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Volume XXV • January 2015
Josquin des Pres of Trackstar Entertainment
Sunday Eve at Mainstream Bar and Grill in Poway
When you turn on MTV, VH1, CW Network, CNN, NBC, TLC, TMZ, TBS, Food
Network, HGTV, History, Oprah Winfrey Network, Ellen deGeneres, Tyra Banks,
Lopez Tonight, Extra, and numerous others, chances are you will hear some
of Track Star Entertainment’s music. Led by prolific composer / songwriter / publisher Josquin des Pres, this creative writing team has consistently
maintained the respect of their peers throughout
the music industry. Trackstar credits also include
CBS, Viacom, ABC, BET, TBS, Bravo, Animal Planet,
Travel Channel, Beach Body, Discovery Channel,
EMI, Sony, Time Warner, Warner Chappell, Warner
Bros., Universal Music, and many more.
SDSG begins our 34th year with a chance to hear
from, meet with and have your songs listened to
and critiqued by Josquin. His production credits
surpass 150 major label and indie albums and he
has enjoyed multiple songwriting collaborations
with Bernie Taupin, the legendary lyricist for Elton
John. With over 1000 film and TV placements in
the last 5 years alone, Josquin has recently launched www.Ready4Radio.com,
offering high end production services. He knows what to listen for.
Shake Up Your Routine
At our February 8 session, Josquin will talk about film and TV, with tips and
trends for what appeals to music supervisors. He will address song structure,
recording quality and production values and will listen to up to 20 song submissions with an ear to providing constructive feedback with respect to potential film/TV placement. The evening will be entertaining and educational,
and offer attendees the chance to connect with a consummate professional.
All About Durango
We look forward to seeing you at
A Perfect Craft
Harriet Schock on Page 6
Tracey & Vance Marino Page 7
Stacy Kim Johnston Page 8
2014 Contest Photos
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NSAI Feb 2015 Meetng
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Performing Songwriters
Sandi Shaner Contest Page 10
SDSG 2015 Sponsors
Support Your Sponsors! Page 11
Mainstream Bar and Grill
13385 Poway Road, Poway, CA 92064
Sunday, February 8, 2015
Registration Opens at 6:00 PM
Session Begins at 6:30 PM
Pitch fee is $10 per song, single song maximum per writer or writing team.
Admission is free to SDSG Members, $10 for non-members.
SDSG Memberships available at SDSongwriters.org or at the door.
From the President’s Desk
SDSG 2015 President Mike Wojniak [email protected]
I spent much of the last year getting to know the members of the San Diego
Songwriters Guild Board and meeting many of Guild members at SDSG’s
songwriter events. The Guild has proven to be a great way for me to not
only learn more about the craft of songwriting and the music business, but
to also network with other musicians and all types of people in the creative
industries. SDSG’s 2014 events provided me with opportunities to gain knowledge and advice from some
very wise and experienced individuals while also being able to share my own ideas and experiences.
The world of music is built on connectivity; whether it is the artist connecting to the listener, or the musicians connecting with one another during the creative process, it is comprised entirely of these relationships. The San Diego Songwriters Guild provides a community where these relationships can develop and
grow. That being said, I am excited to be a part of this organization. Working as Vice President under 2014
Guild President Diane Waters has been a great experience and I feel very fortunate that she will remain on
the board as Vice President as I move into my new leadership role.
I still consider myself relatively “new” to San Diego, having moved here from Columbus, Ohio just over two
years ago. I love to travel and spent the first part of 2014 in Central America teaching music, which was an
amazing experience. I am an avid songwriter, musician
and performer and have a great love and appreciation
for the incredible way that music brings people togethIn January 2013, Mike left his Midwester. It is this quality that sets music apart from other art
ern hometown in Ohio, and settled in
forms and allows musicians the ability to transcend any
San Diego, where he has been writand all differences in people. Appreciating those differing and performing. Wojniak has partences as we find common ground, I enjoy collaborating
nered with a new independent label,
with musicians and artists of all types. There is no better
and after more than a decade of music
way to broaden our perspective than by working closely
making as an independent artist, has
with other musicians whose work we respect.
released his third studio effort, Anima
Mundi, through Golden Wave Records.
