Advocacy QPM Information Sheet

Recognising quality in independent advocacy
Advocacy Quality Performance Mark
Who should read this?
Providers, commissioners
and funders of independent
advocacy services, as well as
people who use those services.
Recognising quality in independent advocacy
The Advocacy Quality Performance Mark (QPM) is a robust, quality
assessment and assurance system for providers of independent advocacy
in England, Wales and Northern Ireland*. Advocacy is essential for people
to have their voices heard, to exercise choice and control and to live
independently. It is vital that advocacy is carried out effectively in a personcentred way. The QPM helps providers to meet the high standards required
and demonstrate this to both people who use advocacy services and
The QPM is a tool for providers
of independent advocacy to
benchmark their organisations
and services against a robust
framework. The QPM Award
demonstrates an organisation’s
commitment and ability to
provide high quality advocacy.
The Advocacy QPM:
Originally developed by Action
for Advocacy in 2008, this is the
3rd edition of the QPM. It was
developed in 2014 by the National
Development Team for Inclusion
(NDTi), funded by the Department
of Health to work with providers,
users and commissioners of
advocacy services to review and
revise the QPM.
• Enables independent advocacy providers to demonstrate and promote their
commitment and ability to provide high quality advocacy
• Helps people who need advocacy services to identify organisations in their areas
which will be able to support them well
• Gives commissioners of advocacy services reassurance that providers they are
engaging have been assessed to ensure their organisations are robust and focused
on ensuring delivery of quality services
The process of applying for the QPM also helps organisations to review, improve and
develop their organisational systems, policies and practices.
*Please see overleaf for arrangements in Scotland
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Recognising quality
in independent advocacy
How it works
Advocacy services in Scotland
The QPM works in conjunction with the Advocacy Code of Practice, enabling providers
to demonstrate how they are meeting the different standards set out in the code.
The QPM is available to organisations providing Independent Mental Capacity
Advocacy (IMCA) services and those providing independent advocacy to clients who
are not covered by IMCA. Those providing IMCA services will be required to supply
additional information and evidence related to specific topics.
The QPM assessment process involves four stages:
Online Registration
Once you express an interest in applying for the QPM Award, you will be
invited to complete Stage 2.
Policy and Process Confirmation
Organisations verify, through an electronic form, that they have the
required policies, procedures and systems to begin the QPM Assessment
Process. Subject to satisfactory completion of this stage, you will be invited
to begin the Desktop Assessment and will be allocated a fully trained and
experienced QPM Assessor.
Desktop Assessment
The Scottish Independent Advocacy
Alliance (SIAA), supported by the
Scottish Government, hosts a
Quality Assurance Project specific to
independent advocacy providers in
For more information, please visit the
SIAA website:
The cost of the QPM is £1800 for both
IMCA and non-IMCA organisations.
This fee applies to single site
For advocacy providers operating
across dual or multi sites please
contact us directly to discuss your
Over 80 organisations have been
awarded the QPM since it was first
developed in 2008. Contact details
and web links for organisations which
currently hold the QPM Award are
detailed on the QPM website.
Your organisation will have six months in which to complete the Assessment
Workbook and provide information and evidence on how you meet the
different standards required. Once complete, your workbook is sent for
review by the QPM Assessor, with any additional information requested.
Site Assessment
Subject to satisfactory completion of the above three stages, the QPM
Assessor will visit your organisation and interview a range of people
including Board members, staff, volunteers and people who use your
advocacy services. The Assessor will also review advocacy case files.
Successful organisations achieve the QPM Award for a period of three years and can
use the QPM Award logo on materials to demonstrate their commitment to, and
ability to provide, high quality independent advocacy.
Further information
For further information about the QPM
and access to a range of resources, visit
our website where you can view the
Assessment Workbook and Advocacy
Code of Practice and express an interest
in working towards the QPM Award by
completing the Online Registration.
After three years, organisations must re-apply for the QPM Award.
Contact us:
[email protected]
phone: 01225 789135
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Recognising quality
in independent advocacy
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