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NEW YORK, NY—April 16, 2014—Donnelly Mechanical Corporation (Donnelly Mechanical) is
pleased to announce that Chief Executive Officer Daniel T. Donnelly delivered a presentation
on sustainable construction and high-efficiency HVAC systems at ConTech 2014, a construction
technology conference hosted by the Greater New York Construction User Council and
Subcontractors Trade Association at New York University’s Kimmel Center on March 26, 2014.
Mr. Donnelly provided this presentation as a part of ConTech 2014’s “Sustainability: Future
Outlook” panel, moderated by Steven Winter of Steven Winter Associates. He was joined by
fellow panelists Michael Aisner of RXR Realty, Elizabeth J. Heider, AIA LEED AP of Skanska USA,
Alison Novak of The Hudson Companies and Ozgem Ornektekin of New York University.
Reducing Carbon Footprint and Utility Bills
Mr. Donnelly’s presentation, “Sustainability: New York Status Report and Future Outlook and
High‐Efficiency HVAC Equipment Replacement,” provided an overview of how the utilization of
high-efficiency HVAC systems is a fundamental component of sustainable construction in New
York City. Mr. Donnelly explained how installing state-of-the-art HVAC systems in commercial
construction, replacing old systems in preexisting buildings with new high-efficiency systems,
and implementing a regular preventative maintenance routine can reduce energy consumption,
leading to a reduced carbon footprint, lower utility bills, better indoor air quality and a
healthier work environment.
Saving Money & Stress
In addition to exploring the many environmental benefits of upgrading HVAC systems and
service, Mr. Donnelly demonstrated how these HVAC upgrades can save both costs and stress.
Mr. Donnelly provided the following additional incentives to HVAC system upgrades:
 Rebates and tax incentives are available to subsidize the cost of new equipment and
 Freon and other CFC refrigerants are no longer being produced, making it very expensive to
service older units and repair leaks. The standard refrigerant R22 was $10/lb two years ago
and is presently $25/lb and rising.
 Installing new HVAC units can significantly reduce peak summer utility costs by at least 15%.
 New high-efficiency equipment requires less maintenance and fewer service outages.
About Daniel T. Donnelly
Daniel T. Donnelly founded Donnelly Mechanical in 1989 and Donnelly Sustainable Energy
Services (SES) in 2009. As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Donnelly leads the strategic vision of the
company. Mr. Donnelly has over 36 years of industry experience and holds significant expertise
in all facets of the HVAC and energy business, including estimating, budgeting, engineering,
design build, turn-key construction, trade management, LEED BIM projects, energy consulting,
HVAC energy technical surveys/audits.
He holds LEED AP O+M, CIEC (Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant), CEM (Certified
Energy Manager), licensed CDSM (Certified Demand Side Management) and licensed ASCS (Air
Cleaning Specialist). Mr. Donnelly is also well known for his philanthropic efforts and is very
involved with many charitable organizations, including the Mollie Biggane Melanoma
Foundation and the North Shore Family Guidance Center, as well as many others.
About Donnelly Mechanical Corporation
Donnelly Mechanical Corporation is New York City’s premier HVAC contractor, exclusively
servicing commercial clients. Founded in 1989, the firm is a leading integrated HVAC and energy
company in the metropolitan area, offering clients a full range of services aiming to maximize
energy efficiency and cost savings. The firm’s expert team includes senior-level staff with LEEDaccreditation from the U.S. Green Building Council. For more information please visit