NAMI San Fernando Valley/Santa Clarita Valley Fall 2014 Issue

NAMI San Fernando Valley/Santa Clarita Valley Fall 2014 Issue
NAMI San Fernando Valley/Santa Clarita
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Normal Behavior vs. Mood Disorder ........... 5
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Information and details
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Dear NAMI Family and Friends,
As the summer comes to an end, the kids are returning to school, and
family vacations have been planned and taken. Now our attention
focuses on the fall and NAMIwalks, our biggest fundraiser of the year. Our
affiliate relies on the income generated by this annual event to pursue
our goals of education, advocacy and awareness. Please support us in any
way you can: by becoming a team captain and raising money, by
donating to a team, by volunteering and/or walking at the event.
Whatever you contribute is appreciated! This year's walk is in downtown
LA, starting at beautiful Grand Park, on Saturday morning, October 11th.
We look forward to seeing everyone there!
We are pleased to announce that our affiliate has launched the Friends in
the Lobby Program at Olive View Medical Center in Sylmar. This program
provides critically needed support for the families and friends of our
loved ones who are brought to the behavioral health unit for help. Most
of us can remember being in this situation and how great it would have
been to be made aware of NAMI at that time.
Many other positive things have been taking place at our affiliate: we are
now offering more educational courses in English and Spanish—for both
family members and peers—than ever before in our history; we have
grown our membership to over six hundred members, larger than ever;
we are financially solvent, in large part due to the quality and
commitment of our core group of volunteers and board of directors; and
we have a vibrant, viable program at work in the Santa Clarita Valley.
But we can do more, and we owe it to our loved ones to do so. Won't you
join us in any way you can? Donate your time and money, and volunteer
if you can, even a little. There is so much more to be done and I promise
you, the rewards of volunteering will far exceed your efforts and
expectations in ways that will astound you. So come join us to advocate,
educate and combat stigma!
Most sincerely,
Dave Stairs
President, NAMI SFV
Our Story
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Please make a tax-deductible gift to NAMI SFV to help pay
for NAMI's free programs in our area.
General Donations
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Help NAMI SFV raise money for our programs and get an
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We appreciate all gifts
In memory of Gary Hollis:
In Our Own Voice
Public Education Presentations
In Our Own Voice allows the community to learn
about mental illness from people who have been there.
Moving and informative presentations available for your
group, club, organization, community, faith or civic
meeting. Learn from men and women whose lives have
been interrupted by mental illness and who are now role
models for hope and recovery.
Laurel Goldman, Jennifer Williams, Charlie Dell, Angela
Huff, Barbara &Richard Gauthier, Jim Strain, Thomas Fox,
Linda Meichtry,
June Sattler, Bertal Morgan Stoddard, and
The Frischmans
Generous donations from Dr. Eric Foxman and
Edward & Susan Winsberg
And new member, Darlene Robson, has assigned a Disney
EARS grant to NAMISFV.
In Our Own Voice presentations are FREE and last
60 – 90 minutes. Presentations can be adapted to your
specific audience. Contact NAMI-SFV to schedule an In
Our Own Voice presentation.
Trained NAMi In Our Own Voice speakers share
compelling and personal testimony of living with and
overcoming the challenges of mental illness.
Huge thank you and shout out
to all who donate so generously!
[email protected]
SI su ser querldo padece de una enfermedad mental
A 818.994.6747, marque el símbolo de numero.
Después del tono, diga su nombre y numero de telefono donde
podamos localizarlo durante el dia.
Alguien que habla espanol lo llamara en 48 horas.
Mental Illness & Suicide
Mental Illness & Suicide
Unfortunately, too much discussion around Robin Williams’s death by suicide has brought up questions like, Is suicide a selfish or
cowardly act? Is it a choice? But the questions present us with an opportunity to educate the public and shape the discussion about
Suicide is not a choice. Suicide is a health issue. Suicide can result if a mental illness—like major depression or bipolar disorder—goes
untreated, in the same way that a patient can die from pneumonia if they go untreated.
It’s especially important to be mindful of the way we discuss suicide because with mental illness, words matter. Telling a suicidal
person that they are being selfish or cowardly does not inspire courage, it could even make them feel worse. It’s important to
understand that people who are feeling suicidal do not choose to feel that way; their feelings are a symptom of their mental illness.
