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South Granville Seniors Centre
Connecting Adults 55+ to Your Community
February 19th
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Give your feedback about the Centre and help
plan programs and services for 2015 - 2017!
Members of South Granville Seniors Centre and
volunteers are all welcome to attend. Topics that
will be addressed at the meeting include:
Health and Wellness Programs
Recreational Programs
Social Programs
Information and Referral Services
Enjoy a delicious lunch at the luncheonette before the
If you cannot attend the meeting and would like to contribute to
the discussion, please email: [email protected]
Or mail your thoughts to:
South Granville Seniors Centre
1420 W 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6H 1M8
ng Adults 55+ to Your Community
Planning Meeting
South Granville Seniors Centre
1420 West 12th Avenue | 604.732.0812
Feb 2015 | page 19
South Granville Seniors Friendship Centre
1420 West 12th Avenue | Vancouver, BC, V6H 1M8
T. 604.732.0812 |
Open 9am-4pm, Monday-Friday
Annual Membership Fee: $20
Grupo de Personas
Mayores de Habla Hispana
Our Mission
We work together with adults 55+ to support their well-being in ways
that promote friendship, diversity, and individual worth.
A Very Big Thank You To:
Todos los
Miércoles de 10:00 a 17:00 hrs
ve Director:
Clemencia Gomez
[email protected]
Program & Volunteer Coordinator:
Tina Leung
[email protected]
Office Administrator &
Program Assistant:
Tania Ehret
[email protected]
Board of Directors
Steve McMinn
Vice– President:
Mar3n Ma
Business Secretary:
Linda Darbey
Beatrice Davis
Dolores O’Leary-Shafik
Dennis Ragauskas
Sheila Resels
Miriam Maurer
And also to our community partners and
all other donors for their support. SGSC is
funded through generous grants and private
Editorial Informa
Our Times is published monthly and is
available at South Granville Seniors
Centre and throughout the Fairview
Mailings of Our Times are available at a
cost of $12 per year. Please pay at
recep3on or send cheques (payable to
South Granville Seniors Centre, see
mailing address above).
For current adver3sing rates, contact
[email protected]
For comments, ques3ons, or to make a
submission to Our Times contact Tina at
[email protected] or 604
11-12 hr:
12:15-13 hr:
13:10-14 hr:
14:10-17 hr:
Clases de computador
Clases de inglés
Rifa, juegos, charlas
Almuerzo: $7
Membresia: $20/ano
Lunch+Activities: $7
Membership: $20/yr
Para Mayor Información Llamar
a Sandra (Coordinadora del programa) :
[email protected]
604-362-5355 (Martes, Miercoles)
Spanish Seniors
Every Wednesday from
10am—5pm meet with Spanishspeakers ages 55+ and take part
in a 3-course lunch, computer
class, ESL class, gentle exercises, and afternoon activities
(musical performances, lectures,
sing-alongs, games, etc). Everyone is welcome to participate Spanish and non-Spanish speakers alike!
For more information, call Sandra at 604-362-5355
New Services:
Spanish Information and
Referral Program
Every Wednesday from 9:30—12pm
Translation service available.
Nuevo Servicio:
Información y ayuda en Español
Todos los Martes en la manana
desde las 9:30am hasta las 12pm.
Un voluntario de South Granville
Seniors Centre lo atendera en Espanol para que pueda conocer y
acceder a los servicios de vivienda, salud, pensiones y otros.
For more information, call Sandra
at 604-362-5355.
Featured Program of the
Osteo-Arthritis Fit
This class, taught by an accredited instructor, is a BC Women’s Hospital
cer3fied exercise educa3on and falls preven3on program for individuals
with osteoporosis, low bone density or who are at risk of fractures. It
provides safe, gentle exercises to improve your strength, balance, and
coordina3on to reduce your risk of falls and increase your confidence
and independence.
Wednesdays 11am-12pm, Jan 14—Apr 1
$60/12 weeks, or drop-in $6/class
OSTEOFIT is medically endorsed and based on published research. It is designed and updated by clinical specialists from BC Women’s Hospital &
Health Centre’s Osteoporosis program.
Feb 2015 | page 3
Thank you to everyone in the community who contributed to the great success of our Christmas Raffle—to the
businesses that donated prizes and provided venues for
3cket sales (logos below); to the volunteers who sold
3ckets at these venues; and to everyone who bought
3ckets and sold them to friends and family. Also, thank you to our Board of Directors who organized dona3ons and sales venues.
Christmas Raffle
Thank You !