I truly look forward to 2015 with the San Diego Songwriters Guild and am very happy to be able to work with
such a great group of talented and experienced people.
I am excited about the events and opportunities that we will provide in 2015, and am always open to your
suggestions and comments. The best way to contact me is via email at [email protected]
Here’s to a prosperous and creative New Year!
If you aren’t receiving our emails or newsletter ,please request to be added to the mailing list by
contacting us at [email protected] Keep in the loop so you hear about what’s going on!
Aurally Yours
SDSG 2015 VP & 2014 President, Diane Waters
As I look back on 2014, I realize it has blown by like a leaf on the Santa Ana winds!
We’ve enjoyed a fun and productive year, and I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to get to know and work with many new faces as well as longtime
SDSG supporters.
We’ve had some amazing events and guests including Jim Attebury of the Durango Songwriters Expo, and Speed Dating for Writers, Performers and Engineers, both thanks to Peter Dyson and Studio West. We held a showcase in May at The Merrow in
San Diego, and then our annual gathering… the Summer Jam at Mark Charles Hattersley’s Rancho
Bohemia. Incoming SDSG President Mike Wojniak and I hosted a mentor session at the “San Diego
Music Thing” in September; we both had a wonderful time and enjoyed addressing the packed meeting
room full of songwriters! Our theme was “When Inspiration Meets Perspiration” and we focused on getting
inspired and where to go with it from there. Several participants stayed after the program to talk and
later decided to join the San Diego Songwriters Guild... We’ve seen you at events since then including the
Larry Beaird “Arranging the Hit” event that we developed and hosted in coordination with NSAI San
Diego. We saw a lot of new faces at the Annual San Diego Songwriters Guild Song Contest this year, an
event that showcased San Diego’s extraordinary writers (and which was a lot of fun at the La Jolla Brewing Company venue!) Something new we started recently is an open mic/winter Jam at the Hill Street
Café in Oceanside… We hope to do another one there in the near future and to see many of your faces
and hear your songs!
So many to thank… to all our sponsors and volunteer judges for making our 2014 Song Contest one
to remember. Thank you to former SDSG President Tim Mudd for the beautiful ad you designed for us.
Thank you Chuck Philyaw for finding sponsors and helping connect us with the S.D. Music Thing. Thank
you Wil Ruiz for being my right-hand man and volunteering at so many events. And thank you to all who
have volunteered at any point or are considering volunteering in the future. We appreciate your support;
it helps us help you!
It’s been a flurry of activity behind the scenes too! Thanks everyone who worked so hard through the
year... to Stacy Kim Johnston our board secretary, John Pape who is both our webmaster and treasurer,
former President and long-time advisor Mark Charles Hattersley, and Jeff Caldwell, one of our new
board members with a can-do spirit!
A special thank you to Mike Wojniak our 2014 Vice President and incoming 2015 President As I pass the
torch to Mike, I am excited to see how his talents and warmth guide SDSG further along in its continuing
journey. But I know Mike, like me, will always remember that without you, our members, SDSG could
never be the vibrant organization we are. I’m looking forward to seeing you again, and to seeing what
2015 holds in store for us all!
Justin Froese Wins
2014 SDSG Contest
Justin Froese
In a collaborative effort with songwriter Nancy Montgomery,
songwriter, artist and producer Justin Froese took home top honors, the Platinum Award, at SDSG’s 23rd annual Song Contest. Justin is known for his groove-driven alt pop stylings, built on a diverse
palate of musical tastes. His mainstream sensibilities combined with
ten years of classical music training have resulted in the ability not
only to cross genres, but also in many cases, defy them. Bluesy and
soulful are two words that hint at his musical presence.
One of Justin’s most recent collaborations with his Nashville-based
co-writer and cousin Nancy Montgomery, “Finally Here,” topped the
strong 2014 SDSG Contest field. An infectious and uplifting song that got everyone at the event involved,
this tune also earned Justin and Nancy Grand Award in the 2013 Song Door International Songwriting Competition and placed as a finalist in the 2013 USA Songwriting Competition.