Research suggests that those who do attempt suicide are not thinking rationally. For example, one study found that lower levels of
serotonin, a key factor in brain function related to behavioral control and decision-making, led to inability to make choices,
impulsivity, and lack of flexibility.
Karyn Beal, a member of AFSP’s Loss and Bereavement Council, writes that her daughter, Arlyn, died of Bipolar Disorder. “Her death
was the result of a chemical imbalance and the way it controlled her,” Karyn said. “It was not a rational choice.”
Those who have lost someone to suicide, or who have ever been suicidal, are in a unique position to speak out in our personal lives,
as well as to the media. Together we can erase the stigma and spread the hopeful news that the mental illnesses that lead to suicide
are treatable, and that suicide is preventable.
Robert Gebbia, CEO
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Expert Speakers
Presents Professionals in the field of mental health
to educate and inform, and answer your questions
NAMI Expert Speaker Series SFV
NAMI Expert Speaker Series SCV
Monday, November 24, 2014
6:00 p.m.
Located at SFV Community Mental Health Inc.
Center for Family Living
14545 Sherman Circle, Van Nuys 91405
Adult Day Program, DMH Clinic,
Mental Health Hook-up
21545 Centre Pointe Pkwy., Santa Clarita
NAMI SFV Speaker Meeting, October 15th with
County Supervisor Candidate Bobby Shriver.
This meeting is a Q & A on mental health care issues. Will
be held at SFV Community Mental Health Center for
Family Living, 14545 Sherman Circle, Van Nuys 91405.
Starts at 7pm.
For more information call
Zee at 818‐371‐9381
California NAMI Expert Speaker
How to Survive & Thrive
with a Mentally Ill Relative
Presented by: Michael DiPaolo, Ph.D. September 9-October
21, 2014 on Tuesday evenings. Pacific Clinics Training
Institute, 2471 East Walnut Street, Pasadena CA 91107.
Check-in begins at 6:30p.m. Lecture is from 7p.m.-9p.m.
818‐994‐6747 •
[email protected] •
California Coalition for Mental Health
Rusty Selix
Passage of AB 1847: Changing Stigmatizing Words in State Law
The Governor recently signed a new bill called AB 1847 (Chesbro) removing outdated and
inaccurate terms used to describe people with mental health challenges from California's laws.
This is a huge accomplishment and both MHAC and CCCMHA supported the bill.
It can be extremely stressful and traumatic to have a loved
one in a hospital for a behavioral health emergency. To ease
this stress and promote mental health education and
support, NAMI San Fernando Santa Clarita Valley is now
introducing the innovative program NAMI Friends in the
Friends in the Lobby’s mission is to provide outreach to and
engage with individuals visiting their loved ones in local
hospitals. Trained NAMI San Fernando and Santa Clarita
volunteers have a designated space in the Olive View
behavioral health lobby during visitation hours. There, they
provide visitors with information on NAMI and other local
mental health resources.
Friends in the Lobby volunteers have lived experience in the
mental health system and know just how stressful these
experiences can be. By offering smiles, compassion,
information and hope, visitors are introduced to valuable
resources and supports that provide much needed relief in
these stressful times.
If you would like more information or volunteer as a Friend
in the Lobby call 818-994-6747 or
email mailto:[email protected]
The Semel Institute for Neuroscience
and Human Behavior at UCLA
This foundation presents very informative seminars, free to
Learn from the experts at the Semel
the public, concerning the advances in the academic world
Institute for Neuroscience & Human
and the scientific field surrounding the brain. At their Open
Behavior at UCLA
Mind symposia, psychiatrists and MDs, as well as authors,
The perplexing teenage brain, the challenges in overcoming
musician and artists, present cutting edge research and help
addiction and other important topics from Friends of the
us understand the human behavior that can result from
Semel Institute's Open Mind presentations are now on video,
deviations and traumas occurring in the human brain.
at website:
Lectures are presented by people with mental illnesses as
well, with amazing honesty and vulnerability as they share
• Semel Institute psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Siegel on his
their experiences.
bestseller, Brainstorm: The Power and the Purpose of the
I highly recommend this series and their publications for your
Teenage Brain
edification about the hard science side of our concerns.
Upcoming topics:
Oct. 10
Hidden Pictures: A documentary film about the global epidemic of silence
around mental health by Delaney Rustin
Nov. 18
The ADHD Explosion by Dr. Stephen Hinshaw
Feb. 3, 2015 Autism: Life, Animated by Ron Suskind
Acclaimed journalist David Sheff on his bestseller, Clean:
Overcoming Addiction and Ending America's Greatest
National Book Award winner Andrew Solomon on Far from
the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity
Normal Behavior vs. Mood Disorder
All children become cranky and irritable at times, but children who suddenly
experience intense moodiness that lasts for several days or who seem
chronically irritable or angry should be evaluated.