Proceeds of the raffle will help fund the Centre’s programs and services which
help keep seniors in our community healthy and ac3ve. Thank you all for your
generous support!
Congratula3ons to the lucky winner, Jennifer Anderson (recently re3red), of the
grand prize— travel voucher from Travel Best Bets plus one piece of luggage—
$600: courtesy of Prospera Credit Union, Canadian Western Bank ( W. Broadway), Claire Newell , and SGSC.
OSTEOFIT aims to provide safe and gentle exercises for individuals with
minimal previous exercise experience.
• Exercise can modify some fall risk factors and thus reduce falls in older
• A physically ac3ve lifestyle is associated with a reduced risk of osteoporo3c fracture.
The goals of OSTEOFIT are to:
• Reduce an individual’s risk of falls and fractures,
• Improve an individual’s ability to do day-to-day ac3vi3es,
• Increase an individual’s confidence and independence,
• Improve an individual’s quality of life.
Happy February Birthday!
Marta A.
Sonia A.
Ken A.
Gladys B.
Joseph B.
Julia C.
Rae C.
Maria C.
Shelora D.
Frankie F.
Flora H.
Zofia J.
Katherine J.
Marie K.
PierreLe L.
Gilda M.
Evelyn M.
Margaret M.
Lillian N.
Paula O.
Lucy P.
Pauline R.
Zoila S.
Beverly S.
Krishan S.
Bill S.
Silvia T.
Linda W.
Feb 2015 | page 17
Appreciation from Holly Bazaar 2014
Beatrice D. and her team, Jeannie M.,
Patricia M., and Raymonde J. who
spent countless hours in the cramped
and dust-filled Chalmers Room, cleaning, sor3ng and pricing an enormous
quan3ty of items.
Alice A., Jane U., and Maureen M. who
spent months peering at jewellery
pieces with a magnifying glass in order
to determine their value, before
sor3ng, repairing, polishing and pricing
Dolores O.L.S. who sorted through
thousands of books and
bargained with book dealers to sell
to them at the best prices.
Tealia F. and Teppei O. who never succumbed to frustra3on as they regularly braved the cold and rain to put up
posters in the neighbourhood which
were torn down almost as quickly as
they were put up.
Louise A., Sonia A., Medi T., Grace T.,
Liz B., Claudia W., and Peggy R. who,
aNer filling their homes with heavenly
smells of shortbread, brownies, buLer
tarts, lemon loaves to name a few,
refrained from devouring their baking
and instead, brought them to the Centre beau3fully packaged.
The members of the Mustard Seeds
Group who spent every Wednesday
aNernoon for a year, and more 3me at
home, kniOng the most beau3ful baby
sweaters, scarves, toques and other
woollies to sell.
Adriana T. who carved 3me out of her
busy schedule to manage the kitchen
and make delicious soups and sandwiches on bazaar day and set-up day.
Volunteers from Japanese agencies,
JP Canada and Jan-Links, who moved
furniture and boxes to and fro as they
set up the sales and lunch spaces and
cleaned up aNer the event. They also
ran around to do endless errands for
staff and did much of the food prepara3on, service and cleanup.
To Steve M. and Dennis K. who oNen
fell prey to confusing roads and direc3ons as they went back and forth, picking up dona3ons from people’s homes
and bringing unsold goods to other organiza3ons.
To Sonia A. and Claudia W. who made
jars of delicious marmalade, blackberry
jam and apple buLer.
Harumi M. who stayed at the centre
late into the night on a couple of occasions to price piles of baking and sor3ng
through shopping bags.
Linda D., Kathleen F., and Sharon E.
who helped price piles of baking and
organized giN baskets.
To the 50 volunteers who helped setup, merchandise and decorate the day
before and the 80 who came to sell,
greet, serve lunch, check coats, wash
dishes, poster, count money, act as
security and clean-up on bazaar day.
To the community who walked/drove
over to bring us donated goods; helped
spread the word about the event to
their friends and neighbours; came to
the bazaar to buy items and enjoy lunch
and con3nue to be a huge support of
the Centre!
To anyone who had anything to do with
the bazaar! This incredible accomplishment is shared by all of us as we came
together and proved yet again, how
amazing we are as a community. Thank
Try your luck at Bingo and enjoy an
aNernoon tea with this jovial and
friendly group.
Tue. (ongoing) 1-3pm
$3 drop-in
TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)
Join our low-cost weight loss support
group. A great way to s3ck to your
goals! Annual membership fee $30.
