PDF (2014 Participants) - Entrepreneurship Lab NYC

Program Participants
Adam Kirell & Erik Lillydahl: We are developing a portable biofeedback device designed to relieve and prevent symptoms of Temporomandibular Joint
Disorder, Bruxism, and other stress related causes of facial pain.
Alan Perlstein, Daisy Lobo, Mei-Mei Zhao & Xi Huang: [Polytechnic Institute of New York University affiliation] Ex Vivo Dynamics is a medical device company
developing BloodGuard
platform technology to significantly reduce short and long term complication resulting from blood transfusion.
Amir Handzel: A decision support system for automated analysis and diagnosis of histopathology biopsies comprising a physical scanning platform,
algorithms, and software.
Ashish Raj: [Weill Cornell Medical College affiliation] BrainWire is a software based on brain MRI that can predict the future risk and patterns of Alzheimer’s
and dementia, commercialized as an out-of-pocket elective procedure.
Chang Kang: Disposable paper test sensors for fast detection of bacterial food spoilage.
Daniel Leong: [Albert Einstein College of Medicine affiliation] Nutraceutical-based compound for the treatment of osteoarthritis.
David Tsay: [Columbia University affiliation] Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) guided interventional bioptome catheter and diagnostic system for the
real-time diagnosis of cardiac diseases.
Ekaterina Dadachova, Arturo Casadevall & Dina Tsukrov: [Albert Einstein College of Medicine affiliation] RadCure is developing effective, safe and
affordable antibody-based drugs for curing HIV systemically and in the central nervous system.
Gerard Honig, Bruce Hirsch & Andrew Sczesnak: The microbiome, a diverse community of symbiotic microbes which live in our bodies, protects us
from infection. Symbiotic Health develops microbiome-based therapeutics for infectious diseases.
Hsiou-Chi Liou, Samedy Ouk & Johannes Zakrzewski: [Weill Medical College of Cornell University & Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
affiliation] Our mission at ImmuneTarget is to develop novel NF-kB/Rel inhibitor drugs for cancers and autoimmune diseases.
Linh Le, Ly Vu & Nguyen Nguyen: [Stevens Institute of Technology affiliation] FlexTraPower designs and develops graphene-based
sensors. The first application is a flexible sensor prototype for the thermometry market with sub-second response time and superior accuracy.
Michael Tirgan & Nadereh Nouhi: [Rockefeller University Hospital affiliation] Focusing on developing new drugs for treatment of Keloid Disorder: 1)
reformulating a generic drug into a sustained release product using nano-technology; 2) purifying plant extract to create a new topical cream.
Rafael Gras, Tomas Aparicio Casado, Francesco Lotti & Jieling Zhu: [Columbia University Medical Center affiliation] Development of novel
therapeutics using dendrimers – initial product will be topical gel for the prevention of HIV.
Ravi Sachidanandam & Anitha Jayaprakash: [Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai affiliation] Girihlet provides inexpensive, accurate
mitochondrial (mtDNA) sequencing for personalized medicine. Service is based on our internal reference database on mtDNA heteroplasmy in
various populations.
Robert Ritlop & Adrian Trevisan: [NYU Stern affiliation] Oculogica is developing a portable, non-invasive, four-minute test to detect concussion, and
other brain injuries, in the emergency room.
Srdjan (Serge) Loncar: The mobile Health manager™ is a two-way SMS based patient engagement, medical therapy management, and care coordination
platform, designed to improve outcomes patients on specialty pharmaceuticals.
Steven Kaufman: Quikiks is the world’s first fully supportive footwear to enable people with various physical and cognitive challenges to don
and doff their shoes totally hands-free.
Tanjin Panna & David Putrino: [CUNY City College of New York affiliation] The mission of GesTherapy is to use low cost technologies to create affordable
tele-rehabilitation systems to do physical therapy for millions of patients worldwide.
W Vallen Graham: [Rockefeller University affiliation] I have harnessed a novel method to capture native protofibrillar amyloid structures to make a library of
conformation-specific monoclonal antibodies that detect early amyloid disease.
Zeynep Dereli-Korkut: [City College of New York affiliation] Our technology is a 3D microfluidic tumor array platform which will be used for highthroughput drug screening and patient specific treatment by evaluating the therapeutic response of biopsy samples.