here - Brown University Crisis Simulation

February 26 — March 1, 2015
Brown University
Providence, Rhode Island
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Welcome to BUCS
Dear delegates,
It is our great pleasure to invite you to Brown University Crisis Simulation 2015. BUCS’ fourth
annual session will take place on Brown University’s historic Providence, RI campus from February 26th - March 1st, 2015.
A hallmark of BUCS is our delegate-first philosophy, with each delegate playing a pivotal role
in the unfolding of one of four action-packed crises. There is never a dull moment as delegates work within and across committee lines to negotiate and cooperate — or strategize and
manipulate — their way to diplomacy or, in some cases, all-out war. From nuanced discussions of intellectual property rights to determining the fate of one of history’s most influential
civilizations, delegates can expect to exercise their creativity and adaptability in a fast-paced
environment. Together with students from across the country, delegates will delve into issues
that cross the boundaries of place and time.
This interactive experience certainly doesn’t stop when committee ends. BUCS is happy to offer a variety of social events where you can get to know fellow delegates in more casual settings. From the kickoff champagne reception to pub trivia to the ever-popular club night,
BUCS is sure to be an unforgettable experience both in and out of the committee room.
The entirety of the BUCS Secretariat and staff share an utmost dedication to every aspect of
the delegate experience. We hope that you will join us for what is sure to be a unique and
memorable Model UN experience. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].
We look forward to welcoming you to BUCS 2015!
Sara Palasits and Sam Davidoff-Gore
Co-Secretaries-General, BUCS 2015
BUCS 2015 Secretariat
Sara Palasits, Secretary General
Sam Davidoff-Gore, Secretary General
Lauren Suiter, Undersecretary General
Charles Hemsley, Director General
Aashay Sheth, Director General
Belinda Zhou, Director of Outreach
Stephen Stahr, Director of Publications
Ian Reardon, Director of Decorum
The BUCS Experience
Welcome to the Brown University Crisis Simulation.
With our dynamic crises, passionate directors and
chairs, and intimate committees, BUCS 2015 is primed
to deliver an unforgettable crisis experience. Now in our
fourth year, BUCS has gained a reputation for driving a
fast-paced, gripping crisis tempo that deftly navigates
the line between reality and imagination.
Over the course of four days,
Join our crisis committees and work with your
peers to tackle world issues that span time and
Unwind and get to know your fellow delegates
during our unforgettable social events.
Explore and enjoy the beautiful city of Providence,
renowned for its historical significance and vibrant
art scene.
Shape world events in real time. BUCS gives each delegate the chance to bring their voice to key world
events. More than mere reenactments, BUCS committees put the mechanisms for progress in your hands.
Each committee is action-packed, throwing some of the
most creative crises you can (or cannot) imagine your
way. In BUCS crises, you remake history and craft the
future while collaborating with — and perhaps conspiring against — delegates within and beyond committee
We hope you join us!
With over 40 years of experience attending and running conferences, Brown Model UN is excited to
continue the tradition of facilitating a weekend full of lively debate. For delegates new and old,
BUCS promises to deliver an unforgettable crisis experience.
The Crises: Historical
The Rise of a Kingdom, 716 B.C.
Newly founded, the small city of Rome has opened its gates to all and grows at an astounding pace.
With the mysterious disappearance of King Romulus, the fate of the city now falls into the hands of
you, the esteemed electorate of the Curiate Assembly. As a committee, you must guide the young
city through diplomatic and domestic affairs, whether dealing with the barbarians of the northern
lands of Gallia or establishing trade routes with the distant city of Carthage. Take the helm of the
greatest empire of the ancient world as you help the people of Rome fulfill their glorious fate!
Crisis Directors: Steven Brownstone and Shawn Tsutsui
End of the Curtain: The Bakumatsu Revolution
In the mid-19th century, Japan's world was turned upside down when Commodore Perry forced Japan to come out of its 200 years of self-imposed isolationism, or sakoku. Without the Emperor's
consent, the shogun quickly signed the treaties with Perry and adopted very strong pro-foreigner
policies, even discharging and killing government officials who dissented. Now, trouble is brewing
in Japan as pro-imperial activists known as the ishin shishi begin to take up arms. Will the differences between the shogun and the Emperor be settled by words or by blood? Can the shogun hold
onto the power he still has, or will it be whisked away from him, forever changing Japan's political
structure? Will dawn ever come to the land of the Rising Sun?
Crisis Directors: Soumya Ghosh and James Ninia
The Crises: Modern-Day
Media Wars: Journalism in the 21st Century
The New York Times has consolidated its position as the leading source of news in the country after buying out most of its near-bankrupt competitors and establishing a virtual monopoly on print journalism.
Meanwhile, after leaking a story about American surveillance programs, Buzzfeed has decided to rebrand
itself as a political blog and a challenger to the Times. The stage has thus been set for a showdown between two publications with radically different styles of presenting the news. As a member of the editorial board of either the Times or Buzzfeed, you will be tasked with waging a new media war to ensure the
dominance of your publication. Facing world crises, publication deadlines, and limited resources, how will
you increase your market share and push your competitor out of business? Will you adopt a critical, investigative journalism style? Or will you turn to flashy yellow journalism and aggressive tactics?
Crisis Directors: Yao Liu and Adam Waters
Business Ethics, Intellectual Property, and the
Developing World
In present-day developing states, negotiations between corporations and governments over comprehensive patent law reform have reached a tipping point. Patent officials from a bloc of industrializing countries and corporate executives representing agricultural and pharmaceutical companies have decided to
convene to lobby for their interests. Is there a mutually beneficial solution that promotes the health of
the countries' citizens while maintaining a thriving market for the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries? Can governments of developing countries continue to reliably provide necessities for their citizens
in the face of epidemics and natural disasters? Can corporations successfully operate in markets with
competitors who are able to copy their goods and undercut their prices? In this committee, you will explore the challenges faced by researchers and the realities of everyday living in a developing country as
you try to achieve successful reform.
Crisis Directors: Krishnanand Kelkar and Abi Kulshreshtha
Important Dates
July 1, 2014: Registration opens
November 1, 2014: Early registration deadline
January 2015: Background guides published
January 23, 2015: Regular registration deadline
February 6, 2015: Late registration deadline
February 26 – March 1, 2015: BUCS 2015
Social Events
Pub & Trivia Night
Come relax after a long day in committee on Friday from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
for the BUCS Pub & Trivia Night! In addition to providing classic pub food, BUCS
will be hosting a trivia contest testing your knowledge of the world. Prizes will
include free drink tickets for Saturday’s Club Night!
Club Night
In celebration of three days of stimulating debate, spend Saturday night at one
of Providence’s popular night clubs. The annual favorite BUCS Club Night is from
10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. — don’t miss out what’s sure to be one heck of an unmoderated caucus.