows XP Home and the
Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home (Basic and Premium) single machine environments,
however it does not operate on Microsoft® Windows XP Home or Microsoft® Windows
Vista™ Home (Basic and Premium) networked environment.
*Not available on Microsoft® Windows 64 Bit Operating System.
• Windows 2000/XP*/Vista™*
• 500 MHz Intel Pentium II (or equivalent) with 128 MB of RAM
• 500 MB of disk space for Retail Point of Sale installation
• Internet Explorer 6.0 or better required (Internet Explorer 6.0 is
provided on CD-ROM; requires 70 MB)
• At least 256 colour SVGA video
• 800 x 600 resolution with small fonts
• 24 x CD-ROM
• All online features/services require Internet access with at least
a 56 Kbps modem
Reckon and QBi are trademarks of Reckon Limited