Currently, Justin is performing and promoting his full-length album, Fireflies, and looks forward to touring
the U.S. and Europe, as well as continuing to collaborate with other artists in the coming year. Visit SDSG’s
website SDSongwriters.org or drop by Justin’s website at JustinFroese.com to hear more from this outstanding writer and performer. Congratulations Justin!
“Trouble” by Morgan Leigh and Paul Coughlin ( mlbmusic.com ), a sassy tune performed by their great
country band, earned them the 2014 Gold Award . Look for Morgan on American Idol this year. Andre
Hoth ( ampmusic.com ) took us on fantastic journey with his unique song “Clouds;” it captured the Silver
Award for this talented writer/prducer. And, rounding out the top award winners, Savannah Philyaw and
co-writers Calman and Amanda Hart took home the 2014 Bronze Award with “Uh - Uh.”
The 23rd annual SDSG Song Contest was held at the La Jolla Brewing Company. The venue was great food and beverages were always at the ready for those whose hunger or thirst demanded satisfaction - and
the setting allowed participants a real chance to connect with like-minded writers and performers. Beginning at about 7PM, song entries were played for judges and audience to hear. After everyone’s songs had
been listened to, scores were tabulated, winners announced, and prizes awarded... All in one jam-packed
night, with a few drawings for special prizes thrown in for good measure, too!
The 2014 entries were of uniformly excellent quality; I found myself loving song after song. The writers
made the judges’ jobs very tough indeed! That said, a huge thanks goes to our judges and, of course, our
sponsors; please see our sponsor page in this newsletter for contact information. Thanks, also, to the SDSG
Board and to everyone who participated in the contest! OK, time to start working on next year’s entry!
Mark Charles Hattersley - SDSG Advisor
[email protected]
2014 Honorable Mentions
Steve Petersen – Wrangler Man
Savannah Philyaw – U & I
Chuck Cater – Sister of the Girl Next Door
Morgan Leigh, Paul Coughlin – Free
Chuck Cater, Kathy Cronin – Game of Lies
Michael Crossman – Every Time You Go Away
Tim Yancey – Just Wanna’ Live My Life
Susan Addams, Jim Pulsifer – Restoration Road
Jon Kayden Hall -I am Loved
Stacy Kim Johnston, Rolf Gehrung – Come Back Home
2014 SDSG
Song Contest Judges
Marc “Mookie” Kaczor is the voice of indie artists in Southern
California. He is a warm and entertaining on-air personality who
has hosted a plethora of new music shows in his years of on-air
experience. Among his ongoing gigs, Mookie is the host of The
Homegrown Hour on 102.1 KPRi. Join Mookie every Sunday at
9 PM when you will hear local music from San Diego’s amazing
music scene.... maybe one of your own songs!
A native of England, Peter Dyson
came to San Diego from Austin, Texas in 2004. The third owner in Studio West’s forty year history, Peter spearheaded the studio expansion and remodeling project in 2005, determined to
bring to fruition his vision of a world-class, fully integrated San Diego-based
recording studio, comparable to the top facilities in Los Angeles. His thirteen years of professional expertise in strategic business planning, leadership training and human resources for Motorola’s Semiconductor Group in
Austin and his passion for music have uniquely equipped Peter to assemble
a top notch team of engineers and producers at Studio West, and to identify
and develop services to better meet the needs of clients. As a drummer, Peter has played and recorded with bands in both England and Austin, and
has a musical taste that is as diverse as the artists who have recorded at Studio West.
Whether she is performing at a house concert or the House of Blues, talented singer-songwriter Diane Waters connects with audiences in a way
that stays with them long after the evening is through. Diane has written
with Walt Aldridge, Gary Baker, Tim Johnson, Matt Evans, Sandy Ramos,
Liz Hengber, Richard Harris and many other talented writers in Nashville,
Los Angeles and San Diego. She has collaborated with San Diego artist
Steven Ybarra, co-writing five songs on his upcoming 2015 release and
with Clay Colton on two songs from his 2013 release. Diane also has an
upcoming EP of her own. She offers vocal, songwriting and production
consulting services and was SDSG’s 2014 President and is SDSG’s current
San Diego resident and Patrick Henry High School alum
Craig Goldy is best known for serving as DIO’s guitarist for
several different stints from 1986 through 2010, appearing on several records and touring the world. Before DIO,
he played in the bands Vengeance, Rough Cutt, and Giuffria. His writing credits include contributions to the catalogues of all of these bands and David Lee Roth, as well as his
own solo material. In addition to continuing to record and
perform with different bands and projects, Craig is active
with Destiny Bridge, a program which enables unsigned artists to fast track their material to music industry executives.