Thu. (ongoing) 1:45-2:45pm
NEW! Mahjong
Book Club
Drop-in to play Mahjong! Players
Join us for a discussion of this
from advanced, intermediate, and
month’s book selec3on. New
beginner levels are welcome! Tea
members are always encouraged
service is included.
and welcomed!
Fri. (ongoing) 1pm-3pm
Last Thu. (monthly) 10:30-11:30am
By dona7on
$1 drop-in
NEW! French Conversa
on Group
Bridge Club
Want to prac3ce your French? Meet
Drop-in to play bridge! Gregory is
up with others who are also
the instructor for anyone who is a
interested in the French language,
beginner. Tea service is included.
culture, and literature. All levels of
Mon. (ongoing) 1-3pm
proficiency are welcome!
$3 or drop in voucher
Thu. (ongoing) 11am-12pm,
Session is canceled on Feb. 9
By dona7on
Mustard Seeds Kni;ng Group
Spontaneous Art Studio
Join this friendly group to knit,
Share in the relaxing and healing
share conversa3on and have tea.
KniOng sold for Centre fundraising. experience of spontaneous art
making. A wide variety of materials is
Wed. (ongoing) 1-3pm, Free
supplied. Tea service is included.
Community Kitchen
Fri. (ongoing) 10-12pm
Join this FREE community kitchen to
$5 drop-in
learn new recipes and make
delicious meals together using fresh
Dates for February:
Feb 2, Feb 16
Mon.: 10am-1pm
Free (meals included)
Feb 2015 | page 5
on & Referrals /
Peer Support Program
Do you need help with filling out
applica3ons or need informa3on
on government and community
resources available to seniors?
Book an appointment to see an
informa3on and referral volunteer.
Get informa3on on BC Bus Pass
Program, disability pension, CPP,
OAS, GIS, Handydart, SAFER, meal
programs and more.
Tue. (ongoing)
10am-12pm (1hr appts.)
Free, Registra7on required
Legal Clinics with Access Pro-Bono
Receive free legal advice from licensed lawyers. This service is for
low-income individuals of any age.
Please call to find out if you meet
the requirements.
Select Thu.: Feb 12, Feb 26
1-3pm (½hr appts.)
Free, Registra7on required
Appreciation Luncheon 2014
Snapshots from Christmas
Income Tax Clinics
If you need help preparing your Canadian
Income Tax return, and have low income
with a straighTorward return, take advantage of this FREE clinic.
Unfortunately we cannot help with income tax returns for:
∗ Deceased individuals
∗ Bankruptcies
∗ Capital gains or losses
∗ Employment expenses, business or
rental income and expenses
Clinic volunteers are experienced tax preparers and have received training from
Canada Revenue Agency.
2015 Dates:
Mondays (Feb 23-Apr 27)
1pm-4pm with Wendy (½ hr appts)
Wednesdays (Feb 25-Apr 29)
9am-12pm with Albert (½ hr appts)
Fridays (Feb 27-Apr 24) except Mar 6
9:30am-1pm with Mengqiao (½ hr appts)
Free, Registra7on required
Check out our
new website!
Also, check out
our Facebook page
which will be a
hopping place of
ac3vi3es as we
share stories, pictures and
videos. There, you can
leave us comments and
Check out our
TwiFer page
There, we will connect with other organiza3ons and businesses in the
Musical Apprecia
Join us on select Thursdays each
month to watch a musical.
This Month’s Musicals:
Feb 5—Fiddler on the Roof
Select Thu. (monthly)
1-3pm; $1 drop-in
Opera Apprecia
Join us one Thursday of every
month to watch a world famous
This Month’s Opera:
Feb 19—Il Trovatore (by Verdi)
Select Thu. (monthly)
SGSC Amaryllis Singing Group
An informal choir meets each Monday
to sing song favorites.
No training necessary! This is a fun
group to join!
Mon. (ongoing) 11am-12pm
By dona7on
Session is canceled on Feb. 9
We are now collecting photos of our seniors taken during their teenage
years. We plan to make a mix & match poster, in which you’ll have to pair
up the teenager photo with the correct senior member. There will be an
answer sheet available at the reception desk.
Please submit your photos to Tina Leung.
Feb 2015| page 15
Gentle Hand & Foot Care
Our cer3fied Aesthe3cian is available
to pamper your hands or feet.
3rd Tue. (monthly)
9:30am-4pm (½hr appointments)
$20 members, $24 non-members
Registra7on required
Facial Spa
Our cer3fied Aesthe3cian is available
to provide personalized skin care
treatments designed for your skin's
needs. All of our facials will leave you
feeling rested, revitalized and your
skin will be simply glowing.