Mood disorders are serious illnesses characterized by extreme emotional states that can cause severe
behavioral problems, poor school performance and difficulties with relationships. While most children
experience occasional moodiness, mood disorders are rare in children, affecting fewer than 4 percent
between the ages of 8 and 15.
Mood disorders can be episodic or chronic
The most common types of episodic mood disorders are depression, marked by a sudden onset of deep
sadness lasting for a week or more, and bipolar disorder, which includes distinct episodes of elation or
elevated mood that is different from usual. Children who seem chronically cranky or irritable may suffer
from a mood disorder known as Severe Mood Dysregulation, which occurs most frequently with children
also diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder.
“All of these mood disorders need to be distinguished from normal development,” says James McGough,
MD, a child psychiatrist at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA. “It’s normal
for children who are 10 to 13 years old to be somewhat oppositional or non-compliant with their parents.
If a child is surly at the dinner table but otherwise has good grades, healthy friends and engages in healthy
activities, I wouldn’t worry about a mood disorder.”
Medication and psychosocial therapy can help control symptoms of mood disorders. Parents may want to
seek help from a mental health professional for an evaluation.
View larger image (PDF)
NAMI San Fernando Valley Board Of Directors
Watch for the announcement coming to all members by mail, and please VOTE!
We need a minimum of 5% of our membership to vote, which can be mailed in or
brought to the Annual Meeting/Speakers’ Meeting on November 19th.
If you have any questions, or are interested in serving or would like to nominate someone, please contact
our office, and submit names immediately.
2013-2014 Board and Committee Members
Dave Stairs
Beth Boyd
Mariam Adamian
1st Vice President
Al Henriquez
2nd Vice President
Hector Ramirez
3rd Vice President
Zee Dankworth
Tina Howard
Jim Randall
Mary Harpel
Susie Traboulsi
Angel Wallace
Milton Decker
Kim Bunnell
Bob Medof
Committee Chairs
Advocacy Co-Chairs
Mark Gale
Mary Harpel
Communications Chair
Beth Boyd
Education Chair
Finance Co-Chair
Milton Decker
Fundraising / NAMI WALKS Chair
Susie Traboulsi
Membership Chair
Deborah Camou
Outreach Chair
Zee Dankworth
Special Projects / Advisory Chair
Beth Boyd
Volunteer Chair
Kim Bunnell
Spanish Language Education & Outreach
Al Henriquez
NAMI Board Members
are committed volunteers.
Thank you!
Ralphs Community Contributions Program
Enroll in the Community Contribution program and Ralph’s Grocery will donate up to 4% of your grocery purchases to
NAMI-SFV when you register your Ralph’s rewards card on-line at and select National Alliance on
Mental Illness (NAMI) SFV. If you prefer, you may request a letter from NAMI SFV to bring to your local Ralph’s. Call
818-994-6747 for info.
There is no pre-registration! This means that the first day you can register is September 1, 2014 or after.
All of your members who are currently enrolled in the Ralphs Community Contribution Program will remain active until August 31,
Participants will be required to register or re-register for the new term at or by using the scanbar letter at the
register starting September 1, 2014.
There are two ways to enroll: 1. Online registration (see instructions below) or 2. Scan-Bar letter
If you received a scan-bar letter last year, it is still good and can be used this year. If you would like to receive a scan-bar letter,
please respond to this email and one will be mailed to you via US post office.
Even if your participants registered as recently as June, July or August 2014, they will be required to register again, on or after
September 1, 2014.
This notice does not apply to participants of the Food 4 Less/Foods Co Community Rewards program.
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NAMI San Fernando Valley
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NAMI San Fernando Valley is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to
improving the lives of those affected by mental illness.
With your support and generosity, we are able to continue our many programs.
These include:Family to Family classes, Peer to Peer programs, Expert Speaker meeting, Family Support groups,
Recommended reading/lending library Resources, E-newsletter, printed newsletter with resource guide, and the NAMI
website and Blog.
We also have Health Fairs and other outreach events throughout the greater San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valley to make
the community aware of the important services and resources we provide FREE OF CHARGE to our community