A Perfect Craft
By Harriet Schock
When it comes to
rhyming, the opinions are varied. I grew
up on the music my
parents introduced
me to. Rogers and
Hart, Cole Porter... I bet we had every album Ella
Fitzgerald ever did featuring the great songwriters
of the American songbook. In these songs, craft
was obvious but never got in the way. The lines
were sung the way one would speak, the rhymes
were perfect. Understand that “Perfect Rhyme” is
not a value judgment — it’s a technical term. “Look
and book,” “letter and better.” Not “look and pull,”
“letter and her.”
Yes, years have passed, but in musical theatre writing, the standard of the perfect rhyme is still upheld
for the most part. I’ve heard some wildly imperfect
rhymes in some modern Broadway shows, which
probably means that the rules are getting more
lax. But I would not advise using near rhymes in
a show any more than I would advise a person to
be obscure in a lyric just because he can point to a
hit song that wasn’t clear. There are many reasons
why something becomes a hit, or goes to Broadway,
for that matter. Regardless, I don’t think it’s a good
idea to emulate the weaknesses of the genre you’re
I recently met an interesting songwriter who was
in a rock and roll band by day and came home and
listened to Sondheim at night. The band was called
“Christopher Cross.” Warner Brothers decided
name the group after its lead singer/composer, but
the writer I’m talking about – Rob Meurer - helped
create the band with Christopher and currently
writes lyrics to Christopher’s melodies. Rob also
writes musical shows which are getting a lot of attention. (You should Google him and read his lyrics. And while you’re at it, check out “Secret Ladder,”
Christopher Cross’ new CD. ) Rob’s writing displays
all the edge of today’s music, as well as the craft that
is in danger of disappearing.
Why shouldn’t rhyming craft disappear, you might
ask? Well, craft helps deliver emotional impact. In
a song where you’re attempting to have an effect
on people, if you decide that “run” and “up” rhyme
because they both have the same vowel sound, you
may never understand why you just didn’t connect
with the listener quite enough. I know it’s becoming fashionable in pop not to rhyme at all for fear of
its sounding too “legit,” “old school,” “commercial,”
whatever. The problem is the music may be setting
up a rhyme with a repeated rhythmic sequence in
the melody. If the lyric doesn’t rhyme, it just leaves
us feeling... less. And you don’t want your listeners to
feel less, do you? They’re depending on songwriters
to help them feel more.
Harriet Schock wrote the words and music to the
Grammy-nominated #1 hit for Helen Reddy, “Ain’t No
Way To Treat A Lady” plus many songs for other artists, TV shows and films. She co-wrote the theme for
“Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks,” currently
showing in 30 countries. She and her band were featured in Henry Jaglom’s film “Irene In Time” performing
4 of Harriet’s songs. She also scored three other Jaglom films starred in “Just 45 Minutes from Broadway.“
Jaglom’s current film, “The M Word,” features Harriet’s
song “Bein’ a Girl,” performed on camera at the end of
the film. Harriet is in the process of writing the songs
for “Last of the Bad Girls,” a musical with book by Diane Ladd. Karen Black wrote the play, “Missouri Waltz,”
around five of Harriet’s songs, which ran for 6 weeks at
the Blank Theatre in Hollywood as well as in Macon,
Georgia. In 2007, Los Angeles Women In Music honored Harriet with their Career Achievement and Industry Contribution award. Harriet teaches songwriting
privately, in classes and she teaches a popular online
course by private email. For her performance schedule,
list of credits and samples of her work or information
on her book (Becoming Remarkable, for Songwriters
and Those Who Love Songs), her songwriting classes
and consultation, go to: www.harrietschock.com.
c Harriet Schock, all rights reserved
10 Tips to Shake Up
Your Songwriting
By Tracey & Vance Marino
Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake it…up. Do you ever
get stuck in a songwriting in a rut? Are you bored or
frustrated trying to come up with new and fresh ideas for
your songs? Sometimes all it takes is a new and different
approach to get the creative juices flowing again. Here
are ten tips to shake up your songwriting routine.