3rd Mon. (monthly)
9:30am-2pm (½hr appointments)
$20 members, $24 non-members
Registra7on required
NEW! Wellness Clinic
Come to our monthly Pharmasave
Health and Wellness Clinic to learn
about the most common health topics asked about by seniors and take
control of your own health. We are
pharmacists collabora3ng closely with
other healthcare professionals like
doctors, den3sts, nutri3onists, naturopathic doctors, physiotherapists! It's
a fun and interac3ve way to learn
about different health topics.
Last Thu. (monthly)
February Date: Feb 26
Free, drop-in
Massage Therapy (ages 45+)
Get a relaxing and therapeu3c
massage from students of West Coast
College of Massage Therapy in their
Hair Care
final prac3cum. This service receives
Have your hair cut and styled by
rave reviews and has helped many
our long-term, friendly hairdresserAnneLe. Please wash your hair before- clients relieve their pain, tension and
Mon. (ongoing)
Thu. (ongoing)
1:15pm-5pm (45 min appts.)
10-2pm (½hr appointments)
$25 members | $30 non-members
$10 members | $12 non-members
Registra7on required
+ gratuity
Session is canceled on Feb. 9
Registra7on required
Hearing Clinic
Have your hearing tested by an
audiologist from Connect Hearing
and/or have your ques3ons about
ear health or devices answered.
Select Tues. (every 2nd month)
Winter Term Dates: Mar 17
Free, drop-in
Feb 2015 | page 7
Brain Gym
Give your brain a workout by
solving head-scratching brain
games in this fun and challenging
Research has shown that brain
games can help keep our minds
sharp and boost our memory,
focus and mul3-tasking abili3es.
Computer & Tech Lessons
Receive one-on-one instruc3on on
how to use the computer—whether
you’re a total newbie or want to
increase your skills, our friendly
instructors are flexible in helping
you learn at your own pace.
For those who don’t know where
to begin, this program can take
With this class’ open-ended format, you from learning how to turn on
you can choose the level and types the computer to exploring the world
and finding content about absolutely
of games you want to tackle and
work at your own pace. Games are anything through the internet; keeping in touch with loved ones through
available in a variety of formats
email, Facebook and video-chat; creincluding tac3le, computer, paper
a3ng simple documents; and beand group ac3vi3es. Assistance to
get started or unstuck on puzzles
is available!
*Also: Want to learn more about
own gadget? You can sign up for
Mon. (ongoing), 10-11am
beginner to intermediate instruc3on
$1, drop-in
on how to use your cellphone, digital
Class is canceled on Feb. 9
camera, ipad, laptop, eReader, etc.
on to Spanish
Expand your universe and learn the
Thu. (ongoing)
basics of Spanish, one of the fastest 2:00-4:00pm (1hr appt.)
growing languages in the world!
With Tasha L.E
This class provides a posi3ve and
$5 Registra7on required
suppor3ve environment to learn
prac3cal language that prepares
you to interact in a daily life context and provides the founda3on
for con3nued studies in Spanish.
Wed. (ongoing), 3-4pm
$5/class Registra7on required
FEB Garden and Rake without the Ache
Fri, Feb 6, 1-2pm, FREE
Come out to hear local chiropractor, Dr. Gaelan Connell speak about the
benefits and hazards of geOng into the garden. This interac3ve presenta3on is aimed at helping gardeners to avoid the s3ff and sore joints, muscles, neck, and back pain that some3mes accompanies work in the yard.
This program features 3ps that demonstrate proper warm
up exercises, stretches, liNing techniques, and injury preven3on strategies in a simple, easy to follow format.
Tea service will follow.
Volunteer Appreciation Tea
Fri, Feb 13, 1-3pm, FREE
Join us for an awesome fun 3me as we hand out
awards and say thank you to the dedicated volunteers of the Centre! The South Granville Seniors
Centre Amaryllis Singing Group will also be performing! Tea service and cake will be provided.
Fri, Feb 20, 1-3pm, FREE
As the incidence of chronic illness increases with age, seniors oNen find themselves taking several different prescrip3on and non-prescrip3on medica3ons.
Polypharmacy, a term that describes the use of five or more medica3ons at the
same 3me, is actually quite prevalent in Canada. This is why managing medica3ons well, apprecia3ng how they work, and understanding what you can expect from them can be very helpful. This presenta3on is on how you can make
the most of your medica3on therapy! Tea service will follow.
Popcorn & Movie: Hundred-Foot Journey
Fri, Feb 27, 1-3pm, FREE
The family of talented cook, Hassan Kadam, has a life filled with both culinary delights and profound loss. DriNing through Europe aNer fleeing poli3cal violence in India that killed the family restaurant business and their
mother, the Kadams arrive in France. Once there, a chance auto accident
and the kindness of a young woman, Marguerite, in the village of SaintAntonin-Noble-Val inspires Papa Kadam to set up an Indian restaurant
there. Tea service will follow.
Feb 2015 | page 13
Lunch Menu
February Hot Lunches @ Noon
Delicious, Nutritious, Home-cooked Style
Please reserve your spot by calling us at least one day in advance.
Please note that menu subs3tu3ons are some3mes necessary.
Tuesday & Thursday 3-Course Meal: $7 members, $7.50 non-members
Friday Soup & Sandwich: $6 members, $6.50 non-members
Cook: Cel
We offer the best
valued lunches in
the neighbourhood!
Feb 5
Shepherd’s Pie
Feb 6
Soup &
Sandwich of the
Join us for a meal
and be amazed at
how delicious they
Feb 10
Feb 12
Salad |Chicken &
Broccoli Alfredo
Feb 13
Soup &
Sandwich of the
Feb 17
Chicken Pot Pie
Feb 19
Feb 20
On Tuesdays, explore
new flavours with 3course lunches made
by Claudia, a crea3ve
and experienced
cook from a downtown restaurant.
Cook: Claudia
Cook: Medi
Feb 3
Salad | Pork Ribs
& Baked Beans
Feb 24
Salad | Baked
Fish and Potatoes| Dessert
The Luncheonette Soup &
Salad | S3r Fry
Beef with Rice
Sandwich of the
Feb 26
es Lunch
Feb 27
Soup &
Sandwich of the
Please note: Spaces are limited! Please register
early. There is a waitlist available when spaces
are filled. We’ll try to accommodate everyone but
there are no guarantees.
One Thursday a month, the lobby transforms into
The Luncheonette café style setup. We invite the
public to have lunch with us on this day to help us
connect with our community .
On Thursdays, have
hearty and classic
3-course meals made
by Medi, a chef
straight from Paris!
On Fridays, we serve
delicious soups and
sandwiches made by
s Fit
This class, taught by an accredited
instructor, is a BC Women’s Hospital
cer3fied exercise educa3on and falls
preven3on program for individuals
with osteoporosis, low bone density
or who are at risk of fractures. It
provides safe and gentle exercises
to improve your strength, balance,
and coordina3on to reduce your risk
of falls and increase your confidence
and independence.
Wed. 11am-12pm, Jan 14-Apr 1
$60/12 weeks, or drop-in $6/class
Nordic Walking
Let’s work together to get fit! Nordic/”pole walking” is a fantas3c cardiovascular exercise that works your
en3re body. It is actually one of the
best all-in-one workouts in the world
for all ages-anywhere-any3me of the
year! Various walks in the neighbourhood, rain or shine.
Tai Chi
Learn this ancient Chinese mar3al
art form that uses slow, deliberate
standing movements, medita3on
and deep breathing to enhance your
physical and mental well-being.
Described as “medita3on in mo3on,” this prac3ce improves your
flexibility, joint strength, circula3on,
balance, and coordina3on and
increases your mental focus and
awareness - helping you achieve a
sense of inner peace and tranquility.
Wed. (ongoing), drop-in
Intermediate - 9:15-10am ($5)
Beginner - 10:05-10:50am ($5)
No class on March 18 & 25th.
Did you know?
There are four main types of exercise.
Nordic poles are supplied but are
limited. Please register early!
Fri. 10am-12pm (Free)
Stretch and Strength
This class focuses on gentle stretches that help with relaxa3on, relieving tension, and maintaining your
range of mo3on. It also features
gentle strength exercises that target
the upper and lower body to increase strength and overall fitness.
Mon. 10:30-11:30am, Jan 5-Mar 30
$60/12 weeks, or drop-in $6/class
Class is canceled on Feb. 9
1. Endurance, or aerobic ac3vi3es increase your breathing and heart
rate. Brisk walking or jogging, dancing, swimming, and biking are examples.
2. Strength exercises make your muscles stronger. LiNing weights or using
a resistance band can build strength.