1) Write your song using a different instrument. Or
start without any instrument and just sing (a cappella).
If you’re used to creating a song on your guitar, try using a keyboard. If you usually start with the chords, start
with a simple melody.
2) Start with a different part of the song. If you usually
start with a chorus, try writing a killer first line that will
grab the listener by the ears. If you usually start with
the first line, write your chorus, then the verses, then the
3) Make an outline of your song before you start.
Many of the top country songwriters do this and they
swear by this tip. This also keeps the song progressing
from one verse to another. There’s also a better chance
of having the last lines in the verse lead to the chorus,
which is important.
4) Start with a one-word title. This is helpful because
it limits your choices! Some recent one-word titles
that were huge hits were “Happy,” “Firework,” “Pontoon,”
“Cruise,” “Beachin’,” and “Rude.” According to Billboard
magazine, about one-third of the songs on the “Hot 100”
charts are one-word titles. Here’s the link to the Billboard
article: http://www.billboard.com/articles/list/5944890/
5) Start with a beat or drum loop. You don’t even
need a drum machine to do this one. Just tap and clap
a rhythm. After you have your groove, start riffing or
improvising a melodic hook or chorus, and you’re on a
6) Listen to – and study – different genres. If you only
listen to Country, listen to Pop and the Billboard “Hot
100” Charts. Most of the top songwriters listen to just
about every genre to get ideas.
7) Write someone else’s story. Read a magazine or
newspaper and write a song about one of the stories
that moved you. Hit Songwriter Mary Chapin-Carpenter
wrote her song “Halley Came To Jackson” after reading
Eudora Welty’s book “One Writer’s Beginnings.”
8) Look at tip sheets for a project and a deadline.
There are many companies like Taxi (www.taxi.com) or
HitLicense (www.HitLicense.com) that provide leads on
who needs what. You don’t need to join to look at their
listings, but reading them will give you a good idea of
what’s needed in the current music industry.
9) Read a songwriting book. For some great ideas,
read a book such as Robin Frederick’s “Shortcuts to Hit
Songwriting” or Jason Blume’s “Six Steps To Songwriting
Success” or Lisa Aschmann’s “One Thousand Songwriting Ideas.” Click here for more information: http://www.
10) Find your people. There’s no doubt about it – collaborating with other people can really help your songwriting. But, it’s tough to find the right co-writers. So,
check out the great songwriting organizations in San
Diego. Click on this link to find them: http://www.nsaisandiego.com/additional-san-diego-songwriter-organizations.html
We hope these words of advice help you as much as
they’ve helped us. Have a successful 2015, keep on
writing, and enjoy the journey!
Tracey and Vance Marino are film/TV composers and songwriters with hundreds of placements in TV shows “The
Voice,” “New Girl,” “The Tonight Show,” “The Steve Harvey
Show,” “Oprah Winfrey,” “Dr. Oz,” “Access Hollywood,” “Happy Endings,” “Pawn Stars,” “Duck Dynasty,” among many
others. Their song “Carnival Lights” was placed in the Disney film “The Last Song” starring Miley Cyrus, and their
song “No Snow In Mexico” was placed in the Sundance film
“Goats” starring Ty Burrell, David Duchovny, and Keri Russell. They are the Coordinators for the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) San Diego Chapter.
NSAI owns and operates The Bluebird Café, which is featured on the ABC TV hit show “Nashville.”
My Experience with
Durango Expo
by SDSG Secretary Stacy Kim Johnston
The Durango Songwriter’s Expo is an event every serious songwriter should know about.
I discovered Durango Expo when its founder Jim Attebury joined us in San Diego a couple of years ago for an
SDSG-hosted event. I learned that the Expo is held twice a year; in Boulder, Colorado in the Fall and Buellton,
California in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley in the early Spring. I will be embarking on my fourth Durango Expo
this February. Let me tell you why.