3. Balance exercises help prevent falls.
4. Flexibility exercises stretch your
muscles and can help your body stay
Feb 2015| page 9
January to March 2015
See the calendar, pages 10-11 for this month’s schedule.
Gentle Yoga
A yoga prac3ce adapted for the beginner and those who are interested in a
more gentle approach. The focus includes a combina3on of warm ups,
chair yoga and yoga postures, and gentle breathing prac3ces. You will learn
how to use this prac3ce to help you deal with stress, become a more relaxed, aware person and keep your body moving with elegance and ease.
Modifica3ons will make this class aLrac3ve for
those with restric3ons due to health or injury.
Drop-ins are welcome.
Tues. 10:30am-11:30am, Jan 6–Mar 31
$ 65/13 weeks, or drop-in $7/class
n Beat Dance
Marcela has experience in a mix of La3n dance
styles (Salsa, Merengue, Mambo, Cha-Cha, Rumba , etc) also Hip-Hop and
Jazz! She will have everyone dancing and grooving to the hoLest upbeat
music around. This high energy dance class focuses on dance technique,
frame, and choreography. The lively rhythms will capture your spirit and
move your body to the beat! Are you ready for this low impact and easy-tofollow party?
Partner not required.
Tues. 1:30-2:30pm, Jan 13-Mar 31
$ 60/12 weeks, or drop-in $6/class
$1800 - $1975
Feb 2015 | page 11
Brain Gym
Stretch & Strength
Singing Group
Community Kitchen
Massage Therapy
Bridge Club
Info & Referrals
Hot Lunch
La3n Beat Dance
Facial Spa
Brain Gym
Stretch & Strength
Singing Group
Community Kitchen
Massage Therapy
Bridge Club
Hand & Foot Care
Info & Referrals
Hot Lunch
La3n Beat Dance
Income Tax Clinic
Brain Gym
Stretch & Strength
Singing Group
Massage Therapy
Bridge Club
Brain Gym
Stretch & Strength
Singing Group
Massage Therapy
Games Club
Osteo-Arthri3s Fit
Spanish Seniors AllDay Program/I&R
Mustard Seeds
Intro to Spanish
French Conversa3on
Musical Apprecia
Hair Care
Hot Lunch
Computer Lessons
Osteo-Arthri3s Fit
Spanish Seniors AllDay Program/I&R
Mustard Seeds
Intro to Spanish
Income Tax Clinic
Osteo-Arthri3s Fit
Spanish Seniors AllDay Program/I&R
Mustard Seeds
Intro to Spanish
Info & Referrals
Hot Lunch
La3n Beat Dance
Info & Referrals
Blood Pressure Clinic
Hot Lunch
Dancing for Fun
Computer Lessons
Osteo-Arthri3s Fit
Spanish Seniors AllDay Program/I&R
Mustard Seeds
Intro to Spanish
Info & Referrals
Hot Lunch
La3n Beat Dance
Family Day
Osteo-Arthri3s Fit
Spanish Seniors AllDay Program
Mustard Seeds
Intro to Spanish
French Conversa3on
Legal Clinic
Hair Care
Hot Lunch
Computer Lessons
Nordic Walking
Spontaneous Art
Soup & Sandwich
Volunteer Apprecia
on Tea
French Conversa3on
Planning Mee
Opera Apprecia
Hair Care
Computer Lessons
French Conversa3on
Legal Clinic
Wellness Clinic
Book Club
es Lunch
Hair Care
Computer Lessons
We are looking for dona3ons of
YARN, NEEDLES, and kniOng and
crochet BOOKS!
Nordic Walking
Spontaneous Art
Soup & Sandwich
Garden and Rake
without the Ache
Please Donate !!!!
Nordic Walking
Spontaneous Art
Soup & Sandwich
Our Mustard Seeds KniOng Group
will take these resources and make
beau3ful hand-kniLed items for sale
at the South Granville Seniors Centre
and Spring/Holly Bazaars.
Proceeds from these fundraiser benefit the South Granville Seniors Centre’s programs and services.
Please drop them off at our office
located at 1420 West 12 Avenue,
Vancouver (Corner of 12th Ave. and
Hemlock St.)
The Centre will be closed on
Monday, February 9th for
BC Family Day.
Income Tax Clinic
Nordic Walking
Spontaneous Art
Soup & Sandwich
Movie & Popcorn
1539 West Broadway
(Between Granville & Fir St)
T: 604-559-7587
Mon-Fri: 9am-7pm
Sat & Sun: 10am-6pm
Canadian Passport Photo Available
100% Money Back Guaranteed