I have attended Expos in both California and Colorado and have enjoyed wonderful experiences, a different
perspective, each time. It is all about the people I’ll meet, the people I already know and will get to know
better, the aspects of the music business that I will add to my knowledge base, the feedback I will get on my
songs through listening sessions, and the sense of belonging
and family I will again feel. As a Durango “regular,” I get recogThe Durango Songwriter’s Expo is
nized and encouraged to keep pursuing my dream. I take in all
a premier national singer-songwriter
the valuable feedback that I get in my pitch sessions and from
event founded in 1996. It takes place
conversations and workshops on various topics and decide my
twice a year, once in Santa Ynez Wine
next move... do I want to re-record or start with a fresh song?
Country, (this year's West Coast event
Are my lyrics on point and my melodies strong? My Durango
is February 26 - 28) and again in Octoexperiences have proven to be invaluable as I grow and move
ber in Boulder, Colorado. With over 40
forward with my songwriting.
music industry pros and hit songwriters present and limited registration,
And when it comes to new material, there is not another time
the Expo offers an unparalleled netof year that my inspiration runs higher. One year I wrote six
working opportunity. The Expo is one
songs during and shortly after a Durango weekend! While the
of the few songwriters' events where
Expo is going, it is not uncommon to see your fellow musicians
participants get their music heard exsprawled out throughout the lobby of the Marriott playing
tensively by established industry vets.
their guitars in small groups and brainstorming new ideas for
songs, songs born of Durango. Not to mention the inspiration
that springs from opportunities to meet big name artists who
have been in the business and have written hit songs. It is so interesting to hear their success stories and they
love to share their experiences, good and bad.
On the last night of the Expo, the panel of hit songwriters puts on a concert of their top songs and it is simply
amazing, because it is spontaneous and they play off each other like the professionals they are. Probably the
most impressive Durango development in my few years of attendance is the launching of Meghan Trainor’s career! She was at the last Durango Expo I attended and now look at her! Unfortunately she will not be attending
this year in Santa Ynez (only because she is now touring all over world!) but I believe she will be back.
Bottom Line: don’t let Durango pass you by; it is an experience you do not want to miss.
2014 SDSG Song Contest
It was a blast... and here’s looking to a productive 2015!
Clockwise from top left at La Jolla Brewing Company:
Platinum Award Winner Justin Froese with SDSG’s Diane
Waters, Mike Wojniak and Stacy Kim Johnston; SDSG Board with Gold
Award Winners Morgan Leigh and Paul Coughlin; Mike Wojniak and Diane Waters address the group;
Silver Award Winner Andre Hoth with future composer on his shoulder and Diane, Mike, Stacy and Marc “Mookie” Kaczor
SDSG welcomes volunteers... this organization is run entirely by unpaid volunteers, and your help
in making us stronger and better will be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to approach a Board
Member anytime, or contact us via our website, sdsongwriters.org, if you would like to become
involved in the Guild operations.
Remember: Membership dues allow the Guild to conduct these meetings...
please keep your membership current.
NSAI San Diego Monthly Meeting
Sunday, February 15, 2015, 6 to 9 PM
Song Info:
For info:
Upstairs Room, La Jolla Lutheran Church, 7111 La Jolla Blvd., La Jolla 92037
Free for NSAI members; $15 for non-members
“The Collaboration Process, Part 2” with Special Guests SUZAN KOC & SHELLY PEIKEN
Submit a song that was written with at least 1 other co-writer. Your co-writer needs to be present
at the meeting if possible. Upload an mp3 of your song by 11:00 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 11, to
this email address: [email protected] Bring 4 copies of a 1-page, typed lyric sheet.
Contact Coordinators Tracey & Vance Marino at [email protected] or call 760.746.4488
Recording in San Diego since 1971
858 592 9497 or [email protected]
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619 697 7827
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Diane Waters [email protected]
Voice and Songwriting Coach
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Justin Froese Wins for 2014
SDSG Song Contest Review
Shake it Up
Tracey & Vance Marino
A Perfect Craft
Harriet Schock
an Leigh an
inners Morg
P Dian
ontest Go
with SDSG V
2014 Song C
Paul Coughlin
Durango Rocks
Stacy Kim Johnston
NSAI and Performing Songwriters
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